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Originally Posted by Timothy View Post
Here's one example of "What exactly is it"

Win-Dixie brand cat food. I buy one can per/day worth of the small cans of cat food for my outside cat, which I then mix with his dry food.

The name brand stuff has little pieces of *meat* in it that is in a gravy. Tuna looks like flakes of tuna. For sure, it's the part of the tuna that humans don't eat, but it's probably really tuna.

The Win-Dixie brand that is one-cent per/can cheaper is like brown paste stuff that all smells the exact same regardless of what the can says. "Chicken and Giblets"...yeah, right. More brown pasty stuff.

I think the cats call the brown stuff "Soylent Brown". Rumor has it that it's made from dead cats...Movie coming...

Hey, my little Kitty deserves the best. I pay the extra cent and get him the good stuff!

LOL @ at the cats. I feel the same way about my fur babies.

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Originally Posted by PrincessFiona60 View Post
That's what I do...thanks for verbalizing it for me.
Me too! Thanks.

Especially the cream soups. I want a background sauce without a whole lot of flavor of it's own, so I can jazz it up my own way.

I like a lot of Walmart's Great Value products. I especially like their mini diced tomatoes. I haven't noticed that available in any brand names.


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i will buy the off brand if the quality measures up. some things are just better in a brand name, ie chili,soup,frozen veggies are ok in off brand most of the time. store brand, milk, cream cheese, butter, all seem to taste as good as house brand. you have to pick and choose.
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I find that generally the store brands are just as good as the name brands at the stores I shop :) It's definitely a lot of trial and error though. If you're on a budget you might as well test out the store brands since they are often quite a bit cheaper but for certain things it's definitely worth it to buy the more expensive brand.
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Having moved around a lot in my life, I usually try the store brands first. If they are good, and much less expensive, I stick with them. If not, I buy a "name brand". This subject came up once when we first moved here. Neighbors were having an issue. One spouse thought you should always buy the cheapest, the other thought name brands should be purchased. They asked me because they knew I'd been across the country, border to border, coast to coast. I just told them that ... that I buy the cheapest to start with and buy up when I can afford to and the name brand is actually better. My ex believed that you should only buy name brands. Great, except he wasn't earning the income to pay for it. Now I'm married to a man who occaisionally says, "we need to save a few bucks this month." It still, after 30 years, amazes him that I can pull several hundred dollars out of our budget. Without ever doing any math (I'm terrible at that), keeping a budget, etc. He laughs. How do you do it? I can save more money than he realizes we're spending.
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I'm pretty sure everything I buy is name brand. Since I buy virtually everything on sale, there's not enough price difference to make it worth my while to try the store's brand. Heck, there's even some name brand items I won't buy because I don't like them. It's just not worth the risk to me to save a dime/can, or 20 cents for a lb of butter to try something different from what I like (for example). I pretty much stick to the same brand items all the time.

Aunt Bea, I didn't know Wegmans made it down that far. They've really grown.
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They just had a thing on the news, stating that many store brands are made by the name brand companies, and very similar, if not exactly the same ingredients. The generic Sugar Corn Pops I used to buy were even better than the name brand. I do prefer name brand cream of something soups.
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Dawg, same news clip here, too, just minutes ago. Some generic/store labels are actually brand name products in disguise. Other than feeling like a schmuck about it, I'm glad to be a member of a relevant discussion forum.
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Originally Posted by spork View Post
The issue for me on this good question, nikki, is not so much one of quality, but loss of diversity and choice on market shelves.
We are so spoiled here in the US. Here we are debating the qualities of name brand vs. store brand. My cousin is a missionary in Ecuador. One of the things she commented on in her first year is the grocery store. You buy what they have! Her first trip back home it took her forever to go through the grocery store because she didn't know what kind of bread to buy! In her missionary town, you buy a loaf of bread and it's whatever is on the shelf. One kind, no choice. We should be thankful we have so many choices to choose from!
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Here's how I see it.

if you are comparing processed/prepared foods, there are usually big differences in taste between store brand and name brand, often the quality is similar, but the taste can be very different.

If you are comparing items that are ingredients, like butter, milk, sugar, flour etc... there usually is very little difference in taste and quality. Where I shop, the price difference between name brand and store brand is usually pretty significant.

With that said, where I live, most grocers have very strong great quality store brands. Big chains need to get you hooked on their store brands because they make far more profit from them than the name brand stuff. Where I shop, store brands are great, frozen veg are every bit as good as the name brands, I can't tell the difference between store brand and philly cream cheese in my cheesecakes, and there are some store brands that I actually prefer over the big names.

I did work for a small regional chain once and their store brands weren't very good at all. We often were asked to test products, once we were asked to try a pecan shortbread cookie, and share our feelings on a ballot, everyone seemed to hate cookie #2, poor quality and very "off" flavor. Which cookie do you think they picked, #2 since I assume that gave them the biggest profit margin. When I worked for them, I bought very few store brand items, but I know now that they are the exception, not the rule, I buy many store brands now.

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