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No flipper Omelet --- Slide out on plate -- use pan to fold over on top of itself -- all one motion -- Medium heat no burn bottom.

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Originally Posted by VeraBlue View Post
I use butter in a 7" non-stick skillet. I add all the other ingredients, like mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc....to get them softened. Then, I add two or three beaten eggs. With a rubber spatula, I lift the edges so the raw egg will run under the cooked egg. Do this till it's almost set. Then, with a circular motion I get the whole mass moving, to ensure that nothing is sticking on the bottom. Then, push you're hand away, dipping the pan enough for the eggs to slip over the side. It's a push away, push up sort of motion. Pull your hand back, lowering the pan as you do so, and catch the omelet as it falls back. Add cheese down the middle and cook for another 30 seconds. Let it slide out of the pan onto a plate using the side of the pan to fold it in half over the cheese, which will now be in the center.

It takes practice and a very good eye. Make sure your pan is hot enough and it's in good enough condition to not have anything stick.
I pretty much do mine the same way Vera does except I spray my pan with PAM frist.

You can practice getting the motion down by using a slice of bread that has been buttered in a hot non-stick pan and flipping it. Once you get that down, graduate to fried eggs and then you'll be ready for an omelette.
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Originally Posted by Amarox View Post
I know this probably seems like a little thing, but I've never had success with it.

How do you personally go about flipping an omelet?

Surely there's some secret...

I use extra virgin olive oil and a non-stick skillet (pan?). The egg just seems to not want to cooperate. It'll tear rather than flip. The only way I've thus far been able to make an omelet is without flipping, but that ends up leaving one side a bit browned in order to get the other side done. I use 3 eggs, by the way.

I look forward to hearing your tips!
Do you mean fold an omelet? Do you want to fold it into a half-moon shape, or by thirds to make a rectangular one?

In any case for three eggs I would use a 10" non-stick French skillet because it has nice rounded sides. I swirl the eggs in the pan to make it a large diameter and thin.

Just before it starts to brown take a spatula in one hand and lift the pan with the other, and make sure the entire omelet is not stuck to the pan. Hold the spatula at the edge of the pan and tilt the pan so the omelet starts sliding onto the spatula. Fold the edge onto the middle of the omelet, and keep sliding the omelet onto the spatula. Fold the middle onto the other edge so the whole thing lands back in the pan. Let it set for a few seconds then slide it onto your plate.

If you have a a lot of ingredients, you may have no choice but to fold it in half, using the same technique.
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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
I don't flip omelets. I cook them on one side and plate them.

When I make an omelet, I fill one half and slide that half onto the plate then move the pan across so the second half of the omelet flops over on top of the filled half.
That's what I was going to say, but I figured someone had beaten me to it.
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Here's a good video to watch. At 3:30 is where she folds the omelet. It's a little different technique than the one I described, but it works just as well. I watched it with the sound turned off, but that's optional.

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I put the filling in the middle, then fold over the sides on top of the filling, then turn the whole thing ofer to melt the gooey goodness. I also resevre some cheese and filling for the top so the person eating it can see what's in it.

I add cream or milk to my eggs and pre-cook the filling first.
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I fold mine over, don't flip em. I do, however, keep cooking them until completely done, can't stand runny eggs as they make me sick.
For that matter even cooked eggs make me queesy these days.
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Originally Posted by Amarox View Post
How do you personally go about flipping an omelet?
With style, of course.
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Before I flip I tell everyone to back away, then after I clean up the stove top I start over. The non-flip seems to be the way to go.

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flip, omelet

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