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Old 07-24-2008, 09:46 AM   #1
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I may have told all of you about my one dog, Bogie. I got him from a young girl who was getting married and had to give him up for free. Thankfully, I got him and was first dog I got since my ex husband did not want any dogs. My mother had been with me otherwise I would have passed him up. I guess she figured she would take him if my ex caused too much trouble. However, as time progressed my ex did take to the dog, who wouldn't? When we went to put him down, due to a neighbor telling me it was cruel to let a blind dog wander around the yard like he did. I won't forget that. Have many dogs later that were deaf blind etc. Dogs are like humans they develop physical problems. As long as t hey don't bite or run off you have to deal with what they get, my opinion. My ex stayed in the room with the dog for more than 45 minutes crying cause we had to put him down. The vet told me to just let him be not to make him leave. This really bothered me as he didn't even want the dog and now he was more upset than I was over having to give him up.

However, I have to care for my disabled brother daily. On the way to his house i once heard a bark that sounded so familiar. Every day I go by there and when the dog is out he barks like crazy. One time the owner was outside and I spoke to him about his dog as it was schnauzer like mine was. He told me the name was Bogie! This alone was surprise and I st arted to look for the dog when I pass. Now when the dog is outside he starts barking when I drive by. I asked the owner who was outside, does he bark at all the cars that drive by as the street is fairly busy. He said no. I told him about him barking when I come by and he had no explanation. You think maybe the dog knows I am thinking of him and lets me know by barking? This is so odd as it is like having a friend who you wave to when you pass. I hope the dog stays well and will always be there till time changes my path. I act ually look forward to driving by there just to see if I can see him. Hope the owner doesn't get annoyed at this. I love this little dog simply because of his name. I guess I am only concerned whether dogs will always accept me. I know people sure seem to have resentment. I figure only due to the change in the economy. Dogs are really a gift. We can learn from them how we should be. Unconditional love, is what everyone says.

Just wanted to share a sweet part of my life.


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Dogs are unconditional love and we can learn so much from them in that aspect. They love us no matter shape, nor size, nor economic status, none of that matters. I guess that is why I too love them so much and love sharing my life with them.

Thanks for sharing your happiness with us... I love making friends as I go and I do hope the owner of Bogie finds it more of a blessing than a annoyance to come by and visit!!!!

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The spirit of Bogie lives on....that's a great story ITK!!!!

"Count yourself...you ain't so many" - quote from Buck's Daddy
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If only I had known that taking care and training a dog is much more satisfying than having children, I would had choosen not to have children. I love my 4 kids to bits but sometimes they drive me up the wall. But then, oi! they grew up and I moved away. One more child to go...another three years. I love my dog best.
Tucker's Mum aka Cooper's Mom

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Old 07-24-2008, 11:24 AM   #5
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so very grateful

I am so very grateful I can share my life with all of you! That you feel the same way. Somehow a dog story always touches the ones that seem to love the most. thanks for telling me you know the feeling. I am grateful that i can be aware of this as there are times when I don't notice these things. i believe these things happen for specific purpose.

Today, I am so confused about the time in my life. My dogs seem to stick closer to me than my family. I just can't figure why these last pups I go from stray rescue, won't even let me go to the bathroom with them in there. I do like privacy instead of having them 'watch' me. Do they think I will leave from the window? I do know and believe that I will get to see all my past friends.

I appreciate your time and thoughts. Hope your dog gets feeling better too kitchenelf. Can't get that picture out of my mind. Makes things seem so much better when a picture is attached. My thoughts and prayers are with your precious one and please let us know how things go.

Coopersmom: I couldn't agree more. I feel this way about my marriage to my ex. Someone who didn't like dogs should have been a warning. Dogs are like a medicine that affects your soul.

My niece who is in rescue group has only 11 dogs left. All the dogs are considered seniors, ones that people give up due to age and physical afflictions. She told me today she let a couple adopt her two 15 years old sisters. After three months, they are dead. Her husband has told her these last dogs they have will just have to live there at their house. No more adoptions. Dogs were completely healthy except for arthritis. I personally don't know how she does what she does. her dad, my brother said, our whole family is little nuts. he includes himself.
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What a nice story. It's also nice that your niece is taking care of the older dogs that nobody wants.

Really, though, I'm just glad we're off the TOES already!JK

It sounds like the neighbor dog has a taken a liking to you for one reason or another. Whatever the reason, sounds like you have a real gift when it comes to loving and being loved. I wish you much more love in your life and after .

Thanks for the nice story.
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Old 07-24-2008, 12:47 PM   #7
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Aren't you the best, JillBurgh! Never have I heard these kinds of comments from my friends or family. They just never express this kind of feeling. I do tell them how I feel but so odd that I never hear kind words in between. I know they care somewhat but sure not expressive about it. Maybe this site has a deeper concern than just eating? I feel like I express my thoughts more to the people here than anyone else. If my mom were around she would know what to say.

Yea, Jill about my toes. The toe doctor's nurse just called and said I should take care of the swallowing problem first an then call to reschedule this toe business. Am I thankful she didn't say I had to pay for appointment I could not keep. All the offices I see even the vet says 24 hour notice is expected if appointment cannot be kept. How does one know if they will even be here for appointment? Thank you for your thoughts about these toes. At least , now I have this as reference when I do have it done. My brother is glad I will be around to help him. He did not like the idea of me not being able to help out. I can't blame him I would feel same way if I wasn't physically able to do everything. Just good thing he can go to bathroom without any assistance. Don't you think if he could exercise some he would be more able to do different things? I know that is why I keep exercising. No one wants to take my place if I can't do it.

I bet this got to be kind of a laugh about someone being so concerned about their toes! No one told me or maybe didn't admit about not having nails. They all acted like I was some kind of oddity that I had to go through this. At least some of you already knew about someone having this done. Thanks for encouragement. As I said, I open up more to you people than ones I live with and know. Thanks again.
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Great story! Reminds me of a beagle my grandpa used to have, his name was Boogie :) Yes, like Booger.. but with eeeee!
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Originally Posted by In the Kitchen View Post
As I said, I open up more to you people than ones I live with and know. Thanks again.
Yeah I know what you mean! Happy to listen and help when we can.
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i too had a bogie. beautiful german shepard. i was in another state. he was with my kids here. he attacked one of my daughter's goats and killed it. she took him to the pound and had him put to sleep. i still have not forgiven her for that. goat was not supposed to be out if dog was.


"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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