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Russian cooking

Do we have any Russians here? Anyone would be interested in some Russian recipes?


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Does Ukrainian count? Are you looking for recipes or offering them? either way works for me.

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Originally Posted by Sunny1993
Do we have any Russians here? Anyone would be interested in some Russian recipes?
Hehehe, if you've got them feel free to share them. If not I could look something up but Im sure we have at least a couple of people who are second generation russian around here.
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I was born and raised in Russia, and now live in the US, and will be happy to share any Russian recipes anyone is looking for.
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dishes of smoked fish, chewy black bread, cucumbers dill and sour cream, pickles, slow braises of meat and root and bulb veggies, dried fruits, wild mushrooms. earthy food for a cold climate, and bright extravagant food for a short summer like berries and cream in blini. don'y forget the favorite kasha and pasta with gravy ... toasted buckwheat groats with macaroni and drippings from whatever.
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Hi Sunny and welcome to DC

Please, pick a favorite recipe of yours and post it for us..I'm interested in anything you'd care to share.
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Old 07-19-2005, 01:20 AM   #7
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Oh, dear. You guys just reminded me that I went an entire winter without making halupke. Hubby's family is from all over Eastern Europe, and the food is similar. Stuffed cabbage leaves are a staple of the entire area.
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Old 07-19-2005, 09:03 AM   #8
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Forget about it, Russians can't cook period! Everything they cook they stole from Ukraine, well except blini. But I donít think there is anybody out there who can actually make real Russian Blini. Iím afraid that art, because making them is art, is lost. Okay fine so Russians make great pickled mushrooms, but who is going to eat pickled mushrooms in America today. Nobody. Okay so they are going to claim that Borscht is Russian food, donít believe them even Poles have more right to claim that. Borscht comes from Ukraine, we invented, and they stole it from us. Okay maybe you could ask a Russian to make culebiaky, or even rastegaiy, mmm, a wonderful things, but unless the person is born, say 100 years ago, they wouldnít know what it is. Unfortunately great foods that Russians did make 100 years ago were completely or nearly completely lost due to Soviet system shortages, when people were more concern about eating something, rather than making fancy dishes.

Now being from Ukraine I have to say that Ukrainians manage to preserve lot more of their traditional dishes. Of course Ukrainians are better cooks to begin with, and not only because Ukraine was a bread basket but also because Ukrainians just love to eat. Food in Ukraine is by far more important part of life than it is in Russia. So if you really want good food, look for Ukrainian food, and not Russian. Oh, btw, Iíll be glad to share a recipe or few if you are interested.

Okay now that Iíve criticized Russians and Russian food enough, I hope everybody understood that I was joking and hopefully nobody takes offence. Okay?
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I know this has nothing to do with Russian food - more Slavak I think - it took me years to find a recipe for Potica - I knew how to pronounce it but had no idea it was spelled like this - and oddly enough after doing an EXTREME search it was someone that lived not far from where I grew up that new what I was talking about.

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Sunny1933, I remember having a Russian or possibly Ukrainian hot drink as a kid. It may have been a tea but all I really remember is, it was sweet and had a spiced smell and flavor and we loved it. My parents friends would make it in the winter and bring it over when they visited. If you can help me out I would appreciate it.

Take it easy,

Bryan Knox
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