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Originally Posted by mudbug
Only whoever was the youngest drank milk with dinner. The rest of us had water.
Why was that?

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Milk was expensive? Dunno. I've always liked water, though. We didn't have to eat our Cheerios with water.

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As a child whenever we used to visit my maternal grandmother she would always insist on giving us her home remedies for keeping us healthy, (raw radishes, aloe leaves, stuff like that). We kids could never really take the taste of those things. However when she prepared the aloe leaves, grandma would peel the skin off the leaf, blend the fleshy part and then add condensed milk to take away the bitter taste. We used to love the sweet taste of the condensed milk and after eating the aloe we used to like to drink the plain condensed milk right from the can.

Same grandmother would fix us cream of wheat for breakfast with cinnamon sticks. We used to love to suck on the sticks like it was candy.

Another memory was that of my aunt who would always fix us homemade pancakes for breakfast. I always thought they tasted better than pancakes made from store bought mix.

My mom always made the store brand pancakes but sometimes when we were out of syrup she would make a homemade syrup which again I loved so much more than the store bought syrup.

Always loved when mom made cakes and stuff and we got to lick the bowls afterwards.

Lastly this is not what would be considered a normal food memory as kids when we would do arts and crafts at home mom used to make a homemade glue. Somehow I learned that it was made from common edible ingrediants (flour being one) and asked to taste it. Well that became the end of arts and crafts since I started eating the glue instead, don't ask, it had a taste that appealed to me.

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OH, I forgot one! SOS!!!
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I think the fact that we post here

is proof that childhood food memories are still foremost in our culinary thoughts.

I remember that Saturday evening was always steak or lamb chops. Sunday dinner was at 2pm, with macaroni with meatballs & sausage, a roast of some kind, vegetables, and italian pastries for dessert. Then, about 7pm we'd have hot roast sandwiches. During the week, we'd have chicken, pork, fish and more macaroni. By the time Friday came around, the cupboard was bare and we'd either be eating potatoes and eggs, pasta fagioli or peppers and eggs. As you can see, Dad got paid on Friday night, haha.

My mother was the queen of opening a can, say beets or 'french cut green beans' and adding oil and vinegar to it. She baked frozen french fries until the ice crystals melted but you could still taste the cardboard box they came from. She would make dinner in the afternoon and leave it on the counter until dinner time so we could all eat in a clean kitchen. She never understood the concept of letting steak or a roast set for a short time so the juices were reabsorbed into the flesh. She used a serated knife to cut everything.

But she made the best mashed potatoes in the world, and we loved to put some on the fork and then dip that into the corn.
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Uhm, I remember my grandmothers pasties, how anytime we had pasta pesto there was a bowl of red ripe chopped tomatoes to put over the top, my dad and his before McDonalds big burger, cooked in a cast iron skillet with salt, then piled high with tomato, onion, lettuce and bacon, my mom's cakes and pies and her homemade frostings,my grandpas garden where you could pick corn,green beans,red onion, and have a great dinner with them, my aunts anchovie dip,and of course, my girl friend and I eating my dad's avocado dip slathered on french bread and topped with thin sliced salami and our drink of choice, Squirt This was always consumed at my house as her mom, was not to fond of our lunch choice There are so many more that time has chased to the back of my mind..But I'm enjoying this thread and everyones remberances

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I was just thinking about this yesterday, when I stopped at the fruit stand for some peaches.

I grew up outside Chicago, and each year, we would drive down to visit my mom's family down here in Southeast Missouri.

About 10 miles before we got to Grandma's house we came to Pioneer Orchard in Jackson, and we always bought a bushel of peaches fresh off the tree, a big watermelon and a couple of cantaloupes.

Those peaches would sit on the front porch at Grandma's, and we were allowed to eat all we want, and we did. Fruit wasn't something that was in unlimited supply when we were at home, and sometimes the effects of those peaches were . . . drastic. And, at that time, Grandma didn't have indoor plumbing, so we really did get the "backdoor trots" --out the backdoor, across the garden, and into the "little house".

Anyhow, forty some years and many moves later, I feel like I am back home, still buying peaches at the Pioneer Orchard market. They have changed some, from an open shed to an airconditioned building, and they no longer raise all their own fruit, but the peaches are still good.

And I still have to be careful not to make a pig of myself when they come ripe, but, goodness, it is hard to restrain myself.

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