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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
c dubya, go for 1 whole leg, and 2 boneless halves, full racks (that you can break down as you need, just get them to score the chine bone), neck and front shoulder chops for the french stew i mentioned to you, shanks for braising, and breast/belly meat in chunks for more stew or stuffed roasts.

i envy you. it's been years since i got to break down a beast (i've done lambs and pigs) the way that i wanted.
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Originally Posted by CWS4322 View Post
One of the guys with whom I curl (that sport where you slide 44 lb granite rocks down a sheet of ice and sweep) has lamb for sale. I am trying to figure out how to have it cut. How thick do you folks like your chops? Basically, I am buying the entire lamb. Suggestions? I'm dieing to make the lamb stew using the neck meat...think that is BuckyTom's recipe but it might be one of the Andys'. I will get the bones so I can make stock. The kidneys will go to the dogs. I don't cook kidney. The heart and liver...still debating if those will be dog food or people food.
The lamb's liver and heart are a good visual indicator of the health of the animal. A nice dark red liver is from a healthy animal and is a most delicate meat and of good flavor. The heart of course is a fine meat also, though different in taste and texture from the liver. Since they come from a young animal, there should be no strong flavors.

The head if you can get it could be made into what is called down here in south Texas a cabesita [not sure of my spelling, but it means little head]. The idea is to steam it overnight, until the meat falls off the bone. The meat is dissected from the bones and chopped and mixed together. Then you stuff it into corn or flour tortillas, with onion, tomato, chili or hot sauce, and cilantro[coriander leaves] By the way everything edible is included even the brains. More commonly you would see this done with a beef head, which would be called barbacoa de cabeza. Of course now with everyone freaking out about scrappy and mad cow disease, they leave out the brains.

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I have always made lamb stew with the shoulder meat. And I put barley in it. I could put barley in everything. It is really great in beef stew.
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CWS Terrific you have a lamb. I have purchased two, and that was Years Ago. Would like to get another.

We found a grower not too far outside the city, and bought and split a grass fed half beef between the DxW and myself earlier this year. Even having scored many roasts and steaks and stew meat pkgs, we got a gazillion pkgs of burger too, way leaner than store bought. I am not sure that is always a good thing, depending on what you are cooking. It all tastes so good. I drew the short straw & obtained the tongue, I don't know who was the other Half buyer, but between us all, I win.

I am pleased you say you are saving all the little morsels to mince for your own ground lamb. I think ground lamb is way under-used and there are so many things you can do with it. I just use a small hand meat grinder, the kind you attach with a screw tightener under the table top. For as little as I ever grind anything, this works. I'm not exactly sure which lamb parts I should buy to grind my own. This is what I intend to do the next time I want real ground lamb.

Warmest regards on a cold day in Minnesota !!


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