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Old 11-05-2007, 10:22 AM   #21
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Frozen vegetables are basically just as good as fresh ones, nutritionally.

Canned, not so much.

I have a love affair with canned peas which dates back to my childhood.

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Frozen; peas or corn. I've never liked frozen beans or carrots, but then I know I never had Hanovers either.
Canned; like I said, Del Monte green beans and also spinach. I prefer Green Giant's corn over DMs for some reason. Most likely taste Definitely not fond of canned peas or shrooms, unless the shrooms are going in a tomato sauce. Then it is handy to have some cans on hand.
Fresh; now green beans, broccoli, asparagus, shrooms, carrots.... I've never tried to cook fresh spinach and the frozen is way to salty tasting, but if my store has Hanovers frozen veggies I may try a few out. It would sure be handier, since I don't live all that close to a decent grocery store. I would love to find a frozen asparagus that I like.

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Get fresh baby spinach and throw it into pasta at the last minute so it just wilts. I often do that as a quick pasta with fresh grape tomatoes (halved), smoked salmon pieces and some sliced olives, all mixed up with some herbs and cream. Super quick and tasty.

I have just started growing my own asparagus and it seems relatively indestructable surprisingly enough.
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I fully respect everyone's right to enthusiastically enjoy whatever versions of vegetables float their boat, but canned peas - & especially canned spinach - would never find their way into my market cart unless there was some catastrophic starving reason why I absolutely had to eat them - lol!!

That horrible gray/army-green color & soft, mushy texture. And the smell. Just can't fathom it when frozen maintains such a nice bright color, taste, & texture.
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Old 11-06-2007, 05:19 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by Bilby View Post
As a rule, the frozen veges we get over here offer no better selection than the fresh section. So I never see the point for myself as I can control the quantity better if I buy fresh. I will buy Asian vege mixes that are frozen as it is quicker and easier than sourcing them all - and often cheaper.

As to canned, there are somethings that I never touch like asparagus but things like tomatoes, butter beans, beetroot are often better than sourcing and preping yourself. They are also handy as standbys, esp the canned mushrooms.
I've never had a good, canned artichoke heart. To me, they are terrible. But wait, I'm off topic here so I'm leaving.

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Originally Posted by jennyema View Post
I have a love affair with canned peas which dates back to my childhood.
OMG - I do too!!!!! It also stems from my childhood. Sweet peas can be a lovely thing - just ask Popeye and Olive Oil

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Originally Posted by jennyema View Post
Frozen vegetables are basically just as good as fresh ones, nutritionally.

Canned, not so much.

I have a love affair with canned peas which dates back to my childhood.
I know this thread isn't about canned peas but I have to agree. I think because my mother always used canned green beans and peas I still enjoy them. I do prefer fresh peas or beans but the canned version have their place on my plate. Luckily it didn't get passed down to my kids who absolutely won't eat canned peas or beans.
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I like canned peas just fine for certain purposes, even the cheap ones. Le Seur baby peas heated until just warm with a pat of butter and a pinch of salt are wonderful with mashed potatoes. The Green Giant ones with pearl onions are great, too. And the generic ones work fine in casseroles.
I use frozen peas for stir fries, and skillet dinners.

Peas don't do well in our climate, but one year I got them in at the right time, the weather didn't get hot too fast, and I got what I thought was a nice crop.

I picked peas and picked peas and picked peas.
Then I shelled peas and shelled peas and shelled peas.
Then I cooked them up with bacon, onion and new potatoes, and had ONE mess of peas.

They were wonderful, but I will never do it again.

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