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Baking.... I either bake tooooo long or take it out toooo soon because I'm afraid I'll bake it toooo long

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost
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1. Crisps or crumbles. My MIL and my mom have both tried to tell me how to do it. I've tried the recipes with flour and with oatmeal. I've tried using a pastry cutter, a food processor, and my hands. I've made only three successful crisps in the last three years.

2. Macaroni and cheese. Not that I really want to make it a lot, but mine turns out with the texture of lunch counter meatloaf.

3. Roast beef. My mom used to make roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and I can't replicate it. Fine, so I'm in the mountains and that has affected everything that goes in the oven, but I've made allowances for that. The Yorkshires turn out perfect, the roast is always a solid hunk of dry tasteless brown.

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Jilly, a thermometer with a probe attached to a cable, that allows you to constantly read the meat temp without opening the oven REALLY helps with roasts!

Polder and Taylor both make them, and they are worth their weight in gold!

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Originally Posted by smoke king View Post
1) 2) A steak that is as good as the ones they serve at high end restaurants. No matter how good a cut of meat I buy, it always seems to fall short of those at Ruths Chris, etc
Everything at Ruth Chris is cooked in butter...everything. You are also probobly comparing a "choice" steak with a "prime" grade steak. Apples and oranges. You could buy choice tenderloin and it wont be as tender or tasty as a prime strip steak. Go pick up a prime strip steak from a butcher, season WELL, grill it (pan roasted with butter/oil would be best) to medium rare and top it with some Maitre D butter. Voila.

1) Shrimp Scampi - Every recipe I try stinks. Next time I'm gonna just wing it.

2) Beurre Blanc's are hit-or-miss.

3) Japanese stir fry. I had the technique and ingredients down perfectly a few years ago. I picked the brain of a chef at a Japanese Steak House for some tips. Now I lost it.
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I never get it right, and I hate measuring stuff that goes into the cake.
There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ~George Bernard Shaw
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Originally Posted by Jikoni View Post
I never get it right, and I hate measuring stuff that goes into the cake.
Me too!! Especially a fluffy, airy textured cake, no matter what I do it comes out too dense. Choux, I love them but I don't think I have the guts to ever try!!

Ah, and whole fish... I can't stand even looking at a dead fish, I hide in the furthest corner of the house while my partner cleans it in the kitchen, and he has to wash up absolutely everything and leave no trace of the carnage by the time I come back in!
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Originally Posted by urmaniac13 View Post
Me too!! Especially a fluffy, airy textured cake, no matter what I do it comes out too dense.
Me three. When it comes to anything baking, leave me out, EXCEPT Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Coookies!

Mt first attempt (long ago) at country fried steak didn't go real well either, but I think I had the heat too high. Never bothered to try again.
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for those having trouble cooking rice;

1. wash the rice 3-4 times until the water runs somewhat clear.
2. drain the final wash off the rice and let it stand for about 15 min.
3. use 1 cup of rice to 1.5 cups water.
4. place rice, water, and about 1 T of butter and a pinch of salt to a good "dutch oven" type pot (i use a 3.5 qt tramontina).
5. bring to a light simmer, stir once, cover and turn the fire way down to low.
6. let the rice simmer for exactly 20 min. and do NOT uncover the pot.
7. after 20 min., uncover the pot to release the trapped steam, turn the fire off, and let the rice "rest" for about 5 min.

now, to get back to my original problem, i need advice on TOASTING garlic NOT roasting garlic; the tastes are completely different (to me).

someone, please help me out here...

i know a LOT of vietnamese cooking involves toasting garlic so maybe i need to visit an asian board. ????

BTW, to learn how to cook the rice, i bought a big bag, and on a rainy day in louisiana (just about every day, it rains), i tried different methods until i got it just right. i went thru about 75% of the bag using techniques from the web (primarily youtube, google, etc.)
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I haven't given up hope, but the 3 times I cooked it I wasn't happy with it. Mine was way too gluggy, despite following the recipe. I think I may have stirred it too much.
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1. Brown gravy
2. Chicken and or poultry gravy
3. white gravy

whisk the darn stuff and put it in a processor-----season well.......not too many complain but can NOT make it like my grandmother or m-i-l did

I can make pie dough but I don't like to........I've been known to hurl the pastry across the room in a fit of frustration.........

The only difference between a "cook" and a "Chef" is who cleans up the kitchen.
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