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Old 03-03-2007, 05:16 PM   #11
DC's Angel
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Kentucky. Four million people and five last names!

If we weren't meant to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?
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Senior Cook
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Texas ... (in no particular order)

1. Largest State in continental US.
2. (I hate this one ...) Home of the Longhorns, Aggies, and (my daughter's fave) the Cowboys.
3. Austin is the "Music Capital of the World".
4. Is known for good BBQ (esp. BEEF).
5. Lots of agricutural and natural products (like oil) are grown/found here.
6. Home to largest military instillation (Army post).
7. Kicked Mexico's butt at the Alamo. (hehee ...)
8. Has beautiful scenery all over the state, esp when bluebonnets (state flower) are in bloom.
9. Dell was started here.
10. And for you artsy-types ... SXSW in Austin.

Chef R
Life is too short not to enjoy good food.
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Old 03-03-2007, 07:30 PM   #13
DC Grandma
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Renee needs to add another...The bugs are huge !! the Roaches are larger than a Hummingbird!! LOL
May I always be the person my dog thinks I am.

Walk towards the Sunshine and the Shadows will fall behind you!
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Old 03-04-2007, 02:12 AM   #14
Master Chef
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The main thing I can say about Illinois, my latest and dearest home (I've lived in so many and call them all home) is that it is flat-out beautiful. OK, that's one. But I think the main reason to live in the US Midwest (Damp, I think you can verify this) is that the very, very nicest people in the country live in the American Midwest. I've been everywhere, man (isn't there a song like that?)(haha), but the people in the Midwest are without a doubt simply the nicest people in the world. I guess there are some who like the attitude you get in the rest of the country. But you can walk into many towns around here and find yourself invited to dinner. So for rural Illinois (please don't judge by the Chicago metropolitan area ... don't get me wrong, you get great food and great people there) I'd say that the people is the best thing.
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Old 03-04-2007, 10:02 AM   #15
Chef Extraordinaire
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First State to have a “change of heart” 1st Heart Transplant, 1st Lung transplant and 1st Kidney transplant by Dr. James Hardy U. Medical Center, Jackson.

The USA International Ballet Competition is held in Jackson every four years.

Coke was first bottled in Vicksburg.

First Can of Condensed Milk by Gail Borden

A Few Famous Author: Richard Wright, William Faulkner, Shelby Foote, John Grisham, Willie Morris, Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, and Zig Ziglar.

The World Largest Auto Plant...Nissan. Central Mississippi

Catfish Capitol of the World, Belzoni, Ms.

Barg’s Root Beer invented in Biloxi Ms.

Blues created in the Mississippi Delta…John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddly, Muddy Waters and the World famous B. B. King.

Sweet Potato Capitol of the World, Vardaman, Ms

We all wear shoes. Some wear Cleats, Brett Favre, Walter Peyton, Jerry Rice, Steve McNair.

One small town in Mississippi sent more men to war during WWII proportionally than any town or city in the nation. My daddy was one of them!

A few folks you may have heard of: Leontyne Price (Opera) Jimmy Buffett, Jim Henson(.Creator of “Kermit the Frog”) Oprah Winfrey, Elvis Presley, Jimmie Rogers ((Father of Country music) James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader) Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty (“Hello Darlin”) Charlie Pride, Sela Ward, Faith Hill.

More Black elected officials than any state in the Union. (2000 Census)

The National Geographic magazine is printed in Corinth Mississippi.

Has the world longest man made beach. 26 miles (What’s left of it after Katrina)

Pine Sol is only produced In Mississippi.

The Teddy Bear’s name originated after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refused to shoot an exhausted and lame bear in the Mississippi Delta. News spread across the country and a (NY) merchant capitalized on the publicity by creating a stuffed bear. He called it a Teddy Bear.

State Tree: Magnolia
State Flower: Magnolia Blossom
State Bird. Mockingbird.
State Nickname: The Magnolia State.

The home State of Uncle Bob!!
There is only one Quality worse than Hardness of Heart, and that is Softness of Head.

Kool-Aid...Think Before You Drink
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Old 03-04-2007, 11:05 AM   #16
Head Chef
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Indiana: In no particular Order:

Home of the Indianapolis 500, and the first long-distance auto race held in the US.

First professional baseball game was played in Fort Wayne.

1972 Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz came from IU, and won 7 gold medals that year. His record is still unbroken.

Home of Van Camp's Pork and Beans.

Indiana is home to one of the largest and highest quality limestome deposits on Earth. The empire state building, the Pentagon, the US TReasury, and 14 other state capitols are built from Indiana Limestone.

Home of Parke County, th covered bridge capital of the world.

The Crossroads of America is Indiana nickname, and has more US highways passing through it than any other state.

The home of David Letterman and James Dean.

Santa Claus, Indiana, recieves more than 1/2 a million letters every Christmas season containing wish lists and requests from youngsters.

We don't really have much.. unless your idea of a good time eating canned pork and beans while touring our limestone quarries and covered bridges.

I say Indiana's best qualities are that it's next to Illinois and Michigan :D
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Old 03-04-2007, 11:39 AM   #17
Executive Chef
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in that case, Rather than my Great Country, I`ll Localise my Bragging to my area :)

1, BBC - Black Country Uncovered - What and where is the Black Country?
2, - Black Country Living Museum
3, Black Country Tourism
4, Black Country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5, Brummie and Black Country dialect, slang words and phrases (our Language)
6, Black Country Pages
7, Black Country Bugle - The Voice of the Black Country (our news paper)
8, Tipton Dudley Black Country West Midlands Yampy News & Goings On (Tipton`s my Home town)
9, Tipton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
10, William Perry (boxer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (the Fountain is less than 20 seconds walk away from my house).

I could easily continue :)
Katherine Snow. xx
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Old 03-04-2007, 12:12 PM   #18
Head Chef
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Well, the sign on the Wikipedia entry could easily have been said by my grandfather, and he was from deepest Devon. Wonder if wandering tin miners from Cornwall had anything to do with it?
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Old 03-04-2007, 12:27 PM   #19
Master Chef
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First of all, some of you all have left out what I like best about YOUR states:

Florida...the lovely warm waters of the Gulf, beautiful beaches, and fantastic seafood. And yes, those palmetto bugs are the largest cockroaches I've ever seen.

Texas...the friendliest, most fun-loving people I've ever been around...and that Big Sky! On a clear night, you can see a billion stars.

North Carolina...the Pisgah National Forest is one of the most beautiful places I've been, and the people in Brevard treat you like family.

Now, for my home state, Southern Illinois (Chicago is another state, as far as we hillbillies are concerned)...

*Illinois really is a beautiful state, from the rich black dirt of the prairies, abundant with fields of golden corn, to the forests and foothills of the Ozarks, down south.
*We're rich in archeological sites. The Clovis People, hunter/gatherer's who crossed the Berring Strait when there was still a land bridge, were here, hunting mastedon, 12,000 years ago.
A mere 8,000 years ago, the Mississippians, who learned to grown their own crops, lived in a city of some 20,000 people in an area now called Cahokia Mounds. The people disappeared suddenly...we don't know why...but the mounds are still there.
*Like Iowa and Indiana, we're a huge supplier of corn, hogs and soybeans.
*Illinois has over 54 state parks, along with many other wildlife refuges and state forest.
*If you like variation in your weather, this is the place. I've seen it 20 below, and we've gone 6 weeks without seeing the ground through the ice and snow. But when spring comes, it bursts forth in a glorious celebration of life.
I've also seen it 108 degrees, and the ground so parched and dry that it cracks open. But when the fall rains come, our forests turn to jewel tones of gold, orange, red and burgundy.
*If you like to hunt or fish, we have more wildlife than you can shake a stick at. In some places, the deer gather in herds, like cattle. We have wild turkeys, ducks, pheasants and geese. Our lakes are full of bass, bluegill, catfish, and crappy.
*People here have heart.

There's more, but Kim is calling me for brunch.
We get by with a little help from our friends
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Old 03-04-2007, 12:36 PM   #20
Head Chef
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Constance, it's not that I don't believe you... but a fish called crappy? I take it it's not good to eat...

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