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Old 10-27-2008, 03:35 PM   #1
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Acne - A Touchy Subject

Admitting that I have and deal with acne is very embarrasing for me to discuss or even say that I have it.

I have dealt with it for years. Oddly enough, I did not start getting acne till around 17 or 18. At that point, it came on with such a fierceness that it actually kept me from having a social life. I had tried everything in the book, doctors, antibiotics, topical cremes, etc... to no avail. Antibiotics worked for a while, but after 6 months on one type of antibiotic, it was time to change to a new one since my body had developed a resistance to it. More doctors, more dermatologists, more cremes, more this, more that.... still no end in sight to my acne plight.

Got off the antibiotics... pills are not for me, medication is not for me. Here I am taking my first steps into 40ism and the only thing I have found to work for me is Proactive. (This is no means an advertisement for them... just what I have found to work for me.) I have been using it over a year now and have had pretty decent results. The only drawbacks is that the solutions they send you tend to bleach out stuff. My pillow cases for my 800 count Egyptian cotton sheets are now riddled with white spots. Any towel I use to dry my face went from beautiful blue to white. And, my face is dry, I can't seem to get it mosturized enough. But... I have minimal breakouts and I'm thankful for it.

I have often wanted to try other treatments... specially something that is more natural. But since I have found something that 'works', I'm somewhat reluctant to try.

I know this is a touchy and somewhat embarrasing subject for some, so I understand if you choose not the share your experiences. But I do wonder who here has dealt with it and what worked for you. (I'm still hoping I will grow out of this!!!!)

For those of you that never has had to deal with acne... you are blessed, it is not to say that your life is perfect, but understanding the courage one has to build up to face the world each day looking like you do. I know there were days I would not leave the house. I even use to put make-up on in as dim as light possible so I would not see the blemishes. I can't count the hours I spent looking in the mirror crying wondering "Why me???"

Sorry this got so long... not like me to type a novel, but please, if you are willing to share, I would love to know what you are doing/have done to over come it.


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Old 10-27-2008, 03:39 PM   #2
Sous Chef
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No acne.

I would say go ahead and try something new, you can always switch back. Another idea is to try out different skin moisturizers, maybe there is something out there that will not make your skin dry out so much.

Good luck!

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Old 10-27-2008, 03:57 PM   #3
Head Chef
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I have not had to deal with it, my stepdaughter has. It seems as serious as you are talking about.

She used Acutane (sp). There were some bad side effects. If this si something you would consider PM me and I can point you to her blog on the subject. If not, it is another to avoid.


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Old 10-27-2008, 04:13 PM   #4
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I can feel your pain Sattie! I had it all through school from the time I hit puberty until I was out of high school. I was on many different types of meds prescribed by dermatologist. The only one that somewhat worked was RetinA (I think). All I remember was that it was a white cream and I think it was 5% compared to the .5% that was being sold over the counter at the time. You had to be careful with it because it could cause burns. This was quite a few years ago so I am sure they have come out with many other things since then. I found that the only thing that really worked though was just time, and that will not help everyone. I was lucky that my problem just went away at some point. I hope the same happens for you!
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Old 10-27-2008, 04:24 PM   #5
Master Chef
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GB... I kept thinking mine would go away.... 25 years later, guess what? I have to say it is not as bad as it has, but still a pain to deal with.

Adillo... I have considered Accutane, but I have been told that my acne was not sever enough. And after reading about the side effects, I am very reluctant to try it. That may be a last ditch effort for me if I get tired of using what I am using now.
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Old 10-27-2008, 04:30 PM   #6
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Sattie, I'm not known for being very articulate, or mushy, but I want to say a few things. Maybe my thoughts come from age, or just good genes, or a very wonderful and wise and sensative mother, but I want to tell you some things my mother taught me.....

#1. GOD doesn't make garbage! PERIOD!

#2. When I was about 7 (1962) I saw a young boy, much older than me, probably about 12 or 13, that had burns, scars and peely skin on most of his face and arms, his chest (he was wearing a button down shirt and the top part of his chest showed) was all scarred too. He was missing the tops of his fingers on his right hand to the middle joint and the rest of his hand was all crooked. He was mostly bald with soft whisps of hair among scar tissue.
Ears, forget about it. Just holes. But he was with a woman in the same lucheonette we were eating at and doing the best he could to eat his lunch without drawing attention. It wasn't a pretty sight.
I was in shock & in amazement all at the same time. I couldn't help saying, "Ma, ma LOOK!", in a very loud whisper. "Ma" explained he was a boy who was in a house fire, lost his family and was being raised by extended family. Pointed out how lucky he was to be alive and how much pain he must be in emotionally and physically. If anything, be his friend and ally. NO ONE would wish for what he had been through. And asked if I would want that for myself?
Saddie, that was my check. No one wants any illness. They don't choose this. That poor boy. What he must have gone through.
What makes you a good person is what is going on inside. Because of, inspite of, whatever.
I hope the doctors, researchers can find something for you to help your exterior. I really do. But don't let it ruin the good in you.
None of us knew what you looked like. We still like you. Anyone who would change that after seeing you just doesn't need to be here. PERIOD!

(Thanks, ma!)
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Old 10-27-2008, 04:33 PM   #7
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One of my best friends suffered from acne for many years until he turned vegetarian. It cleared up in a few short months.
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Old 10-27-2008, 04:56 PM   #8
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While I never have had an acne problem, I had friends who did..Funny thing was I never noticed it..People are people, acne, no acne you're still beautiful.
I know it 's awful for you to look in the mirror and try to hide what you see. I sometimes just sit and cry at what has happened to my face after my kidney's failed...Where there were no lines, now there are all kinds and I look like someone else...It was quite a shock coming home from the hospital where they refused to give me a mirror and seeing myself, I cried..I moaned and wined..Til one certain little boy came and sat on my lap and said Ma, I love you and I always will, please don't cry, cuz at least you are here with me and I don't care if you have some lines in your face, it's still my Ma's face and I love it.What can you answer to that? You dig in and decide, hide or say to heck with it and live life each day glad that you are you...Look around for a good moisturizer, try all kinds, I find an oive oil liquid on top of my make up gives ma some shine, but makes it look as if my skin is alive.
sattie, I'm glad you're you, you be glad to

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Old 10-27-2008, 05:21 PM   #9
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Sattie, I had really bad skin when I was younger that was caused by birth control pills as soon as I got off of them it went away. I have heard that too much iodine in your diet can aggravate it, you find iodine in seafood and any kind of salty types of food. I have also heard that taking zinc supplements can help clear things up. Maybe adding some foods and avoiding other foods to your diet can help out. I know how you feel it's makes one so self concience it's hard to handle sometimes. I'm glad you brought it up because maybe someone here has an answer for you.
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Old 10-27-2008, 06:17 PM   #10
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Oh geez. I did forget something/someone.
James Woods. One of my favorite actors. Now no one can tell me he's a hunk by looks. But his talant/chutzpah and personality catch my attention every time.

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