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Old 02-19-2008, 07:31 PM   #41
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I help my mom bag our groceries, because at the place we grocery shop you have to do it yourself. However, instead of bags we use big green bins, one for veggies and meats, one for bakery goods and such, and the other one for anything else, cans, tins, pharmacy stuff and such.

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For me it all depends on the store and how tired/harried I am. Although, at Aldi I have no choice because it's a bag-it-yourself store. I always have a supply of mesh/rip-stop nylon bags in my car, so I use them.

In stores that have self-checkout, I bag myself. That's the only choice for that type of checkout in my area. However, self-checkout isn't necessarily the quickest. "Stuff" often happens to the machines there, so using this method of checkout isn't the fastest/most efficient.

I've observed that at my local Wal-Mart stores, the checkers have a specific way of putting items together in my bags, which I appreciate. I don't particularly like Tide-flavored broccoli or having a watermelon make "scrambled" out of my eggs.

I'm happy to report that I live in an area where, if I want, a young man will take my bags - no matter how many I have - to my car and put them in the trunk for me.

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Originally Posted by VeraBlue View Post
Wow....too lazy, huh?? Inconsiderate? Such strong words, not to mention sweepingly general. I don't work for the supermarket. I work at my own job from dawn to late afternoon. Your choice to bag certainly is your choice, as mine, not to, is mine. However, people who choose to have the employees of the market do their jobs doesn't make us lazy or inconsiderate.
That too is a sweeping generality (is that even a word? LOL). My point is that most of the checkers still have the job title checkers. They get paid x amount. When stores started getting rid of baggers, the checkers were told the customers would bag their own groceries. The checkers were still called checkers and still got paid x. Then they were told that if the customer wouldn't bag their own groceries, they would have too. Now they are checkers and baggers. They still have the title checker only, and still only get paid x to be a checker.
No one is paying them to be baggers as well. So, their employer is demanding they do two jobs but only get paid for one. And if they don't like it? He tells them to find another job. So maybe some do, but for most (I speak from experience) we can't afford to loose our jobs. Especially since when looking for references they will call your previous employer and not like that they can't heap extra work on you for no extra pay.
So, do you like it when you have to do two jobs but only get paid for one? Or better yet when I did five and got paid for one? I am not saying you have to make their policies your problems, but there is nothing wrong with having some compassion and empathy for them either. So go ahead, have them bag your groceries for you, nothing wrong with that at all, just remember it is not this way because they are lazy but rather because the employer is looking to save a buck at your expense and theirs.
And yes, I know this is not true everywhere. We have several grocery stores here that have checkers/baggers as identified on their name tags.
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Old 02-19-2008, 08:50 PM   #44
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Absolutely Maverick. Things are rarely black and white and we all have strong feelings on issues that affect us directly. I wish the grocery stores were clearer on their policies - like posting them at the door. For example, we have some somewhat exclusive grocery stores here that hire dedicated baggers who also carry out, along with valet parking even. The groceries are more expensive, but customers know that is in part due to the extra services included. There are other places, like Sam's, that do not provide that service. Just because there used to be dedicated baggers at every store doesn't mean that cashiers should be required to perform this service for no additional pay. If people have a real problem with that, they should call a manager to bag for them or go someplace and where higher prices entitle them to the extra service they want IMO. Of course, this doesn't apply to those who are elderly or physically infirm - accommodations should always be made for those who are physically challenged.

Gas stations used to pump your gas for you and wash your windshield and check your oil. Then they offered self-serve at a reduced price. Now, almost all places are self-serve. There are still places that offer full service gas here, but it is much more expensive. I think it would be a long wait behind the wheel if anyone expects the cashier at a regular station to come out and pump gas for them just because they paid a lot for gasoline!
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Old 02-19-2008, 09:37 PM   #45
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Wow. Quite the topic you've got going on over here....
Me. I don't like to bag. I LOVE Wally World, who puts things in as they ring them. Very nice setup/idea. I always set my stuff down like I would hope it is tossed in the bag to hopefully make their job easier and my putting away easier, too.
However, I don't shop at WW that often for groceries. I shop at a retail grocery store who has a limited amount of baggers for the cashier aisles. When there, I also set the stuff down like I would like it grouped together and they do a pretty good job. Sometimes when no one comes over to bag I will start bagging my own. I am much slower at this than they are, I admit. Especially if the bags aren't opening as they should (plastic person here).
My thoughts aren't of helping the cashier. I don't care if the store happens to be union and she is classified as a cashier, she (or he) works in a grocery store and should be capable of doing grocery store work. It's probably a needed break in the monotony to bag a few groceries anyway, IMO.
My thoughts are of the people in line behind me. Anything I can do to speed up my transaction I try to do. And sometimes the cashier is standing there with her hand out already as I'm bagging groceries..... so I stop and let her take over.

Just my opinion.
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Old 02-19-2008, 09:58 PM   #46
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I think you've illustrated my point perfectly, pacanis. We all have different feelings and opinions about this and no one is right or wrong. In the end, we all have to purchase food from time to time. Some of us bag, some of us don't, some of us do both depending upon the situation. It comes down to a matter of personal choice. But to justify one approach as correct based upon a statement like "I don't bag my own groceries because it is someone else's job and if they don't do it, they are derelict in their duties" is to invite comment from others who see it from a different perspective, such as cashiers are not paid to be baggers. Again, no right or wrong - just personal opinion and philosophy.
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Old 02-20-2008, 01:29 AM   #47
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errr...with the level of service in France if you don't you will never get tehm home - though now its bring your own bags which is good for the environment & hides the (lack of )customer service!! heehe!
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Old 02-20-2008, 08:53 AM   #48
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I'm just about done with this topic. More words have been put in my mouth as statements I've made, or generalizations have been made regarding how I feel. Is it all about me? I doubt it, but since I made the original statement in another thread, I'm sure some of the comments are about how I feel.

Some have said there is no right or wrong, which I clearly agree with. Do what you want. However, those who don't bag have been said to be lazy, inconsiderate, lacking compassion and no sense of empathy. I don't recall saying people who do bag if they choose to have character flaws. Not nice, people, not nice at all.

I completely get how if I disagree with someone's opinion that I'm welcoming opposition. No problem with that. But don't bring my characteristics into it. That's got nothing to do with the topic.
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Old 02-23-2008, 09:46 AM   #49
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hey, vb is (a) no bag lady, so leave her alone!

i actually look to see who's already on line at different registers, and to see if they're self-bagging, or paying with food stamps or have the checkbook out, etc., and make it a personal challenge to be able to pick the line that will get me through faster.
i have such a small life now.

vb, check out the pathmark in botany in clifton, and i think the new shop rite in lodi too, if you're in the area. they seperate their registers into dual self bagging lines, and this lazy susan kinda rotary bag thing that the checker does all of the bagging, and swing the food around to you as it's bagged. i guess you could hand them your own bags, but it's forte is plastic.
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Just recently I started bringing my own canvas bags and most of the time I bag my own. I found some canvas bags at the local grocery store that actually stay upright. Bagging my own groceries is what I prefer, then I have no one to blame, but myself for the smashed bread or broken eggs.

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