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Veggie sausages

Hi everybody and happy new year. I have a 5 year old son who refuses to eat any form of veg other than salad veg and in the autumn/winter this is a pain as as a family we eat a lot of veg other than my 5 year old. He is sausage mad and in the past I've bought veggie sausages for him but they don't seem to have the nutritional veg in like broccoli cauli carrots etc they seem to be just onion mushrooms herbs etc has anyone got any recipes on how I can make some veggie sausages for him so he's getting a good amount of veg. I have a sausage maker arriving in the next few days.


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Do you eat any meat or seafood?

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Originally Posted by CraigC View Post
Do you eat any meat or seafood?
we do yes. It he won't eat veg so want to try to disguise it in veggie sausage
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Originally Posted by Petpet82 View Post
we do yes. It he won't eat veg so want to try to disguise it in veggie sausage
You could possibly make veg patties or "meat" balls with lots of vegetables incorporated.

How about homemade soup pureed so he doesn't see the actual veg. Make up names for the varieties you make so he doesn't cotton on. If all else fails - lie (I wouldn't normally advocate lying to children but in this case.....).

Don't despair entirely. I have a 50 year old cousin who, as a child and teenager, refused to eat any veg other than Heinz Baked Beans. He grew up to be a healthy, 6 foot 5 inch, rugby-playing sportsman and is still one of my healthier cousins. He eats veg now.
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My parents just put it on the table and if you ate it fine, if not, you went hungry.
I can promise you my parents never lost one minute of sleep over this and neither did my wife and I.
My parents and my wife and I, have always provided healthy meals with taste the most important factor in what we cooked and served.

Funny how kids seem to pick up on this fairly quick and seem to eat and survive just fine.
Now I do understand you kid is only 5. But if he can push your buttons at this age, imagine what he will be like when he is 13?
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Pet, does he like cheese? My kids hated broccoli until I started mixing it with a cheese sauce. Do you mean to put ground veggies in a sausage casing? I think he's old enough to not be fooled by that. Use a stick blender in a pot of veggie soup with cheese. That might work.
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Jerry Seinfeld's wife has written several cook books about sneaking vegetables into foods for kids and others who don't like them
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Ideas for hiding veggies:

1. Diced carrots, Celery, Onion, even chopped beets can be hidden in meatloaf
2. Meatballs
3. Chicken Eggrolls
4. Sausage to include various kinds of peppers (peppers are highly nutritional)
5. Combine apples, carrots, celery, bananas, and other fruits to blend into smoothies;
6. Hide chopped veggies in pasta sauces, and lasagna
7. puree veggies into seafood, or meat Bisques
8. Hide veggies in homemade forcemeats
9. Carrot Cake, need I say more?
10. make a carrot, pumpkin, winter squash, or bean pie.
11. Quick breads can hide veggies. Think zuchinni bread, spice breads, pumpkin bread, apple, bread, etc.

Hope that helps.

Seeeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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I didn't know that, Dawg! I'll have to look up some of her books. My grandsons like veggies, thank goodness, but I think that's because my daughters started introducing fresh veggies when they were very little.

Pet, no ideas here about veggie sausages, but you're new sausage maker will probably come with a recipe booklet that you could get some ideas from. You could also do things like sneak mashed cauliflower into mashed potatoes, grated carrots in spaghetti sauce....gosh, there are tons of ways to incorporate veggies into foods.

Cutting up veggies into kid size pieces and letting him dip them into ranch dressing helps, and the pureed veggies in soup mentioned above is a good idea. Try to introduce veggies to him a little at a time now, before he gets too set in his ways.
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If he won't eat veggies, why would he eat sausage made with veggies? Is it the texture? The flavor? Something else?

I think it's best to be honest with kids and teach them the importance of eating a balanced diet. If you hide veggies and pretend they're not there, they won't learn about nutrition and they won't learn to appreciate food flavors.

That said, I frequently add veggies to sauces, for increased nutrition and flavor. As RB said, just put food on the table and make it clear everyone is expected to eat what's provided.

Children are often more willing to try foods when they are involved in selecting and preparing it. Let him pick out veggies at the market and help prepare them for meals. And if it's possible, start a garden in the spring and teach him how to grow some of the food your family eats.

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egg, sage, sausage

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