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Well, at least it isn't going to be like the bedbug inspection. For that, I have to move al the furniture over so they can lift the bed. That's getting harder and harder for me to do with my back.


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Originally Posted by Addie View Post
You are right Kayelle. I live in subsidized housing, and I don't mind the inspections at all. Management comes around once a year, and also HUD. Management hates the HUD inspections. And they look to make sure the changes cited at their last inspection were done. They pick which apartments they want to inspect at random. I got them only once in the twelve years I have been here. I got all new blinds thanks to HUD. Roaches were also found in the apartment above me. So management did her apartment along with six other apartments. Mine was one of them, even though I had never seen any. At least management was trying to stay on top of it.

In our lease it states that during inspections, the tenant does not have to be home. The manager has the master key for all the apartments and can enter even if the tenant is not home. But they do have to give a 24 hour notice for inspections. There have been a couple of times when someone has left something in the oven, and smoke was even in the halls. Of course all the alarms went off and we all had to evacuate.

A few years back before I got sick. I hadn't been out of my apartment. No one had seen me. It seems that a rumor had started that I had died in my apartment all alone. So one afternoon, someone went to the Manager and she came up and used her key. I was sound asleep. She woke me up an wanted to know if I was all right. Yeah. I hadn't been seen because it was in the middle of winter and very cold outside. And I don't socialize with the tenants very much. I stay to myself most of the time. But that little event, has now made me let folks see me go down to get my mail, go outside on my scooter, etc.

We also had a mouse problem. Now there are mouse traps in all the trash rooms and along the hallways. Haven't seen any little critters in years.
Do they have any issues with you having your two grown sons living with you?
If they work, do they take their earnings into account when setting the rent?

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Originally Posted by Roll_Bones View Post
Do they have any issues with you having your two grown sons living with you?
If they work, do they take their earnings into account when setting the rent?
I think it was just the one son. Catch up on that situation here: Going MIA It's a direct link to Addie's reply.
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Originally Posted by Roll_Bones View Post
Do they have any issues with you having your two grown sons living with you?
If they work, do they take their earnings into account when setting the rent?
No. Only Scott stays with me. They can't by law cause me to consider his income because he is not listed on the lease. They consider him the same as if I had a nurse staying to care for me or a housekeeper to come and do my cleaning. And I have handed them a legal document stating that he is my LEGAL GUARDIAN AND CAREGIVER.

Spike stops by every morning and evening for coffee. He does not live with me. Because Scott's disability Social Security got hacked one time, at 2 a.m. every month he would transfer his whole check to my savings account to keep it separate from my checking account. Management questioned me about that being included into my spending money. The answer was a resounding "No". That was Scott's money he placed there for protection of his account. The only thing he contributed was some months half the rent. They have never taken that into account to set my rent rate.

So many times I will offer Spike cash to pick up milk or some other food item I had run out of. He has always refused the money. He will pay for the item out of his own pocket.

Spike works for a friend who owns a jewelry store. When there are repairs that need to be done, lost stones in a ring to be replaced, etc. Spike runs the items into town to the Jewelry Building and drops them off, waits for the work to be done and then brings it back. He always dresses in his worst torn work clothes. Folks see him get on the elevator in town and back away from him. He looks like a drunk street person. Little do the know what he is carrying in a Market Basket plastic bag.

At one time he had his own construction business. But with eight heart attacks, he now just does small jobs for friends and other people who have been referred to him. If I wanted to build my home from ground up, there isn't a part of construction that he can't handle. You name the need, and he can take care of the problem. He taught his one child, a son, how to construct also. Today he is in theConstruction Union and is always assigned as foreman for the whole site. Including even the tall office buildings going up all over Boston. On weekends his son also does work for friends and referred work from them. All because they know Spike taught him well. Spike always took him to work with him on weekends as a teen to keep him out of trouble. Spike got his son deeply involved in children's sports. As a result, his son has been manager of a kids baseball team for years and President of the League. And his son is also a member of a Semi Pro Baseball team himself when he has the time.

The wife of the jewel store always has a project for Spike to do on weekends. He does the work when he feels up to it.

All my kids did well in their lifetime. My daughter worked for the Welfare Department for years and was promoted to head supervisor. From their they sent her to the Registry of Motor Vehicles headquarters to get them organized. The public was screaming that the office she was sent to was totally inefficient.

Scott for twenty years did carpet installing. Maureen's husband took him under his wing to also keep him out of trouble. He destroyed his knees from kicking in the carpet. From there he went into plumbing as an apprentice. Learned everything quickly and was promoted to supervisor and setting up the calls according to emergency needs.

I worked as a Pro Temp Secretary. Got assigned to so many different type of professions. As a kid in Junior High, I ran the numbers for the Mob, until I got caught. I never revealed any info. They still owe me a favor for keeping my mouth shut. My mother always wondered why I always had cash in my pocket. I kept my mouth shut. Babysitting was always my answer.

She would even ask if I would run to the store for her to buy something she
needed. "Sure, I will pay for it." No questions asked then.

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