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Old 09-08-2006, 08:21 AM   #31
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Plastic? Plastic reacts with all kinds of substances. Have you ever seen hot sauce sold in plastic? Not a good idea.

Sea Salt? Why? It's quite expensive and will be indistiguishable with kosher or table salt in the final product.

Flea Market? Honestly, I would never buy any food product at one.

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You can do it man! All great accomplishments are at first impossible!

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What about a state/county fair? Perhaps something like a Farmer's Market too? Dunno if those are open to other items not directly derived from the land, but you never know.

I agree with everyone else, though. There are an infinite number of hoops to jump through when it comes down to making food products. If you aren't up on them, they're gonna bite you on the backside sooner or later.
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Hmm. I would worry about not doing through the correct process. But I'm sure if you do that and have a viable buisness plan its worth it. Even if only as a second income. I join the crowd urging you to check out the legality. If nothing else, as Chef-Jen pointed out, you never know who is here. The fact that you discussed all this in an open forum would NOT, I imagine, help your case if someone did decide to prosecute ...whether for the product or you selling it.

Re marketing. I would buy things that looked "proper" on a stand. I have been to a couple of car boot sales where people sell stuff that is from a cottage industry. I would NOT buy stuff from a bottle recognisable as being that of another product. Producing stuff is hard enough without having to jump through hoops of people worrying about how well those bottles were clean and sterilised. Its worth the expense of proper jars and printed labels....make it your own and take the credit. Also, if you are going to charge a "good" profitable price, packaging helps, I would certainly think about paying an otherwise exagerated price for something presented as if its the tops and I think I need it.....I am duped into it all the time my the cosmetics industry, lol. On the other hand, somethng that looks like a good, but unproven business in second hand bottles I would notice but probably think I could do as well at home..on the if they can do it I can principle.

It is stressful but exciting to start a business. I am sure you'll get a lot of support from people if you follow the correct channels. Good luck!
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Old 09-08-2006, 10:07 AM   #35
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Chef Jen, i never said you couldn't get sick off of sauces. You're saying you can get sick off of a habanero pepper mash mixed with vinegar and dried herbs then sterilized?

No offense but it sounds like you don't know much about chinense's
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Old 09-08-2006, 10:35 AM   #36
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MLB - please listen to Jen!

We went through a big deal here - we have a "season opener" for all the businesses here on the "Loop". For years we've BBQ'd oysters and served hot wings and waffle fries. Other marinas had hamburgers and hot dogs, deep fried turkeys, crawdads and jambalaya, etc. This year the Health Inspector found out about all the un-licensed food vendors and out came the pile of paperwork, the price of the permits, and the requirements for food service tents. She would have to inspect the cooking, food storage, and serving areas. We just gave it up. We could do it as a private party - but she'd be lurking and we'd be busted! It wound up that only restaurants could serve food. It wrecked a great business generator for all of us - but it just wasn't worth the hassle.

The real kicker for us . . . . . the oysters would have to be cooked to 165 degrees! And the lady meant that we had to check every few to make sure the were at the right temp - and she would be there to check too!!!
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paying all of these lawyers and agencies and then permits and then normal people would have to lease land and then get a staff and pay other bills how in the **** are you suppsed to make money?

That's why so many small companies fail during the first couple of years. If you don't have 10x the $ that you think you would need to start up, it's very hard to keep up with the government taxes, pay your lawyer/acct, buy your licenses and purchase the insurance. Then you have the costs associated with the company: jars, labels, ingredients, marketing etc

If my sauce is REALLY GOOD,i mean REALLY GOOD, how many units you think i can move a week online? just through the reviews i get on this forum and another one, mma.tv, which has thousands of active members

I can tell you really believe in your sauce but don't think you're going to get rich soon. It takes years for a product to catch on. Maybe it is so good that you could get an interview at Heinz or another manufacturer and they'd buy your recipe. I'm not being fasicious at all.

OMG, there are so many approvals needed. Sometimes you have to pay for your own tests at government approved agencies. I have a 4" binder with all my 'approved' letters from scientists, government (local and national) and universities.

You have to collect tax from different states and that in itself is a PITA. You'll need a company checking acct. Never mix company money with your money.

There is so much to consider. Forming a company is not something you do talking to friends over a few beers. I agree with the person who suggested you go to the SBA first. They can tell you how to get started legally.

I wish you all the luck in the world.
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YES YOU CAN.. ok listen to this...

Ketchup is tomatos vinegar salt etc. when left in the sun or not refridgerated it can cause you to be VERY ill look up how many people die from it.. its a lot.

You dont know me from Jack and Yes i know a lot about sauces and I know a lot about safety Ive had to. Im a qualified chef with licences out that Wazoo. When i opened my bed and breakfast and i do catering and make jams I know the laws and I know what can make you sick

Like i said You are being ignorant and narrowminded ((again no offence) if you think your sauce couldnt make someone sick. Its about shipping.. What if sitting on the delivery truck it BAKES in the sun.. and turns it

Listen do me a favour just call your local health department. I dont want to argue with you but i dont want to see you on the streets.

Like I said its not just food born illness... Look what hapend to McD's A woman sued voer the fact their Coffee was too hot...imagine if someone does that to you

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Old 09-08-2006, 12:18 PM   #39
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I posted this just yesterday under "Things that make you smile..."

I just got through to the Compliance Dept of the Comptroller of MD....been trying for 2 weeks! And I got a kind, sweet, understanding woman who had tons of patience with my ignorant questions.

Yippee and a HUGE smile here.

Getting through to the government shouldn't be so difficult.__________________
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No one has to get sick from your sauce to sue you -- all they need to do is CLAIM they got sick from it.

Defending against even a completely frivolous lawsuit can easily cost $25,000! That's one heck of a lot of hot sauce.

Business is not nice -- it's a cutthroat, adversarial, dog-eat-dog game, and you dare not play without wearing your helmet and cup.

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