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Originally Posted by CrazyCatLady View Post
Hold up there, honey. I started this thread with tongue in cheek, pointing out crazy things people do at Walmart through my weird sense of humor. People know I'm like that, and of course things happen.

That's why I always carry my wallet in my pocket at the register. Some folks just need a few dollars, and I've got it. I've been at Walmart for 8 years, and I know who's struggling and who isn't.

If you came through my line, and I see you're struggling (kids or no kids), I'll get my debit card or cash or whatever you need and pay the difference if it's under $30 and you've paid the majority of it. This serves four purposes: You get the food you and your family need, it saves you the embarrassment of taking items off, you might become a regular customer, and we don't have to put it back. And no, I don't always get paid back, and usually I refuse it anyway.

Craig meant EXTREMES, Farmer. You're not the type to run up a $400 grocery bill, run $150 short, then look at the others in line and yell, "Well? Ain't nobody gonna help me?" That's just arrogance and entitlement rearing its ugly head.

I'm on a tight budget, too, Farmer. I recently had a brain clot and although insurance helps, it doesn't pay for everything. I understand budgets.

And I do apologize if you thought my letter was aimed at you. That was never its intent, nor was it my intent.

Surely you've seen some crazy things happen in a store too, right?

And you were referring to the check writer as a jerk and not Craig. I got that. At least I hope that was the intent.

Craig, he meant the check writer was a jerk, not you.

I've seen all that you described and more. People do run short.

I have a funny story about running short one day. What a disaster! I went to our local Mom & Pop grocery to buy a $3 dog toy for a neighborhood kid with a new puppy, and a box of mac & cheese. The bill came to less than $5, and I opened my wallet and ... ***GASP***

I had swapped out wallets the day before. There was my license, AARP card, insurance cards, AAA card ... everything BUT my debit and credit cards. I was in the middle of switching wallets and hadn't gotten to that compartment yet when the phone rang and something else happened. I forgot I wasn't done!

Luckily a manager came by, and said, "Oh, let her have them. She gave $10 to a customer last month to help her out."

Wasn't that cool?

But no, I left the items, ran home, finished putting everything in the new wallet, then went back and paid for it. That was so embarrassing!

But there are definitely those extreme cases where it's just crazy. You were saying about food stamps -- on the other hand, it's sweet:

A young couple were struggling with a new baby, and they sold what they could and needed assistance. They were on food stamps for about 6 months, and one day she came through my line, used up the balance on her food stamps, paid the rest on her debit card, and handed her food stamp card to me.

"Can you recycle that or cut it up? My husband got a second job and we don't need it any more."

That look on her face lit up the entire store and made my week!
No, he was absolutely directing that at me.

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Originally Posted by Cheryl J View Post
Addie, wondering where you shop that has 38 check-outs/registers....?
Market Basket in Chelsea. After the hassle of the workers walking off the job a couple of summers ago, MB went of a building spree. The store in Chelsea is the flagship of all the new stores that they are building. It is huge. If you go to the store in Chelsea, and then to one in Tewksbury, it was built with the same floor plans as the one in Chelsea. When I go shopping, I give my list of the second half of the store to Spike and I do the left side of the store. Before they opened the store in Revere, the Chelsea served at least five communities. It takes both Spike and myself at least 45 minutes to get everything that is on both my list and his groceries.

The worst time to go shopping there is on a Thursday and Friday night. Payday for a lot of families. Spike takes me at 7 a.m. just as the store is opening. the first time I went to the new store in Chelsea, I was so overwhelmed at the size, I wanted to leave and just give the list to Spike and let him do it all for me. Now I do aisles one through eight along with the deli, meat, cheese and dairy departments. He does aisles nine through 38 plus the produce departments.

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Originally Posted by Cheryl J View Post
Holy cow, I've never seen so many check-outs. I wonder how many they keep open at one time? Small town girl here. LOL
Thursday and Friday night starting around 4:30 all of them are open. They have two storefront supervisors. And as the day goes on from 7 a.m. they add more cashiers as the store fills up with customers. They also have about 10 electric carts and three electric carts in the two entryways. That way you don't have to walk into the store. If you notice all the carts at the front of the store. Some are HUGE carts and the rest are your normal run of the mill size. And that is not all of them. They have even more that they keep outside and chained up. When the store fills up, they release the outside carts so the public can get one before they enter. They have three outside employees. Two recover the carts and bring them back in. The third man will help you unload your cart and place them in your car.

The service in this store in incredible. No matter what the employee is doing, if you ask for help, they immediately stop what they are doing and help you. If you can't find a product, they will even go and get it for you while you wait instead of having to wander around helplessly. And I have yet to ask where a product is located, and have the employee not know.

BTW, every cashier has a bagger of their own. My only complaint is when two cashiers in stalls next to each other are yakking back and forth in their own language. I consider that extremely rude and want my cashier to pay attention to my order. Not a conversation about their boyfriends. I have never seen any employees on a cell phone.
Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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After a long day shopping with little kids they are done. I am done and the wife is done. They might act up a little bit and I dont care because I'm am tired and worn out. Now I have an hour drive home and have to put it all away.

If i miscalculate and go over 20 or 30 bucks (happens ones in a blue moon) It takes us a few minutes to figure out what do we need the least. Big deal get over it. I guess I have seen one person put back a ton if stuff once but it happens. One time I had to leave EVERYTHING. The whole cart. I put my check in the bank that morning went shopping that night. Bank teller told me funds will be available that afternoon. They weren't.

Dont judge with out knowing the whole story. All the people behind me in line could see was a guy swiping a card. Then walking away empty handed.

The lady running up a $400 bill and yelling for help is beyond help. Ive never been on ebt or food stamps but I do know people that are. They know how much they get every month. Go get all their groceries. Sometimes there is a mistake or the amount gets cut. They don't know that. All they know is I'm suppose to get say $300. Oh this month I only $250. Now they gotta put back $50 bucks worth. Ive been with someone when that happened. It is very embarrassing.
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A while back in Walmart I was a couple of people behind a woman who, after trying 2 gift cards and topping off her limit on a credit card, was still about $5 short of the $50 she needed to buy everything in her basket. The woman right behind her gave her the $5 she needed. It took her nearly 10 minutes to sort through the cards, run each one multiple times and discuss it with the clerk each time. At least the 2 children with her were well behaved while all this was going on.

What was most apparent to me was that she needs some expert counseling on managing money. No way of knowing what her credit card limit is or how many cards she might have (or how the card got maxed out, necessary emergency or unadvised spending), but maxing out even one card can put a person in a deep hole that is a struggle to get out of (I was that person many years ago, and once paid off, I never again let it happen). Many young families in the area are just making it day to day, and adding the money pit of a maxed out card can be an unbearable load.

These days a $50 grocery bill is nothing, and she wasn't buying any luxuries, just the necessities for feeding a family.

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