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Originally Posted by CWS4322 View Post
Watch Walmart for frame sales. I got 3 pairs of prescription glasses plus the eye exam for $400 (MN). In Canada, one pair of glasses would have been $400 and the eye exam in Ontario $80. The purple frames for my prescription sunglasses were on sale for $18. Without vision insurance coverage, I have to pay for this myself. It was the best deal I could find.
Frames are cheap...it's the lenses that cost money and mine are NOT cheap.

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Originally Posted by artofcooking View Post
So, I wear a tie to work daily.
I own a green frame which matches well with brown.
However, I was thinking of getting a black frame for my other colors.

Would it be weird to swap frames day by day?
Nope .. not at all. If you have them, use them !! I wish I had more than 1 pair - well other than sunglasses. It would be fun to be able to switch them out .. go for it !!

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Originally Posted by PrincessFiona60 View Post
Frames are cheap...it's the lenses that cost money and mine are NOT cheap.
My lenses aren't cheap either. For my sunglasses (which I probably wear more than the other two pairs), the lenses were $120. So the pair came to $138. The same pair with a comparable frame would've been over $500 in Canada. Srs are having a hard time getting new glasses here because of the price of lenses. That is why I recommend they go to Walmart in NY to get their glasses. I went with single lenses instead of bifocals. I have driving glasses and reading glasses. That saved me a bundle. I just have to switch glasses. And, my vision is such that I don't need glasses for driving (legally). I prefer to wear glasses when I drive, however, because of my night blindness and distance issues.
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Originally Posted by PrincessFiona60 View Post
Frames are cheap...it's the lenses that cost money and mine are NOT cheap.
Before surgery, each of my lens cost more than $300. Then add that I got Transitional $60. And the cost of the frames. $90. Fortunately, I only had to pay for the Transitional part. That is for my infinity lens.

There is also my reading glasses. I can not do the bifocal thing. I fell down a flight of stairs because I didn't see the steps right. And I need them for the computer. Two pairs of glasses every time I needed a change in my prescription. No cost there for me. So I get really nice frames for them. If I find a frame that fits me really good and I like them, I am known for having just new lens done. Which I am about to do again. I have my script to go get two new pairs.

The eye surgeon heard me when I said I wanted to still wear glasses. So I will be getting a minimal strength lens for infinity. I will be using a frame that I love. Fits me perfectly and is very comfortable. I do have to get a new pair for reading.

Figure, I needed new glasses about every 18 months. I have been wearing glasses since I was five y.o. I am now 74 y.o. Can you imagine the cost over the years? I have never had to pay for a pair. Just any extras I might want. Like the Transitional lens.
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I'm lucky in that I can get away with just "readers"... of course they're at a 2.0, but at least I can buy them anywhere for about $10-$20 per pair. Because of that I have about 8 pairs, all different colors. I switch them out each day, depending on what I'm wearing, since I wear them 8 hours a day at work. Still looking for hot pink though!
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Lucky for me I can barely see with my glasses so I don't know if they match my outfit lol!
"I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass."

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It's always a good idea to have an extra pair of glasses in case you break your primary pair. Why not play with styles and colors. Life is short.
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Thanks all! I think I'll buy multiple frames.

Do note you can get prescription glasses VERY inexpensively online.
One site is eyebuydirect.com; another is zennioptical.com . Do an online search for more sites.

I mean like 4 standard frames for $45!!
I am going to order online soon.
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I used to wear titanium frames but since i prefer cable temples I've been wearing gray Titmus frames for the past 10+ years. I'd like to go back to the pink frames that I wore 55-60 year ago but they seem to no longer be available. As you might suspect my eyewear is more of a question of eye protection and vision correction than of a fashion statement.
If I were into timeless 'fashion' I'd spring for rimless pince-nez spectacles.
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No, glasses are not a "fashion accessory" for me. I have severe, really severe astigmatism. Even getting up in the middle of the night to pee has resulted in injury (yes, missing the door). I've had optometrists grin with glee. "A challenge! I love a challenge!). Because I've had other optical problems, I need a relationship with my optometrist, one who has a connection with an opthamologist. But when we were more flush, and I worked 40+ hours a week, I did have a glasses "wardrobe". Now I'm down to one pair (neutral color frames), which is really stupid of me to do. I think somewhere around here I have one pair of my old prescription. Hey, guess what? I'll never find if if these glasses are destroyed!

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