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Bad experiences while eating something you've always liked.

Did you ever eat something you had always liked, then had a bad experience while eating it ( a bug in it, it was spoiled, foreign object ...) and then never able to eat it again ( more for psychological reasons than anything else)?

Well, a few years ago, i ordered morel mushrooms from a very reputable company. Fresh from the field. I got them in a few days, they were perfect. I cleaned them, cooked them up in a pasta ,garlic, cream, white wine kinda way. Probably one of the best dishes I had made.

A few years went by, i came across the recipe again, and decided to give another go at it. Ordered my shrooms from the same company. Got them a few days later. they came in this paper bag with instructions how to clean, and a warning that said they are freshly picked from the field, and may contain some worms, dirt, sticks ... No big deal, Im an avid gardener, and I've eaten my share of bugs, dirt and sticks ( not intentionally, but it happens). I dump the bag, and a pound of shrooms come out, along with some dirt, sticks and what looked like a single maggot looking insect. I grabbed one shroom, kinda tapped it on the counter ( to shake off any foreign debris), and tossed it in my mouth. I then proceeded to wash the shrooms, as instructed, as I was just about to use them. Any time i wash any thing, i try to do it in a white bowl, so i can ultimately see that when the water is clean, what ever Im washing is now clean. So i did this, and scooped out the mushrooms, and I swear there must have been 100 maggot looking insects at the bottom of the white bowl. Ok, so i did it again, hoping that was it, and the water would be clear so I could move on to making the dish. Sure enough, i removed the shrooms again, and another 100 + maggots came out. Now , I was wondering if id ever really be able to thoroughly clean off the shrooms, given the amount of insects I spotted, and the hollow, porous, irregular surface of the shrooms. So, did it one more time, and sure enough, another 100+ insects. At this point, I was done. Even if the water was clean the next time, I know Id be wondering how many insects Id miss. I also wondered how many I ate in my first bite, and how many I gobbled up a few years back when I made the dish for the first time.

I ditched the shrooms ( a significant amount of money), I headed to the store, and got a variety of wild/ exotic prepackaged shrooms, and finished my dish ( as I was already 1/2 way through the preparation, so I had to do something.

Now, as a result of that experience, Im not sure I can ever eat fresh morels again. I don't knock the company, as they warned me, and I've gotten other things from them ( including morels ) in the past, with no issues. Just in my head, I now have linked eat morels with eating a mouth full of maggots.

One other time I had an issue was when I made this mexican style fried pepper. Pretty easy, toss a frying pepper on the grill to char the outside. Let cool, remove the char, seed and slice open so its kinda like a filet. Egg and bread crumb the outside as if you were making eggplant for eggplant parm. Then , arrange ( as if you were making eggplant parm) but instead of marinara, use salsa, and instead of mozzarella , used monkery jack, then back. Or can just serve as individual cutlet, toped with salsa and the cheese. ( sometimes , when breading, I toss some corn meal in with the bread crumbs too. Anyway, i used to love this dish. But many years back, i had gotten Meningitis, was sick for 2 weeks, losing 12 ppunds, fever of 105 for those 2 weeks, only to be broken to 103.5 after motrin. Zero appetite, loss of taste, it was terrible. When I finally was feeling better after those 2 weeks, i decided to make something i really enjoyed eating, the peppers. I found out the hard way , that eating a dish like that, after not eating for 2 weeks ( and i mean literally not eating, maybe a little jello, but thats it.). I got so nauseous and threw up everything. Took me 20 years before I could eat it again, and i still get the heebee geebees everytime i go to eat it, but it sure was good.



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I made one of my favorite Polish dishes that had kielbasa in it, the dish came out great
In the middle of the night I got really sick and throwing up all night long and then dry heaves for another few hours high temperature and all. Thinking it was the dish that maybe the meat was bad and I had a bad case of food poisoning but hubbie was fine and eat ate more then I did. It ended up I had the flu and sick for month 1/2. It took me about a year before I cooked anything that had kielbasa in it. Then one day hubbie asked to make his favorite kielbasa sandwich. I brought the sausage and force myself to try one piece. It went ok but still to this day I only eat a little amount of it. At least I can eat it now.

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Many years ago, I had a crab cake sandwich in a restaurant that had several shells in it, which made me gag. The next couple times I ordered it, I had a really hard time eating it, so I just stopped. I didn't have a crab cake for over 10 years. Finally I tried one at a place that has a really good reputation for seafood (they also have a raw bar). It was *delicious* and I loved the sauce. The curse was broken
The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again. ~ George Miller
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Mine is raspberry drinks. When I was little my neighbor used to make raspberry syrup for us kids to drink, it common thing to do but he also made raspberry liqueurs. He died while re labeling the bottles since the labels had fallen off. His dear wife was deadly allergic to raspberries , keep this in mind. We kids of the neighborhood picked her , her favorite flowers and berries to cheer her up as kids do age 3- 7 . She in return gave us saft ( raspberry syrup + water) to drink and rolls to eat. We got drunk, because it was liqueur.
No one blamed her, but I do remember laying in the potato patch laughing at potatoes.
Since then my brain says anything tasting raspberry and is drinkable gives you a head ache and I cant drink it.
For the love of Cheese!
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A big bug, perhaps a roach, in a can of posole.
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Not something I liked to eat but....

When I was in high school a good friend of mine who at the time worked graveyard at a Jack-In-A-Box told me all these horrible things they used to do to the burgers for their late night, rowdy, drive-thru crowd. And I regularly drove through that restaurant.
Since hearing his story I did not go to another Jack-In-A-Box for at least 30 years.
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Bad experiences while eating something you've always liked.

When I was in first grade, we ate in the school's cafeteria. I got a chicken leg with the foot still attached. Toenails and all. I wasn't a big fan of chicken at the time, and that made me much less so.
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Even the thought of them makes me cringe.

My mother served them one night and I took one sniff of them and said, "If I eat those I'll be sick".

Well that was something you didn't want to say to my mother.
All it did was cause her to make me eat them. No if's, and's, or but's about it.
Well I choked them down to keep my bottom from becoming red.
Later that night I was sicker then a dog.
Yorked up scallops for hours on end. 
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The only good thing to come out of it was that I didn't ever have to eat them again when she fixed them.
We both learned a lesson from that one.
Eating any bug (And I've eaten quite a few in my lifetime) sounds better to me then eating a scallop.
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Originally Posted by Dawgluver View Post
When I was in first grade, we ate in the school's cafeteria. I got a chicken leg with the foot still attached. Toenails and all. I wasn't a big fan of chicken at the time, and that made me much less so.
Oops.....perhaps they had a Chinese cook working in the cafeteria that day...
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I love love love greek salads, still do.
So I go into labor, doc says, go out and eat and try to relax. I do. Later, I'm in the hospital and I'm nauseous, the intern tells me that I shall puke in this little dish. I told him, no, I need a big hefty bag. He is the doc, he says, no, I'm wrong. I threw up all over his white coat, oops.

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