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Question Rice cooker question- once a week cooking?

I have now been told by a third Asian friend that often rice is cooked in quantity once a week, or once every several days in their country. (Korea, Vietnam). They say that you have to have a good quality cooker to do this, one that will keep the rice warm. The ones I find only keep warm for about 12 hours. I think having warm rice available all day long for several days is wonderful, but haven't a clue what cooker will do this. (I am in USA).
Does anyone know?


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Rice is a staple food for me I cook jasmine rice exclusively because it is delicious.
Rice is so easy to cook! i cook the amount for the whole day but no more just cooked rice is so great but when I have had lefovers,I put it in a ziplock bag either in the fridge or freezer and zap it in the microwave and it is as good as just made!
I don't know about keeping it warm for a whole week, I honestly would be concerned about bacteria becasue rice does sour

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In Hawaii, most of my friends put rice in the cooker and started it every morning. The rice was then available for kids coming and going during the day, but mostly it was there for supper when you got home from work. Leftover rice was refridgerated and used for soups, stews, and mostly ... fried rice. Also anywhere a recipe calls for bread crumbs you can substitute it. Everyone I knew made rice every day. An old-hawaii days friend visited recently and his first question (he was fixing dinner) was ... where is your rice cooker! Haha! It was quite hot out, so I told him I was making our rice in the microwave oven. I was pleased that that would have been his second choice as well.
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Really? how do you make your rice in the microwave?

I love to recycle rice in to yummy dishes too, I make "red" rice it is soo easy to make and fit for company

Cook 2 c of rice
1 lb bacon
1 large onion chopped
1 can tomato sauce
salt and cayenne to taste

Chop bacon in 1" pieces,render and drain the fat,
add the chopped onion and cook till translucent.
Add the tomato sauce to deglaze the pan
pour over the cooked rice, stir gently to mix it all well and heat it thoroughly
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I know some people who have constant batches of rice going as well. Though in most Asian households, the rice stays in the warmer until finished, about a day and a half or two days. Like Claire said it's always available to eat so gets gobbled up pretty fast. If you eat a lot of rice, I 'm a big believer of getting a high quality rice cooker. I've never had success with non-Asian store cookers. It cooks the rice fine, but doesn't seem to know how to maintan a good heat w/o scorching the bottom of the rice.
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Rice being kept warm for some days?? Personally the idea doesn't seem very appealing...
I would cook them just as needed, chill the leftover and make fried rice or pudding etc. later. They are not that much of a trouble or time consuming to make each time...
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Old 08-07-2006, 11:18 AM   #7
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yea but you are talking aout people that cook 3-4 lb of rice at a time for a couple of days!
I have used the rice cooker but I changed to a "rice pot" it looks like a dutch oven but it is shallow
I parch my rice in penut oil and salt and then when it smells like pop corn i add the water 1x1 cover it back up and turn the fire to low and let it rip
fluffy fluffy rice every time
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I have one of those rice cookers that keeps the rice warm after cooked. I will only keep the rice there for 8 hours. Longer than that I find that it tends to get spoiled. If I have leftover rice after 8 hours I put in the frig, then just lightly fry it with a little soy sauce to reheat it.
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Old 08-07-2006, 02:20 PM   #9
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There are rice cookers that keep rice warm for the entire day and we had one of those. I am not sure I would keep rice in there any longer than a day (I am with urmaniac). Rice does spoil and will go sour and funky if you keep it at a low temperature for too long.

We are not a huge rice eating family so I donated my rice cooker and now just make fresh rice in a pot. It's not that difficult and it's one less big appliance to declutter my kitchen.
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I use the same water-to-rice that I'd use for making rice anywhere. Sometimes (not usually) I actually rinse the rice first (just when I'm unfamiliar witht he type of rice). It is basically 2:1 water to rice, but the water can be chicken stock, andyou can spice it and put in vegetables. The hairy part is that it tends to over-boil. So maybe a little more water than normal, but definitely a much bigger glass bowl than you'd need on the stove top. The hard part is that microwave ovens vary a LOT in power. With the oven I have now, I start with 4 minutes, then let it sit for a few minutes, then do a couple more minutes, then let it sit. Rice cooks in the sitting time, NOT in the coooking time. You mostly want to keep the water hot. It turned out OK, I think. But the times vary so much from microwave oven to microwave oven (believe me, I've owned at least a half dozen of the darned things!!).

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