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Old 08-07-2007, 06:12 AM   #1
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Cooking in a heat wave

I have ideas on what to fix when the days are below 80 degrees. But what do you fix when you first wake up and they say it is already 83 degrees? I have this 4lb roast that I am baking right now. I will try to make this last for at least few days, if that. Just hoping I can get it done before temp. reaches 90 outside. They have said going past 100. Everyone hungry and my choices are limited.

What do you normally do when the temp. hot and has gone on for over week? Thanks for ideas.


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we grill a lot. keep the heat outdoors, and the air conditioning indoors.

it was so hot the other day here that even though it only took a few minutes to grill a few small round steaks, peppers, and a mango, i was drenched with sweat by the time i came back into the house. i just stood in front of the a.c. like a zombie, holding the plates of food until dw came by and took them to the table.

we also order take out a little more, if there's an extended heat wave. pizza, chinese, italian, and so on.

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I can identify with that BT....Saturday night rather than fry fish outside on a fish cooker, I opted for inside in this cast iron pan that fits over two gas burners. Had I have cooked outside I would have been totally wet with sweat. Oh this was late afternoon in the shade too.

In the Kitchen I think you are on to something with the roast. Cook something really early or late that will last a couple of days with only minor addtional cooking needed. Say a Boston butt cooked "your way" then cold sides. Green/potato/pasta salads, slaw etc.

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I've been heavily relying on my crock-pot. Doesn't really matter whether we cook inside or outside here. No air-conditioning. We have to cook because the nearest takeout joints are about 30 miles away.
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Old 08-07-2007, 08:45 AM   #5
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No A/c?

Originally Posted by Katie E
I've been heavily relying on my crock-pot. Doesn't really matter whether we cook inside or outside here. No air-conditioning. We have to cook because the nearest takeout joints are about 30 miles away.
Where do you live that you don't need air conditiong? I limit the use of mine as I said bake in the morning. I feel really spoiled when someone says no air conditioning. I remember when I was young (ho ho) all we had was window fan at night but there were times when I wondered if I had slept. The bed was wet from sweat and we just slept in them the next night. Bet you drink lot of water! My brother goes in the basement when it gets too hot. He leaves in an older home with high ceilings do you think that may have reason that his house doesn't get too hot. I have been trying to figure this one out for years. He says he doesn't need a/c either. My other brother said not everyone is alike.

Uncle Bob and Buckytom no one wants to use the grill except when I do it. So I just work around the problem and try to be flexible with the meals. No one likes fish or eggs so my meals are really limited. They ta ke salads to work so they surely don't want them for supper.

buckytom thanks your comments. Hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. I just read an article that claims if you listen to music you like when you leave for work in the morning, it helps you mood entire day. Anything that works to get me moving in the morning I'll try.

I sure wish the hot days were over. Especially when over 100.
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I grill. Large chicken whole center of grill, drip pan underneath, put some lemmon wedges and smashed garlic inside bird, rub outside with a seasoned salt mix, bank coals either side of grill put lid on and let it go for 1 hr to 1 1/2 hr dep on size. almost no need to do anything more to it. comes out juicy and tasty. (I use a kettle grill...weber)

Grill flank steak
grill boneless marinated pork chops or tenderloins.

Slice this meat over over a salad, serve with grilled corn or veggie kababs. Keep it kewl keep it yummy.
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Old 08-07-2007, 08:56 AM   #7
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Smorgosbord type meals we do here, or maybe do a load of chicken wings or thighs, let them cool and fridge them for later.

we tend to lose our appetites anyway when it gets too hot, so prep early is good, and have lots of different things on your plate that you can just take from the fridge.
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Well, I work in a kitchen with poor a/c, and let me tell you, it gets plenty warm in there. What's worse, I wear a shirt under my uniform jacket to deal with the sweat (I sweat like there's no tomorrow).

Some things I've learned:
1) Athletic jerseys are your friend in hot weather. I even have a pair of shorts made from the same fabric that I'll wear around the house when it gets really hot.

2) Athletic jerseys are far cooler under a chef's coat than cotton-knit t-shirts.

3) Drink LOTS of fluids. Gatorade/Powerade preferred.

4) Crock-pots and grills are your friends. Utilize them.
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No A/C here either. So when we get a heat wave we are all cooking! I use the BBQ (or make Ken do it!) and we do a lot of finger food type meals. Soup and sandwich/salad, or wraps, a big plate of finger food (cheese, crackers, pickles, smoked oysters, and a fruit plate). We lose our appetites in the heat too. My other stand by is to swing by the store and pick up a rotisserie chicken and potato wedges. Their kitchen is already hot so why heat up mine?
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Old 08-07-2007, 11:31 AM   #10
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Like rest of you I try to prep and cook what I can early or late in the day so there's as little to do as possible around dinner time. We actually grill less in this weather--the back of our house, where the grill is, gets the afternoon and evening sun and just bakes! It's way too hot to be out there for long. We've been doing a lot of salads, things that cook on the stove rather than running the oven for a long time, or things that cook quickly in the oven, like home-made pizza or very thin cuts of meat. And as much as I don't like leftovers, they're my friend in this weather!

One of my biggest problems up till now is that by the time I'm finished making dinner, I'm too hot and icky-feeling to eat! This past month, we bought a basic ceiling fan for our kitchen and had my FIL install it. It's over the eating area. We run it most of the time we're home and it seems to keep air moving a bit more. It may not keep me cool while I cook, but it sure feels nice to sit down and have that breeze! We also keep the curtains drawn all day--I hate not having sunlight pouring in, but it definately keeps it much cooler!

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