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Old 05-26-2008, 07:02 AM   #21
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Okay, you can pass on the right on a multi-lane road...if you're a jerk (or following one)! That's the one I got wrong.

A slightly more regional take might look like this:

Michigan Safe Divers Test

When a tire suddenly blows out at highway speeds due to collision with a pothole, you should:
a. Firmly grasp the steering wheel and maneuver out of the lane of traffic.
b. Come to a complete stop in the lane of traffic to inspect the damage.
c. Pop your now-loose fillings back in and curse the governor for not fixing the roads.

Following too closely is dangerous because:
a. It frustrates the driver in front of you.
b. It frustrates the driver in front of you, and you may be in Detroit.
c. It leaves you unable to adequately see potholes ahead of you.

A safe following distance is:
a. 2 seconds.
b. 5 seconds.
c. 10 potholes.

A pedestrian is crossing the street ahead of you but not in a crosswalk. You should:

a. Utilize puddles to splash pedestrian.
b. Come to a complete stop and let the pedestrian cross.
c. Recognize that the pedestrian is a deer.

When driving in adverse conditions, the proper speed is:
a. 55 mph.
b. 65 mph.
c. I can drive in this weather. I've lived in Michigan all my liiiiiiiife. *CRASH* Hello, Mr. Tree.

A flashing red signal means:
a. A cell tower has fallen into the roadway during an ice storm.
b. Traffic light malfunction, proceed at will.
c. The same as a flashing yellow signal.

A flashing yellow signal means:
a. Nothing.
b. Nothing.
c. Nothing.

When making a turn, a driver should start to signal:
a. When a cop's behind him or her.
b. Halfway through the turn.
c. Only by accident when juggling his or her coffee cup and cellphone.

A driver may leave the road to pass on the shoulder:
a. If his lift kit is greater than four inches.
b. If his or vehicle is a designated ORV (e.g. 2001 Ford Escort).
c. Because the shoulder has fewer potholes than the road surface.

When merging onto a freeway:
a. Assert your dominance by gunning your engine and squeezing between two cars when there's a perfectly good spot behind those cars.
b. Destroy all motorcycles.
c. Immediately change to the left lane and slow down.

Fog lights should only be used:
a. In fog.
b. In snow or rain storms.
c. At car shows.

A solid yellow light means:
a. Floor it!
b. Stop if it is safe, officer.
c. Cram as many cars as possible into the intersection.

It is raining and your car is the same color as wet asphalt. You should:
a. Not spoil your car's chameleon-like camouflage by turning on your lights.
b. Complain about the weather in Michigan.
c. Engage the emerg...LOOK OUT FOR THAT POTHOLE!

To avoid hydroplaning:
a. Go fly fishing.

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Old 05-26-2008, 10:02 AM   #22
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I missed 4 - thought I was smarter!

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Old 05-26-2008, 10:41 AM   #23
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I AM a smart driver! 20 of 20!
Although I learned 200 feet before a turn to put on turn signal, not 100 feet.
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Old 05-26-2008, 11:18 AM   #24
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DrT, you had me in stitches for quite awhile with that! It is amazing the number of potholes that have sprung up around here after the winter... uggg.

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