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Old 05-28-2014, 12:33 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by RPCookin View Post
My mother always made potato salad with thinly sliced red radishes for crunch, color and flavor. Because I grew up with it, I always feel like something is lacking when I have potato salad without them.
Hmm, I never would have thought of radishes...good tip.

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Originally Posted by Kayelle View Post
Hmm, I never would have thought of radishes...good tip.
When I am making five pounds of potatoes for a bunch of folks I do add the radishes. I scrub them really good and then dice them fine. I also will take the skin of a few tomatoes and make roses for decoration. Dress it up a little to make it look appealing. Sometimes I have even taken onion rings, dredged them in seasoned flour and then gave then a fry in some olive oil. Place them around the bottom of the plate on the edge of the lettuce bed.

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Originally Posted by CWS4322 View Post
I always dress my potato salad when cold--otherwise it sucks up too much dressing. I also like to leave the skins on...and my latest version of potato salad included methi...because it was a curry-based salad. I definitely like adding a "green" to potato salad and would consider adding spinach/swiss chard/kale.
Hee, hee! That's why I do it

When I've got it I use a lot of parsley.
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Originally Posted by GotGarlic View Post
Mine is usually just warm by the time I dress it. And to me, sucking up dressing = infusing the potatoes with flavor Otherwise, they're bland.

+1 What she said.
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I want those spuds to suck up my tasty dressing! Otherwise the potatoes are too bland.

I love radishes and they are going in from now on.

For a killer presentation make an eggless potato salad and serve in a shallow bowl topped with dressed deviled eggs.
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Old 05-29-2014, 01:17 AM   #36
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ElleShip, does your DH like cream-based or oil-based potato salad? I'm guessing he likes it zesty. If it's creamy, like CW I "over-dress" my salad, using mayo and yogurt/sour cream in half-and-half proportions. I season the dressing first, then add the cold-and-cut-up potatoes (I'll have to try it with warm potatoes next time). I leave the skins on, or at least the parts that don't come off when cutting the spuds up.

Besides the mayo and dairy product, I use Colman's dry mustard, a small splash of tabasco sauce, paprika, a seasoned salt, fresh-ground pepper and, sometimes, dill. Taste as you go, and make sure you have enough to cover all the potatoes. For the ad-ins we like celery, my Mom used radishes, and chopped up dill pickles always seem right if you're serving the salad with hot dogs. I also include one hard-cooked egg for every one large or two smaller potatoes (reds or yellows), saving a nice center slice or two from each egg to use atop the finished salad.

Last summer I tried a no-mayo potato salad. Himself and I had never had one, and we both loved powerplantop's version. If you want to give that one a try you can find the recipe here: No Mayo Potato Salad
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I've made it with both warm and cold tater's. Had success with both.

IMHO the dressing and other ingredients are what makes the potato salad.

Different types of tater's add a subtle difference but are highly interchangeable.

I'm not a big celery lover but chopped fine and used sparingly it adds a lot to taste and texture.
As far as herbs & spices go. Use what you have a hankering for at the moment.

I guess I like to experiment with potato salad because I never make it the same way twice. I use what's on hand so every time it's an adventure.

I also tend to look at it like toppings on a baked tater. If it would taste good there then it would be good as a tater salad.

Potatoes are one of natures wonder foods. They go great with most everything and there so many ways to prepare them. They are also inexpensive so even if you screw up it's no big thing.

Just 2 personal favorites. Bacon and hard cooked eggs. You can never go wrong with bacon and the eggs just seem to add a something I like in my tater salad.

Good luck in your quest.
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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the type of potato used and how that can affect the dish....

there's low starch, all purpose, high starch potatoes. they do not cook up "all the same"
hold on.... from my scratch notes:
potatoes high starch russet - bake / mash / fry / whip
potatoes low starch waxy - reds, fingerling, yukon - boiling
potatoes medium starch AP, kinnebec, white - /gratin / scallop / casserole

high starch aka "mealy" potatoes start to disintegrate as the cooking/boiling continues.
this is a good thing if you like a "creamy" potato salad - not far from the 'use up the old baked potatoes' idea

low starch aka 'waxy' potatoes do not exhibit that behavior.
depending on geography, a hot potato salad dressing - especially with bacon - is often called 'German' style.

I like to peel & dice then boil my high starch varieties until just the edges are starting to "mealy off" - when cooled and combined with mayo/etc type dressings - makes a salad with lots of creamy stuff in between the chunks.

waxy type potatoes stay more crisp&clean 'as cut' - these I like with a 'thinner / non-mayo' type dressing.

these are only my own personal preferences;
your preference may vary;
everyone's preferences are allowed to vary.
what's the problem with that?

additives abound and vary more than potato types.
celery /celery seed
peppers - any color any heat
pickles (diced) / relish
onion / all colors / scallion / raw leeks

and for a bit of zing, pip and "waz'zat?" - two secrets:
smattering of smashed/creamed anchovy
or a dash of horseradish.

don't tell, keep 'em guessing.....
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Old 05-29-2014, 04:05 PM   #39
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You have to jazz up those potatoes with something. While I'm willing to make a no mayo, no boiled egg, no onion potato salad, I still (most of the time, but not always) add some celery. I can't give exact measures because mine is based on what my husband and son want and I just eye ball it. I usually start with 6 good sized red potato.. wash and prepare them which includes cubing them. Into the micowave to cook while I mix ranch dressing w/ sour cream, garlic granules, pepper, parsley flakes, Worcestershire sauce (probably a couple tablespoons) but not enough to make the dressing too brown. When the potatoes are done I run cold water over them for a couple seconds leaving them warm, drain and then fold in the dressing along with lots of chopped crispy bacon. Reserve a tablespoon or so of the bacon to sprinkle over the top. My husband likes his cold, the son likes it room temperature and I give mine a little ride in the microwave to warm it up. Every one is happy.
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I used to make a fuss over potatoes falling apart and did everything in my power to keep the pieces whole.
I have since changed my mind and would rather have the salad in a semi mashed state.
I also subscribe to baked potato over boiled.
I also dress while still warm, not hot.
Eggs are added in small amounts. If I wanted egg salad, I would make egg salad. Usually one boiled egg in the salad and one for garnish.

I do not love this dish as much as I used too. Maybe I am due for a different type dressing. Maybe the warm vinegar type?

I think I will make a small macaroni salad for tonight. I have plenty herbs as the garden is really starting to produce. The plants look so healthy and I should have my first tomato in less than one week. Herbs are in full swing.

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potato, salad

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