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Old 05-13-2007, 12:04 PM   #1
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Crime Busted?

How many of you have been the victim of a crime??? My husband was riding on an Amsterdam train last Friday on his way back to Kazakhstan and was a victim of a two man operation team that has been plagueing the stations (the police said so). As he was run into by a "drunk" an accomplice swiped his briefcase. In that briefcase was his passport, laptop ($2,000 value) 33 year wedding ring (his hands and feet swell when he travels so he takes it off) A&M university ring, and money. Luckily they didn't make off with his wallet and credit cards. I can't tell you the stress that we have gone through ever since. It's amazing how easily your identity can be stolen and what you have to go through to prevent it after it happens. Not to mention the passport problem. We have had to stay in the UK another week so that it can be taken care of. My husband's company is expediting things but we could have been here another month otherwise.

So, I'm just curious, how many of our forum members or their acquaintenances have also been victims of crimes---whether burglary, theft, personal attacks, identity theft , etc, and how you dealt with it. Did any of you get your stuff back or any luck?



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We've not had happen to us what your husband had. We have however been held up in our pharmacy..To me just the one time, my DH at least 6 times..Plus we've had the store broken into during the night..The last hold up we had, I was there, sitting at a desk, looked up to see a fello walking by towards the door, He looked odd, had a flowered shirt on hanging outside his pants, but aski type rolled cap on, this is summer time and it's hot..He came in the door, reached under the shirt as he walked right past me and pulled out a gun...he yelled at DH to open the drug drawer, I got up and pused the alarm button just as he yanked open the drawer, which also was hooked up to an alar at the police station. I then got the H out of the store and ran next door and called the police..My dh as I was leaving, grabbed the gun and by the time the police got there had wresteled the guy through out the store, spilling and turning over things til it was a mess, he got the guy out the door then he tried to get him to let loose of the 2nd. gun he had..When he wouldn't let go and bit DH in the arm, my husband began hitting him with the guy's own hand that was holding the gun..The police found them locked together up against a pole and broke them apart..I was just fine til the next day, just mad as a hornet..One of our customes came in and made the remark, gee don't you realize he could have shot you..Well,that had'nt sunk in yet, but it took me 3 months to get past that one!


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Old 05-13-2007, 12:33 PM   #3
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Some lowlife scumbag maid i had come over stole one of my checks, and used it to pay her cable bill.

It was clear, all evidence was there, the account number she paid, all her information.

The pathetic police STILL decided "not to investigate"
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Old 05-13-2007, 01:12 PM   #4
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kadesma that's aweful!

I'v only encountered a break in. we came back from our cottage one weekend and found that someone had broken in th back door. luckily nothing much was stolen, except some loose change that was in a box on my moms dresser. Some drawers were open and some garbage cans were knocked down as well. the only damage that it did to the house was that the wall next to the door that had been broken in to was partially ripped off from them trying to get in.

it wasn't much but it was enough to freak me out! we called to police and then stayed up flipping through channel after channel until about 1 in the morning when my mom called them back and said to come in the morning. When they came they didn't do much except talk to my dad and take some notes, just in case it happened again in the neiboughhood.
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I've had my car windows broken twice. The first time was a robbery, and they got not only my CD player, but my favorite CD. I called the cops, filed a report, yadda yadda yadda. I had a $500 deductible for the car, and the window would cost a little over $200 to replace, and the CD player only cost $100, so I had to pay out of my pocket for the window. Never did get another radio. The second time I had a window busted out was sheer vandalism. The neighborhood I lived in at that time had a problem person, that had been shooting out car windows for years. Not sure if they ever caught that person. I must have been using a high-power BB gun, as no one ever hears a shot. One person did see a red sports car driving slowly down the street, with the driver's left hand out the window and a gun in his hand. Scary.

One of the fast food places I used to work at when I was younger was broken into. The opening manager and I found it that morning. They managed to take a welding torch to the safe. We all figured it was an inside job, as the night manager never took afternoon or night deposit in. The buglars made off with two deposits, over $1,000 cash.
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