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Originally Posted by Dawgluver View Post
I remember being in London, eons ago, when they opened up the very first McDonald's there. A well dressed gent came out with his Big Mac burger, took one bite, spat it out, and proclaimed that the Americans can have it. Along with a few British expletives.

I had a Wimpy (franchise) burger in London too, nothing to write home about.
I can certainly agree with this assessment!

Uck!! I don't go to these places for meals.

With love,

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Originally Posted by Mad Cook View Post
That wouldn't be difficult over here where the Big Mac burger is a poor, thin thing that tastes of nothing much.

When I see burgers on Triple D my mind boggles. Our burgers look like poor relations of yours.

Don't let Triple D confuse you. The burgers you see are not what you get at a fast food restaurant. Fast food burgers are greasy and don't taste like meat. But we can go to a good restaurant and get a very tasty hamburger.

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Originally Posted by taxlady View Post
But Harvey's | Canada's Best Tasting Burger has better burgers and your choice of nice toppings.
Harvey's is better than McDonald's burgers and probably Burger King. I haven't had a burger from there in a long time. I've never understood the appeal of McDonald's, even as a kid I prefered Burger king. Not big on Wendy's burgers either. Hardy's and A&W aren't bad if you can find one. Currently my favorite is Culver's for a fast food burger. Much better than McD or BK. If I want a real burger though the order of prefernce is my dad's grill, my own kitchen (hubby's burgers), Stella's in Grand Rapids, West Pier in Sault Ste. Marie. Those places have some mighty fine burgers.
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Originally Posted by Addie View Post
Like no one know it is really Thousand Island Dressing. Ooops! Did I let it out of the bag?

There is a reason I order a Jr. Whopper once a year. By the time I get down to the last three bites, I toss it.
Yes Addie we had that figured out as soon as they started to sell them.
We also knew how to make "Thousand Island" dressing. I don't like ketchup, mayo and sweet pickle relish mixed together.

And I am also with you on the food. It sucks big time.
I sometimes in a hurry will get a burger at the drive through and always regret spending any money on it. Even though it was only a dollar.

If i had to pick a fast food place in the US, I guess it would be Subway.
Its not because they are very good, but because i can see them make it and there is one it seems on every corner.
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We have a pizza place that used to have restaurants. Papa Gino's. They made really fresh burgers. Shaped and cooked when you ordered one. Not shaped in a form maker either. Shaped by hand. Just like you made them at home. I got a lot of mis-shapened ones. And you could taste the freshness of the meat.

They closed their restaurants and now concentrate of the quick business of pizza and related items. But their pizzas are very good also.

I remember when the man who started Papa Gino's was just starting out. There was an old abandoned shack for collecting parking fees in the driveway of a barroom. He had just come to this company from Italy and couldn't speak a word of English. So he used that shack to sell Slush during the spring and summer months. Saved his money and opened his first Papa Gino's while still selling the Slush. He did this for a couple of years and finally gave up the Slush business. He wanted his food to taste as good as you got at home. And it does. He is the kind of man that does business on a hand shake. I have a friend that does all his electrical work on that handshake. And has been doing it since he opened the first pizza place.

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