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Question Bread storage?

Im trying to work out the best place to store my bread. I know bread dries out and becomes stale faster in a very cold, moist place, so it should be kept at in a dry place, not as cold.... but... what I have found out today that my bread is actually lasting far longer in the fridge than the cupboard-why is this? Should it be out of the cupboard? I thought the cupboard would have been better for bread than simply on a worktop (the main worktop in the kitchen is also facing the window, where sunlight can come in). The cupboard I have recently stored the bread in is quite small, although there is room for biscuits tins etc to also go in. Although this small cupboard is also nearby, but not right beside, the main household heating door. Theres a vent as part of the door but it does not face the cupboard-its on the same side but at least two doors in width away. The bread still feels cool inside the cupboard-the same temp or arguably cooler than the kitchen itself. So what is wrong-is it likely to be simply bad bread? I was thinking of simply moving it back to my previous bread storage area (the fridge!), as bread was lasting far longer there. Perhaps a change from fridge to room temp didnt help either, but I dont think this bread was in the fridge (only my previous loafs). ps I hope this is the right forum-thanks for any tips


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Sounds like you're talking about packaged bread. It would appear the manufacturers of such products have concocted and packaged them to maximize unrefrigerated shelf life. For packaged breads that we expect to consume within 1 week we store them in a 60*F cellar. For longer periods we freeze and then toast just prior to consuming.

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My mom used to keep her bread in the fridge. It keeps it from getting moldy, but I don't like cold bread, so I keep mine on the counter or in the freezer.
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I can easily get 2-3 weeks out of packaged loaf bread resting on a shelf, but breads I make myself or buy from the store bakery I am lucky to get 5 days out of it without it turning moldy on the same shelf.
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Thanks for your reply :) yes, its all standard packaged uk supermarket bought bread I buy here, the well known brands and not the supermarkets own, although Im sure the quality difference and longevity isnt massive. I sometimes freeze it myself too if buying more than one loaf. I often hear that I should keep all bread in a cool, dry place, but not in a refrigerator (as it becomes too moist, and being too cold increases moisture and hardens the bread). I usually think of the term 'cool and dry' to be opposing, but Im sure moisture would only apply under a very low temperature). From my past experience however, it would seem that room temperature bread lasts the longest (and stays the softest). The refrigerator fares pretty well to and comes in second, surprisingly enough-lasts almost as long, although is slightly harder. Bread in the small low cupboard I have here in the kitchen however, seems to be the worst of all, which I dont understand. On the worst and most current occassion-fresh just bought bread can go off in just a couple of days ..the temperature isnt as cool as the fridge, its almost the same as the room, its in a dark place, and is tightly wrapped. I dont know why the room temp often fares much better than the cupboard with bread lastability-I should buy 3 loaves of the same brand and date and run a proper test for all locations, lol
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I keep packaged bread out in the kitchen for no more than a week then toss it into the freezer and take out two slices at a time.

I toss it in the toaster oven and get two perfectly toasted slices for a sandwich. If I want untoasted bread, I wrap the slices in a paper towel and microwave for about 20-30 seconds for a fresh bread texture.
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yeah, it doesnt last long, but it usually gets used up pretty fast. I dont know why its its getting stale much quicker in a cool cupboard rather than a cool fridge. 2 days kept in a cupboard from purchase date is rather fast :( thanks :)
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Living alone, I have to keep my breads in the freezer or fridge, especially because I like having several kinds available. I might leave Rye bread out for a few days first, as it doesn't last long.

I toast or warm frozen bread like Andy does.

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I love the Big Bang Theory. One of the segments I watched this week had Jim Parsons' character telling the Penny character why one doesn't keep bread in the fridge--something about the moisture and, gosh, had I known this thread was going to come up, I would've jotted the reason down and checked at Google U to find out if it was the truth or an urban myth. Homemade bread doesn't stick around long enough for me to worry about it! Day or two-day old bread is the chickens training treat. What I do at my folks, because it is the two of them, is that when they buy bread, I split the loaves into 2 zippies so that they can take 1/2 loaf out of the freezer at a time. A friend who lives alone divides the loaves between 4 zippies.
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Missed that episode. Love BBT too!

We keep ours in the freezer as well, always toast it. Didn't even think about the nuke factor for fresh tasting, good idea, Andy and Zhizara!

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