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Old 05-12-2011, 03:40 PM   #11
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I know, I wash my hands so much whilst I'm cooking. I've got some hemp hand cream that I'm using, does the job!

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I wear gloves when I do chores and drink lots and lots of water. As long as I stick to those 2 things I rarely need lotion. Occasionally in the winter when they air gets really dry I put some cocoa butter on my hands before bed. When I wake up they're silky again. I've been told by 2 dermatologists and even a couple estheticians (even though it's really their job to sell products) that most "dry skin" isn't actually dry skin, it's dehydrated skin. Granted, washing and washing does tend to strip some oils, but hydrated skin will still hold up better to all that abuse!

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If you have to wash your hands repeatedly all day long, the best thing is to use warm, not hot water. It's the hot water that can really strip your hands of their natural oils.

When my hands are very dry and chapped, I use Shikai Dry Skin Therapy Borage Oil Lotion. It was the only one I tried that didn't sting.

When I am not working, I wash my hands with hand lotion under warm running water. It's the scrubbing action and water that gets the germs off your hands.
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Because of the damage to the knuckles on my right hand they get dry and flaky so I pour some olive oil into a rubber glove put it on and place the gloved hand into hot water, it was my Doc recommendation. I asked her if after using her method I could play the piano, she said yes which makes it a miracle cure as I can't play the piano.
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One word... Palmolive.

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Old 05-13-2011, 06:11 AM   #16
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I use Cetaphil cream in the tub (not the lotion in the pump, two different products). In the winter my hands get very dry and will crack and bleed, they burn like crazy too. This is the only stuff that has really worked for me. I do have to wash my hands constantly at work since I work in retail food service, so the dry winter air doesn't help much!
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Old 05-13-2011, 08:38 AM   #17
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I can't deal with scented lotions--must be my asthma or allergies. Eucerin works well for me, and I recently found some really cheap stuff at Dollar General that reminds me of Eucerin. (Actually, it reminds me of Crisco, which would probably work just as well. )

I used to only need it in the winter, but lately my hands are dry most of the time. Couldn't be old age creeping up, could it?
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Originally Posted by Bolas De Fraile View Post
... so I pour some olive oil into a rubber glove put it on and place the gloved hand into hot water...

You throw some Greek oregano and some basil in there too...
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I don't know if this would work for some of us, but, I use homemade soap instead of store bought. The glycerin (a by product of soap making) is in the soap and it draws moisture to my hands.

There is a difference between a detergent and a soap, the detergent strips away the natural oils. My skin stays nicer using soap than detergents, winter long too.

I think of detergents as: dishwashing liquids, shampoos, store bought soaps.
Soaps: my homemade soaps
Things that don't harm my skin: lotions, conditioners, oils.
I've found the 'unscented lotions', aren't unscented, they still sometimes have a musk undertone (they use before adding a scent) and sometimes they have whitening agents-like zinc oxide (which kills my eyes if I get some in them).
You can make your own lotions and creams with a mixture of oil, wax and water.
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cetaphil as a wash @ the kitch/bathroom sinks is a great item. it's so gentle.

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