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Originally Posted by cave76 View Post
I'm not sure what you would think as ''proof'' of why I don't trust them. But I first want to make it clear that I'm very happy that we DO have the FDA, universities and most companies. But it's not a blanket endorsement of them for there are times when all of them fail us at some level.

The Bayh-Dole Act and it's consequences is one of the 'proofs' while not giving you a 'hand in the cookie jar' video.

So here are some things I dug out from my saved documents from other discussions in other forums.

"The FDA's federal budget request for fiscal year (FY) 2012 totaled $4.36 billion,[2] while the proposed 2014 budget is $4.7 billion.[8] About $2 billion of this budget is generated by user fees. Pharmaceutical firms pay the
majority of these fees,[8] which are used to expedite drug reviews

Citation # 8 on Wiki
"The drug industry is already the primary funder of the FDAs operational budget through the payment of user fees. The FDAs proposed 2014 budget, a whopping $4.7 billion, includes a proposed increase of $821 million, 94
percent of which is to be funded by drug companies. While some believe self-funded regulatory agencies to be a good thing, others feel it allows industry to have major leverage over FDA policy decision making. "

Drug Take-Back Programs Coming To A Municipality Near You
Criticism of the Food and Drug Administration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dr. Herbert L. Ley, Jr ----retired FDA Commissioner ----said:
"After his resignation, in an interview to the New York Times, Dr. Ley warned the public about the FDAs inability to safeguard consumers. People were being misled, he believed The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them - it isnt. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks its doing are as different as night and day, he said. The agency, in his opinion, did not have the motivation to protect consumers, faced budget shortfalls, and lacked support from the Department of Health,Education, and Welfare ."

Herbert L. Ley, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Pages 42-47) Kinslow Report
Thank you for all of your research Cave. This is what I was talking about. The pharma companies have found a way to expedite approval for their drugs by essentially buying the FDA and paying them to skip important testing phases. This goes hand in hand with lots of university studies. When a university needs grant money, they *many* lean towards a biased report that favors an institution that will give them funds for the other research they are looking to do. It's all about the money. As the old adage says everyone has a price. It's an unfortunate thing.

I personally take into consideration several reviews before coming to my own conclusion. I am not a scientist and I do not claim to be doing any studies on my own, but I take several sources and combine their information. Places where they all agree, it would seem, are truth and places where they disagree, you have to dig deeper.

It seems I inadvertently started something that can in the end be taken as good. Everyone has been respectful and seems to be considering everyone else's sides and whatever evidence they submit to support them. The biggest thing is making people think and making them think outside of the box.

It's good to have conversations like this. It makes people think and talk and look deeper into things.

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Originally Posted by CarolPa View Post
erewigo Steelers, erewigo
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Originally Posted by AnthonyJ View Post
The biggest thing is making people think and making them think outside of the box.

It's good to have conversations like this. It makes people think and talk and look deeper into things.
l agree, of course. I come from a background where points of views should be backed up with sources, citations and why that particular point of view is valid.

I'm a skeptic.

"The true meaning of the word skepticism has nothing to do with doubt, disbelief, or negativity. Skepticism is the process of applying reason and critical thinking to determine validity. It's the process of finding a supported conclusion, not the justification of a preconceived conclusion."

1. Critical Thinking

2. Asking the Socratic Questions


But all that critical thinking and references go out the window when talking about recipes etc. Thank goodness or we'd never have some of the good ideas/recipes here.

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