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now here's another article citing this research more specifically:

Do Women Have a Bigger Sweet Tooth?

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Originally Posted by Hyperion
of course, if you want to put all things together, there's no need for scientific studies at all - we all die one day anyways, why bother?

but the thing is, the general public has been fooled by inaccurate study results mingled with politics for many years, and they believe eating fat is a bad thing whatsoever. in order for this notion to be corrected, there needs to be specific emphasize on the opposite, even though the emphasis seems a big "unfair". if your car is strafing too much towards left, do you keep driving in neutral direction, or do you steer to the right?
Again, everything in moderation. We all like fat here!

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Originally Posted by Dawgluver View Post
Again, everything in moderation. We all like fat here!
I agree, this is the point.
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I think women are marketed to much more strongly than men are, there is a lot of effort to get women to feel good about products, and cupcake stores are often run by women and that adds to the appeal. Women are often more likely to follow trends, which itself is probably from being manipulated by marketing. Since women often make the decisions about the food budget, since many still do the shopping.

Are women more predisposed to indulging in sweets, I don't really know. Just take a good look at marketing in the grocery store and on commercials, how often is chocolate or cupcakes marketed directly to men? Pizza, beer and wings are about the only things marketed toward men.
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Originally Posted by Hyperion View Post
I came across this long article ( http://www.menshealt...h/saturated-fat ) that reviews many studies done in the past on whether eating saturated fat is causing heart disease. The article is against the simple hypothesis created in the 60's that saturated fat is positively related to heart disease, and claims that eating a good amount (not overeating) of saturated fat doesn't necessarily cause you to gain weight and become risky of heart problem, while unhealthy living habit (exercise/smoking/driving etc.) along with high carbohydrate intake is what's causing the increase of heart attack in the US in recent decades.

I myself tend to agree with this article. I've always been a devoted fat/meat eater (I do avoid transfat though) since child age, and I have always been lean (130-140 pounds) until I got out of college and began working, my living habit changed dramatically (8 hour tiring brain work = no will for exercise; high stress causing me to eat a lot of junk food and sweetened soft drink), and I gained 20 pounds, but it's been steady since then (about 2 years now), after I cut down on junk food and sugar intake. I tend to feel that sugar is the biggest problem for American people's health. You know back then, sugar was a luxury and people didn't get to have it very much. Nowadays with cane sugar being more readily available and large production of corn syrup, Americans are feasting on sugar with an addiction, along with less physical activity (why do people rather wait 2 minutes for a parking space super close to the building than parking a little further away and walking for just 1 minute?), which is what I believe is what's causing the increase in heart disease.
That definitely was a long outdated, biased geared just for men only study. Somebody most likely had a paper due.
Kind of like your comment about women only having a sweet tooth. You couldn't have been more wrong on that assumption. Plenty of fruits and vegetables contain sugar that some don't even know exists. Corn syrup isn't the only bad guy on the block.

Medications have been proven to have the known side effects of causing heart attacks.

Everybody grows up, slows down and hits menopause. Even men. It's a rightly earned passage. Who wants to look 22 when were actually 50? That's freaky.
If your with me that's great. If not. Get out of my way.
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JMHO, convenience foods contribute to heart disease. Sedate lifestyle contributes to heart disease. Health Canada flagged that the people in their 20-30s are at risk of heart disease. Why? Fast food/convience foods/processed foods and sedate lifestyles. This is why we are seeing so much focus on kids and healthy eating choices and physical activity. I eat a lot more veggies than the daily recommended amount. My DH thinks a meal is incomplete without at least 2, if not 3, veggies. Often there are 5 different veggies. Corn, potatoes, and peas don't count as veggies. I eat protein (I am a protein junky--a hard boiled FRESH egg is my most favorite snack--I'll take that over a sweet snack any day).

I made cupcakes Saturday. I ate one. The rest were left for the DH and Isabelle (the Saint--accidently, I don't usually feed her cupcakes--she helped herself because the DH left them on the table...). I usually don't eat bread--I like bread, but because I am alone during the week, it usually ends up being fed to the hens. Because my mother can no longer cook and my father is not a cook, they are eating a lot of processed foods. I have noticed that they have both gained weight. My father eats a LOT of sugar-laced foods. He now puts ketchup on his frozen green beans (one of the three veggies that is rotated with meals). He eats a peanut-butter sugar cereal for breakfast. He eats tons of cookies. He puts frosting on his ice cream. As I get older, I notice that my desire to eat sweets is almost non-existent. I have no problem saying "no" to sweets. My parents also eat a lot of pasta-based box food. Many people don't cook at all. I worked with s/one who didn't have a stove. My DH's cousin and his wife NEVER cook. Everything is take out or something that can go in the microwave. Boggles the mind. I have clothes that I've worn forever. I wear the same size I wore 30 years ago. I weigh the same I weighed 30 years ago.

I've got OCD--Obsessive Chicken Disorder!
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