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Old 12-21-2006, 10:31 PM   #1
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Aside from cooking, what will you be doing for Christmas?

Almost all of us have talked about what we'll be cooking but how will you be spending this upcoming holiday?

On Christmas eve, we'll probably decorate the tree. With these kids, it's best not to have the xmas tree up for longer than a couple days. That night I'll be making hearts of romaine with a maytag bleu cheese dressing (it will be delicious! there are about 15 things in that dressing-buttermilk, goat cheese, oj, mint, basil-to name a few ingredients), chile kahlua pecans and sliced pear.

After the kids are down, I'll put the gifts out and head to bed (easier said than done).

The next morning, Aidan will probably start opening presents before waking us up. Then I'll make dutch babies for breakfast. We'll spend the day at home and I'll cook a great meal (hopefully). Then we'll stuff ourselves silly! Go for a walk and come back home to eat dessert.

The following day, I'm gonna make green chile stew with the leftover pork. That will be tasty tasty!


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Christmas Eve I'll prepare some of the dishes for Christmas Dinner. Later we'll all find a comfortable spot and settle in to watch movies, all the while stuffing our face with appetizers I'll make. We each open 1 gift.

Christmas morning we'll be woken by our youngest and we'll all get up and open our presents. I'll start in preparing dinner. After we eat I'll sit down an watch "The Homecoming" (The Waltons). Not sure if I'll be able to talk anyone into watching it with me though. This was something my mom and I always did together. We'll eat way too much off and on throughout the day and nap here and there.

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Old 12-22-2006, 04:11 AM   #3
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I will be attending midnight mass at the catholic church on Christmas Eve. The choir will be singing nice Christmas hymns and then to the orthodox mass in the early morning of Christmas Day at the church near the family home. Then it's breakfast with Christopsomo and fruit cake followed by a sumptuous lunch prepared by mil with yours truly chipping in to help. All desserts such as traditional bread, cookies, cakes etc to be given as gifts for relatives and friends as well as for consumption during the big feast are undertaken by me. I have done most of the baking except for the bread and the yule log cake which I will leave till the end. A close family friend will be spending his holidays with us so we will be kept busy entertaining him and spending some time with him. Of course there will be the usual exchange of presents which is done on new year's day but we have decided to do it on Christmas instead. New Year's Day is St Basil to the Greeks which is Santa Claus to the rest of the world.
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Old 12-22-2006, 01:22 PM   #4
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DS and DIL will fly up from FL on Saturday. They'll spend Christmas Eve at her parents' place in North Jersey, culminating in a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner. DW and I will go to 9:00 AM Christmas Eve mass and a 4:00 PM Christmas children's service. DS and DIL will drive down to the Jersey Shore on Monday morning to celebrate Christmas Day with us. We don't know how hungry they'll be so we have several easy-to-fix choices on tap. Breakfast on Tuesday will be at a local café that we all like and then they're off to the airport. If the weather cooperates, DW and I will drive down to Long Beach Island for our traditional walk on the beach.
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Old 12-22-2006, 04:32 PM   #5
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Our son and his family are coming in tonight or tomorrow so we are very excited about that. I've already made several goodies and bought cookie mixes for the kids to do with me. I even bought some of the cookies that are just taken apart and baked for the 3 yr old. He will probably eat the dough. We have services Sunday morning, Christmas Eve, but no candlelight service this year. I will really miss that. We are also having brunch at church, but I don't think we will stay for that. It could be messy with 4 children. Our grandson who is at his father's for Christmas called us today and that was really sweet. He was helping his other grandmother make cookies. He sounded a bit lonesome. This Christmas will be a bit lonesome for his mother, but she will probably be here most of the time so we will try to keep her happy. I'm going to look now for a recipe for peppermint bark. I've never made it, but hear it isn't too hard to manage.
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Old 12-22-2006, 04:34 PM   #6
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Shopping, to accommodate a shopaholic SIL. The woman lives in Tennessee and knows how to get to every mall in my area.

I'd rather sit on the couch in my comfy pants and watch "Love Actually" and "White Christmas" and down a couple gallons of eggnog. Maybe go get some discounted cards and wrappping paper later.

Dear kid sister is coming up from VA Bch on the 27th with my nephews to spend the night. We will probably go out to see the Festival of Lights - a drive-through Christmas light extravaganza they put on every year in a local park.
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Old 12-22-2006, 04:52 PM   #7
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It'll just be Buck and me...and all our kitty cats. We don't open gifts on Christmas Eve. Save that for Christmas morning. Christmas Eve will be quiet. Probably watch some television. I've already done most of what needs to be done for Christmas dinner so I can just slide easily into Christmas day.

I've planned a nice breakfast bread pudding for Christmas morning from Emeril that we'll have before retiring to the family room for present opening. We have refined the "art" of opening gifts on Christmas morning and have been known to take 3 hours to open goodies for just the two of us. Of course, it doesn't hurt that, while we open our packages, we're sipping bourbon and ginger ale. A local radio station always plays uninterrupted Christmas music from Christmas Eve through late Christmas morning, so we have that on softly. I may not even get out of my jammies all day.

When it's all said and done, the floor is covered with torn paper, snarls of ribbons and boxes filled with cats claiming a spot of their own. They get gifts, too, but I think they enjoy the boxes and paper more. A whole lot like children.

Sometime during the day there'll be several phone calls from our children and grandchildren, which rounds out an always wonderful holiday. I'm like a child when it comes to Christmas. I love it and can't wait to see what Santa has for me. I don't have much longer to wait.
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Old 12-22-2006, 05:06 PM   #8
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What a nice thread!

Christmas eve as per Italian tradition is usually bigger than christmas day. I've got guests coming for dinner: Lou ( my boyfriend), Mark & Coco (my kids), Ivan and Blair (my husband and his girlfriend), Neil & Gordon (her husband and his boyfriend) Kenneth (girlfriend/husband's son) and Dr. Dave. (friend). We have cheese and breads with eggnog in the parlor before dinner. Dinner is about 4 courses. After dinner, or during a dinner break we'll probably open gifts with those we won't see the next day. Then, more dinner.

Lou and I really enjoy taking a walk after dinner to look at all the christmas lights. (it also gives others the opportunity to clean my kitchen)

I have Lou with me till after breakfast on Christmas morning. Then he has to get back home to celebrate with his own kids. My kids and I will visit at the girlfriends home for Christmas dinner.

More eating, more drinking.
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I will be doing no cooking... just eating...
I am going to my Mom's house for dinner...

but i will be doing a small casual dinner Christmas eve...
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Old 12-22-2006, 05:28 PM   #10
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Everyone will be coming to our house on Christmas eve. We will have kind of a potluck supper. I am having a large crockpot of turkey and dressing for sandwiches and another crockpot full of potato soup. Wrapping smokies with bacon and cooking them in the oven for an appetizer. My daugher and all of my daughter-in-laws are also bringing dishes to pass.Will be lots of desserts and treats. Should be fun. Afterwards we will open our gifts. I get up early on Christmas day and go to 6:30 mass. After that I'll come home and clean up the house before we go to our son David's home for Christmas brunch. It's all great but I am still sad that our oldest son Dan won't be able to be with us. I am sure that you understand how I feel. God Bless you all and Merry Christmas.

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