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Old 03-08-2012, 03:34 PM   #1
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Is it me? I'm a salty-crunch type of person when it comes to junk food (as opposed to sweet, creamy). But the last two times I bought potato chips (Pringles and Ruffles), brands I've bought before, they were so darned salty my lips hurt. Maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to get used to cooking and eating less salty. I'm a self-confessed salt-a-holic, but I swear these had no flavor except salt. I do read labels most of the time, but haven't for salt content. Are these chips getting more salty, or am I just getting senthisized to it?

I've bought salt free, and as far as I'm concerned, I don't think I should waste my money. But the regular are driving me nutso with the excess of salt. is there an in-between?


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I too can't stand the amount of salt in chips. When will they wise up and start offering low salt? I miss my munchies.


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Old 03-08-2012, 04:35 PM   #3
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i've been off salt for so long now (except for an occasional binge with fast food french fries, or sipping soy sauce after sushi) that i can taste salt in everything, and yes, chips/crisps, cocktail nuts, and such seem to be getting really salty. like you said, claire, to the point of burning my tongue.

i really like utz brand no salt added potato chips. they taste like potatoes first, with some salt. they're great as an accompaniment to a salty deli meat sandwich.
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Processed foods have so many artificial ingredients in the, it's like the food is screaming flavors at you. I think when you start eating less processed food, you notice the fact that most packaged food is over-seasoned. I call it food in technicolor.
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maybe a correlation in salt content of processed foods with economic recession? don't know why, but I wouldn't be surprised. industrial conspiracies, etc.
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The theory about salty chips is that they are probably the saltiest things you will ever eat. And eating salty prompts you to want more salty, which can mean more chips. And since there is a natural animal urge to seek salt, being the quintessential salty food is an advantage. You have to look a bit to find chips with low salt or no salt without having had so much else changed that they're no longer the chips you expect. If you're so health crazed that you won't eat a conventional potato chip, even without salt, forget chips altogether.

Kettle brand often has less salt than the mainstream brands. Seasons makes a how salt kettle cooked chip. If you just can't find any locally and can't harass your local grocer into carrying some, check Amazon for them in quantity.

Amazon.com: low salt chips Snacks

With foods you cook, I suggest you try forgoing most of the salt and getting some finishing salt. Good finishing salt has very large, delicate crystals. You dribble it on food after you serve your plate. It provides salt and a distinctly satisfying crunch with far less actual salt than otherwise.

I don't like overly salter chips, either, but I have a pair of properly working kidneys and so have no fear of salt. But proper seasoning is important, meaning tastes good, not designed to create an addiction.
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lol glc.

don't get old.
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very, very frightening me!" Galileo
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One interesting thing I didn't know about salty snack food is that only about 50% of the salt gets tasted, the other 50% you swallow down without tasting. That percentage of salt you swallow but don't taste may be even higher than I stated, I forget the exact number.
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Kale chips!
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Most purchased foods have way too much salt for me now. My favorite quick gravy mix will have to be sidelined.

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