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Originally Posted by jkath
Of course, I see more "celebrity" in the thought of meeting fellow DCers!
So far, I'm at 1 and counting....
Oh, J, you say the sweetest things. Am I really the ONLY one? Let's keep it that way, okay? LOL

I haven't met many 'famous' celebs... but there was this one special night with Stevie Wonder on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain... but I'm sworn to secrecy about that night... oh, wait. Did I just break my promise??? LOL

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Originally Posted by jkath
Probably the most-known I've had contact with is Eddie Van Halen. Back in the 80's, I was helping out backstage at a NAM convention and I literally had to walk him down the stairs, as he was too inebriated. Also there, had conversations with Billy Idol, Jeff Beck, and most big hair bands, such as Ratt and Poison. I remember members of Warrant and Guns N Roses begging my friends and I to come see them play the late shows when we'd hang on the strip in Hollywood. I went to high school with (and had choir with) the guys from Toad the Wet Sprocket. . My sister had many classes in high school with Kathy Ireland, Eric Stoltz, and in her madrigal singing group, one of the 8 girls would always bring her boyfriend to all the get togethers. That was Anthony Edwards. (Tony to all of the kids) I've run my fingers through the mane of John Travolta (when I was a hairdresser), my dad built his screening room too, as well as working on Kenny Loggins' and Jimmy Messina's houses. Actually, he knew all the celebs in our town, but since he never went to movies, he never knew who they were.
We'd see celebs quite often, but never bothered to speak to them, since it was a pretty common occurrance. Although, I will admit, about 10 years ago, when Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid were sitting behind me with their son at "Sesame Street Live", I did have to chat with them at intermission. My h meets up with celebs, as they are at his work often. Recently he spent the afternoon with Ed McMahon. Of course, I wanted to know if he brought him the big check and the balloon bouquet....hee hee......
My son currently goes to school with the child of a very famous rock star. It's very nice to see him driving in his family SUV and waving "bye" each morning.

Of course, I see more "celebrity" in the thought of meeting fellow DCers!
So far, I'm at 1 and counting....
wow jkath!!! and LOL about the big check and balloon bouqet! You said you were in choir with the guys from Toad the wet sproket...Glen Philips included? I've driven him a few times to and from the airport when he has shows in Seattle. Very nice guy.

My former job had me interacting with celebrities (mostly musicians) but some of the most memorable to me where...

Chris Isaak- (I actualy LOVE his music have a lil crush on him, so this was one celeb I was quite nervous to meet and spend time with) I played it cool until one of my collegues spotted us and said "Mr.Isaak you are in good hands, and Nadia is a huge fan!" ha. I wanted to kick her!

John Mayer- Spent some time with him too, very funny and charming guy.

Dave Matthews- I'm also a big fan of his, and was working an event that he was a guest speaker. Afterwards I ran into him in the back hallway and he says "hey weren't you the girl that was out there holding the micraphone for everyone?" I almost fell over that he recognized me later...ha. ran into him a few more times around town over the years.

Brad Pitt- This was about 3-4 years ago. I was running around the back halls at my old job, turned a corner and ran smack into this guy...I look up and see this scruffy guy with a pot leaf on his shirt. It took me a second to realize it was brad pitt. I've never really cared either way about the guy, but I remember a few girls getting sent home that day for following him around.

Omar Vizquel- used to work out at my gym. He is so funny and really friendly, and would always give me a hard time. i used to come in with an Atlanta braves shirt on, and he'd give me crap saying the braves sucked and I should be wearing an indians shirt...I'd then tell him he only wished he was good enough to play for atlanta...ha. good thing he has a great sense of humor and found my jokes funny.

Some other randoms

Metalica - I was scared of Lars at first but he was ok.
Steven Speilberg
James Brown
Peter Buck
Tara Reid
Rob Thomas (his wife is even more gorgous in person)

That's all I can think of right now...

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One of my classmates at San Diego High School was (now deceased) Jose de Vega..He was Chino in West Side Story and was in Blue Hawaii and many TV shows.

We met Raymond Burr at the Club in Korea and a few years later DH's nephew worked for him until his death and then Raymond passed away about a year later. Charles (Charlie ) was his right hand man and was the set decorator (cordinator..sp?) on the Perry Mason films. When Charles died from Hepitus B (blood transfuion) Raymond Burr sent his family one thousend dollers..they used it for his headstone.
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I have seen Marlon Dingle from emmerdale he open a meat store in oswestry.
Karen Macdonald has be to hope house alot she helps out there. and i have meet Judge Jules one of the fave DJs around.
But i would like to meet Darren from hollyoaks and Ben affeck

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