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It doesn't require a lot of oil. As cin said, a tablespoon or two is plenty. If you use two tablespoons for six servings of soup, that's one teaspoon per serving.

There are also fat-soluble vitamins that cannot be absorbed by the body without some form of fat (vitamins A, D, E and K).

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Originally Posted by cinisajoy View Post
You pulled a cin and forgot the link.
My bad

Mushroom Barley Soup - Comforting Deli-Style Soup Recipe

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Originally Posted by larry_stewart View Post
OMGosh, Larry....that looks and sounds delicious. Just added the link to my favorites, and mushrooms are on the list. Thank you!
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That does look great!!!

I just picked up my annual supply of dried mushrooms from the Polish specialty store the other day so I can make a small pot of this soup on Christmas eve.

Slovak Sour Dried Mushroom Soup

I love soup season!!!
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I love soup season too, Aunt Bea! The Tori Avery soup IS good. I've made a smaller amount, though, using only one 4-cup box. However, as a lover of mushrooms, I also used nearly a full pound of mushrooms. It wasn't safe to walk behind me the next day...

Originally Posted by GilliAnne View Post
..I suppose dry frying the mushrooms wouldn't work either.

I frequently "saute" mushrooms in dry sherry, especially if we are having them with grilled steak. I've also "sauteed" them with white wine. You have to pay attention to them, though, or they can go from moist to dry in the blink of an eye. The sherry gives them a rich, deep flavor that doesn't taste like alcohol.
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Originally Posted by GilliAnne View Post
What if you can't consume a lot of oil for health reasons? In view of what you say about the oil releasing the flavours, I suppose dry frying the mushrooms wouldn't work either.


If you can't handle oil then skip frying. So it will not have the frying flavor, compensate by adding seasoning.

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I roast the mushrooms in the oven tossed with some salt and pepper, thyme and parsley, EVOO and some fresh lemon juice. I also use dried mushrooms and add the liquor to the stock.
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I know this is a little late but here is a link to my mushroom soup recipe >> Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

Cream Of Wild Mushroom Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup (before cream added)

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We collect fresh chanterelles and lobster mushrooms and dehydrate them them put them in Ziplocks to use later.
I do make mushroom soup from fresh mushrooms.
Wild or store bought button mushroom contain about the same amount of moisture.
My tips: I use a large pan and don't overcrowd it with too many mushrooms at a time. Medium heat. NO oil/butter/salt. The mushrooms will give up any moisture they have causing some liquid in the pan so I tilt the pan slightly so all the moisture is collected on one side of the pan which I blot out with a paper towel. Now the mushrooms are really dry. When I have enough for the amount of soup I'm making I calculate the amount of clarified butter and APF I need to make a roux. I always use a 50/50 ratio.
Now I add say three Ts of the butter to the mushrooms. They immediately absorb the butter. Then I add the APF which I have already dextrinized.
Over low heat I let the flour coat the buttery mushrooms.
This next step is important. I now remove the mushrooms/roux and refrigerate them until cold.
While they are cooling I make a half and half whole milk and chicken stock broth.
Then I put the cold mushrooms into a large pot. The broth is close to boiling.
I pour all the broth over the mushrooms/roux at one time. I don't drizzle in the broth because I don't like the wallpaper paste that method results in.
Then I stir stir stir with a whisk.
Finally I adjust the taste with S&P and a pinch of fresh ground nutmeg.The soup is served with lots of crusty buttered rolls and a chilled glass of white wine....or three.
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Originally Posted by larry_stewart View Post
Ive done it both ways, and its delicious both ways.
But as mentioned above, there is definitely a different taste ( and a different texture too)
Thank you Larry - that is very reassuring.


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