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Originally Posted by snickerdoodle View Post
Thick like the custard-style Yoplait yogurts. I have messy toddlers so I'm trying to get it thick enough so it will stay on their spoons long enough for them to get it in their mouths, and they don't need a bath afterwards :)

Thanks for the gelatin pointers zfranca!
My yogurt holds its shape and is quite firm.

Can you share your recipe?

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Originally Posted by jet View Post
My yogurt holds its shape and is quite firm.

Can you share your recipe?
Well I think I want yours instead LOL.
Here's mine (yes, I use my crock pot):

8c (1/2 gallon) pasteurized milk ( NOT ultra-pasteurized)
1c active culture plain yogurt (to use as your starter)
3qt (or larger) crock-pot
large thick beach towel

1) Turn crockpot on low.
2) Add milk; cover & cook on low for 2-1/2 hours to 3 hours.
3) Unplug crock-pot. Keep lid on, and completely wrap crock-pot in large, thick beach towel or 2, for insulation, and let sit for 3-4 hours.
4) At the end of 3-4 hours, in a small bowl, whisk 1c active culture plain yogurt with 1-2c of the milk from the crock-pot. Return it to the crock-pot.
5) Keeping crockpot unplugged, completely re-wrap in heavy beach towel.
6) Allow to sit for 8-20 hours in a warmish place (on top of fridge).
7) Yogurt will have thickened.

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I'm no yogurt expert, and I've never used a crock pot. My first question is about temperature. What temp is the milk at when you shut off the heat, and when you add in the yogurt? Is the container still warm when the yogurt is finished?

Here's how I make mine. Turn on the oven light, then heat 1qt of milk on the stove over high heat until it is almost 200°, stirring frequently. Take it off the heat and allow to cool to below 120°. Combine milk with about 2T of yogurt in a bowl. Wrap in a towel and put in a turned off oven (with the light still on). Leave overnight. The next morning, the bowl should still be warm to the touch.
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To make thick yogurt, avoid using low-fat milk. I’ve always made yogurt with an electric yogurt maker which is no trouble to use because I leave the machine to make it overnight. The longer the yogurt is left, the thicker it becomes. As a general rule, don’t leave the yoghurt in the machine longer than 9 hours, or it will curdle.

The machine is really just a simple electric device that was bought cheaply in Walmart. You will need a starter. I use “live” yogurt from a health store. Make sure on the container it says “live bacteria cultures”. I add a couple of tablespoons mixed in with UHT milk (up to 1 litre). You can use full fat fresh milk, but I’ve never it.

Plug in the yogurt maker to pre-heat it. Into a jug containing up to 1 litre of full fat UHT milk add the two tablespoons of “live” starter. Don’t whisk it in. Slowly stir it in. Then pour it into the yogurt maker, put the lid on and go to bed. That’s what I do.

Next morning, pour the freshly made yogurt into a container and put in the fridge for between 4 and 6 hours. After chilling you can use it for whatever you want.

I find making yogurt on a Friday night, perfect. Means I have it to hand throughout the weekend. It reminds me of home when I used to add wild thyme honey, slices of peaches and melon - anything really. And the yogurt always came out consistently thick.
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I use an electric heating pad. Before the first time, I tried with a jar of water with a thermometer stuck in the water. That way I could figure out what setting is appropriate for yoghurt making. I did this test over several hours.

With my heating pad, medium can get too high after several hours and low can get too cool. When I make yoghurt, I put cling wrap over the top of the jar of milk/yoghurt culture and stick an instant-read thermometer through the cling wrap. That way it doesn't touch the sides or bottom of the jar and I can read the temperature. I wrap the heating pad around the jar and tie it in place with a string, though an rubber band would probably work. Next time I will put the jar on a small inverted bowl, because the last time I yoghurt, it seemed that the very bottom of the jar wasn't as warm as the rest.

I don't have a crock pot, so I don't know what sort of temperatures the lowest settings would give. If I had a crock pot, I would do the thermometer test.
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I've never made my own but have friends who use powdered milk to thicken.
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I heat mine up to almost boiling, then cool to 100 degrees, add some plain dannon, stir well, and put in the oven--it's a gas oven with pilot lights and it stays just warm enough, leave it over night.
I strain it if I want it thickened, in a clean flourcloth dishtowel, tied at the top and hung over the sink.

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