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How do you cook rice?

Ok, Iím sure there was a thread on this somewhere once before, but I havenít seen it so:

How do you cook rice?

I do it two ways depending on what I want. If it is just rice for soups and stews, etc, then I boil it like I boil potatoes. I use 6 or so cups of water, boil 1 cup of rice, drain and rinse, and use it later when itís time. It never ever sticks, or is clumpy, and is perfect texture. Sometimes I add flavor to the water like garlic, onion, chicken or beef bullion, or even tomato bullion.

For stir fry though, I use 2 cups water to 1 cup rice. I brown the rice in oil, then add the water. Once at a boil, I cover and turn the heat off and do not disturb for 15 or so minutes. Then, I donít rinse it but instead use it as is from the pot. Itís a bit ďstarchierĒ or sticky this way, but it is the BEST for stir fryÖ.IMHO.

I tried steaming once with my SS pot steamer insert, but after 45 minutes, it wasnít even half way done, so I gave up and moved on.

How about you?


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Most of the time, 2 parts water to one part rice. I bring to a boil and turn off the burner, cover, and residual heat (electric stove, a heavy-bottomed pot) do the rest. I used to use a microwave oven quite often, but it just boiled over too easily.

For fried rice, I use leftover rice.

Risotto? A big batch of chicken stock. Sautee a shorter grain rice (NOT jasmine or basmati) in butter or olive oil, then start adding the HOT stock a lttle at a time.

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I bake mine in the usuall 2/1 water to rice put in a dish Oven proof and cover and bake , some time I add a little butter for flavor or u can add what ever u want
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Old 08-02-2007, 11:33 PM   #4
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I am 100% a Rice Cooker guy. Nothing Fancy, but I love how well it makes rice.. I proabably make rice (White, Brown, or Wild) about twice a week...

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Cook Basamati in a rice cooker mostly (unless its Byriani (sp))
1.5 cups rice
3 cups water maybe a little under but technically 3 cups

perfect everytime *TOUCH WOOD*
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Old 08-03-2007, 07:50 AM   #6
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I always use the 2 to 1 method and make perfect rice every time. I understood that rice is supposed to absorb all of the liquid and mine does. It takes about 18 minutes. I almost always use homemade chicken broth instead of water. It gives the rice a great, rich flavor.
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Old 08-03-2007, 08:00 AM   #7
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After decades of cooking gummy brown long grain rice, I now make perfect rice in my pressure cooker. 1 1/2 parts water to 1 part rice, after cooker comes up to pressure, cook 15 minutes, cool down on its own.
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I make mine in the microwave. When I cooked it on the stove, it used to burn all the time, because I got distracted with the other stuff I was doing and forgot about it.

I have a Pampered Chef plastic 1-quart container with a vented lid and use 1-3/4 cups chicken broth (I buy Swanson's organic chicken broth) for 1 cup of rice. Sometimes I add diced veggies, herbs, spices, citrus zest, etc., depending on what the main dish is. Cook it on high for 7 minutes, stir, then 8 minutes, and it's perfectly done every time. I don't have to remember to turn off the stove burner, and it never overcooks or burns. I never rinse it - I think it's easier to eat when it sticks together a bit :-)
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I cook rice in a microwave rice cooker. I also make rice on stove top at times. Sometimes I will add some of the microwaved rice from the rice cooker to my wok with some butter to get a different texture to it.
I use short to medium grain white rice, occasionally using brown rice for pilafs as well.

Oh yes, my golden rules.

1. rinse rice first always always

2. 2 cups water to 1 cup rice, always!

3. After rice is cooked, let it sit (covered) for at least 10 minutes.
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Success rice bag in water.
Boil for time indicated on reverse.
Remove from water and drain.


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