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Ice cream still good?

hello. i have a quik question i'm hoping someone could please answer. if a freezer door is left open or a freezer is not working for about thirty minutes and the ice cream in it does not melt but warms to the general "eating point" for super-premium, and then it refreezes, is it still the exact same quality after it refreezes? basically, if you took out a pint to eat and let it warm a little and then put it back to where it was very cold, would it still be the same the second time or not quite as good? thank you for reading.


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hold it to your butt cheeks. if it's uncomfortable, then it's ok to eat.

sorry, yes i'm back. please see yesterday's post about the fridge door left open...

but seriously, i would think it has grown a few ice crystals, at least on the surface. especially if it is warm and humid near you.

i would either scrape off the top, or blend the top with a spoon a little to break up the ice.

if it warmed thru, you could re-blend portions as you plate it if you really need to. ice cream is creamy only because it is constantly stirred as the crystals form.

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Pro tru Buckytom, you can tell if it has developed that intrusive top layer of ice....if not, eat away. But if ALL else fails, refer to the butt method........................................or not?
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I could be wrong, but I don't think the OP is asking if it is still good to eat. I think he is asking if the quality will be the same.

The quality will not be the same. Once ice cream warms up again and then freezes it does change the texture a bit. Now that is not to say that it still wont be great to eat. My wife always lets the ice cream sit on the counter to soften so it is easier to scoop out. It drives me crazy, but the ice cream is still very tasty even after she does this.
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Each time that happens, it'll lessen the quality a bit because of the opportunity for ice crystals to form every time it refreezes.

I know I shouldn't compare Dippin' Dots to high-quality ice creams, but it is really creamy. Part of that is because if its stored properly, the little balls were cryogenically frozen so quickly that ice crystals COULD NOT form. It's kind of the same thing. I hope that made sense.
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Old 07-27-2006, 06:39 PM   #6
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If it were at my home, I'd eat it.
If it were myu restaurant, I'd give it a good,long, tasting session.
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Old 07-27-2006, 08:03 PM   #7
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1. Will it still be good.? Yes.
2. Will the texture have changed? Yes, somewhat.
3. How much will the texture change? It depends on several factors - the fat content, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and overrun (amount of air incorporated during processing) and how long exposed to what temperature.

I doubt you will notice a significant difference if eaten within a couple of weeks.

Of course ... grocery shopping also can do the same thing! You pick up the ice cream and place it in your cart ... then from the freezer (assuming it was optimal temp of about -18C) to checkout, say 10 minutes wait in line ... then the trek to the car ... the drive home ... unloading the groceries and hauling them into the kitchen ... and the ice cream makes it back into the freezer.

You also change the texture somewhat when you scoop it, when it is allowed to thaw enough to eat it with a spoon ... etc.

Hey - just eat and enjoy! If it has ice crystals growing on top ... that's freezer burn ... toss it and get some more.
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I'd make a milkshake!

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