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Originally Posted by cave76 View Post
Is that true of ALL milk in GB or just in your area?

When I had my own laying hens I found that peeling hard cooked eggs using my fresh eggs was difficult---- came off in bits and pieces and a lot of whites attached no matter how long or how they were cooked. (Store-bought eggs peeled pretty consistently with large pieces and very little bits and pieces.)

I finally did a test and kept a dozen or more in the fridge. Then every few days I would take a couple out and hard-boil them---- always same pan, same way. Relying on memory it took about 2-3 weeks before I was able to peel them! I think more towards the 3 weeks time.

Plus they were orange, not pale yellow.

Something to do with the membrane separating from the shell.

So---- 'fresh eggs' in the grocery? Not so. Maybe it's different in GB.
As far as I know you can get milk delivered in most parts of the country. If you live half way up a mountain in the back of beyond it may not be possible. One pint (ie 20 fl ounce) glass bottles are standard for doorstep milk although if you want larger sizes they tend to be plastic but not many delivery (wo)men supply them. My milk comes from one of several local farms within a radius of about 10 miles to a small central bottling plant 3 miles away. The bottles are returned and re-used several times and when they can't be re-used because they are damaged, etc they are recycled into more glass bottles. The ultimate in recyclability. The milk I get is pasteurised as very few dairies provide raw (untreated) milk these days. The doorstep deliveries are such a convenience and worth the penny a pint or so for the privilege. Some dairies also deliver bread, yoghourt, orange juice etc. Long live the milk man!

As for eggs, I read a while back that supermarket eggs are up to 3 weeks old before they lit the shelves. You crack one into the frying pan and the white runs all over the pan. Before I moved here I used to buy free range eggs from the stall in the market which belonged to the chicken farmer. They were nearly half the price of supermarket ones. Now I get them from a friend who keeps her own hens. I'm very tempted to have a couple of back garden chickens when I finally get things sorted out at this house.

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Originally Posted by Walt Bulander View Post
... freeze (cream) in ice cube trays and bag the cubes in zip-locks. If you need some for a sauce or gravy, just throw in a cube, or two, near the end of cooking, and stir it in.

We do the same thing with bacon fat and chicken fat from making stock. Also freeze some stock in ice cube trays when we make stock. Hmm--how about tomato paste. Usually need just a small amount at a time, and we never see the toothpaste tube type packaging locally.

WARNING! be sure to lable the bags
so true so true
so be sure the labels you use don't come off in the freezer!! I've learned to write directly on the sandwich zip bags.

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Originally Posted by Mad Cook View Post
. One pint (ie 20 fl ounce)

Ahh... the English pint... tis a great thing for beer.
"First you start with a pound of bologna..."
-My Grandmother on how to make ham salad.
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Geez... if you are going to freeze a quart of cream, why not just make ice cream out of it?
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Even 3 weeks old supermarket eggs do not want to peel.

You are what you eat.
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cream, heavy cream

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