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Old 02-28-2007, 02:22 PM   #21
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My home definitely reflects my personality. It is done in all shades of green with white washed furniture and pictures everywhere.

I bubble and so does Jolie and our home is filled with warmth and confort.


Jill and Jolie
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This is a fun thread. I find it interesting how each of us makes our "nest" our own.

As for Buck and me, this is the first OLD house we've lived in. Prior to this one, our homes were built in the '70s or '80s. This one was build in 1880 and has lots and lots of character...and a ghost on the first floor. There are three floors.

We have 4 bedrooms, one of which is my office. There's a formal living room, formal dining room, family room, breakfast room, kitchen, two bathrooms, a sitting room off our bedroom, a dressing room off the second floor bath, a laundry room/pantry and a second bath.

The house is Queen Anne Victorian and sits on a big hill here in town. It has a widow's porch on the third floor with a dome-topped roof on it. A deep porch wraps around two sides of the house. There is fish scale siding on the front face of the house and lots of curly-cue trim on the peaks and on the eaves of the first and second floors. The house looks like a great big decorated cake, with a Hershey's kiss on the third floor porch.

There are 52 windows, 7 exterior doors (5 on the first floor, 1 each on the second and third) and 25 interior doors. All the rooms have transoms over the doors. What this means is there is almost NO wall space for hanging art or pictures. The family room alone has 9 almost 8-foot windows in it. The length of the windows is a real challenge when it comes to curtains or draperies. Fortunately, I know how to make just about any type of window treatment and have dressed most of the windows in appropriate Victorian-style treatments.

There are nooks and crannies and lots and lots of stairs. Even though we've lived here nearly 13 years, I still find myself going up or down a lot to get something I've forgotten in spite of my best efforts to be efficient with my trips to and from the three floors. This is the ultimate Stairmaster!

Buck and I are avid antique collectors. Have been for years. The astounding thing about moving here was that all the Victorian furniture we had collected over the years fit perfectly in this old house. I am still trying to figure out where we had it crammed in our house back in Maryland. It was almost half the size this house is and I don't really remember feeling cramped.

In spite of all the antiques, we LIVE in our house. It's comfortable and we share it with several indoor and outdoor cats. With all the windows, it's kitty heaven. On a sunny afternoon, it's common to see someone napping in the sunshine.

We're also "book" people. Both of us are avid readers and that is obvious by all the books we have. They are in every room. Even the dining room I was surprised to discover the other day. Don't think any have made it into the laundry/pantry. I wouldn't be surprised to find some there, though.

As for the color schemes in the house, we're still at the mercy of the previous owner. Until we have a new foundation put in, we can't do any major decorating. Paint is about it, but every square inch of the house has been wallpapered. Our bedroom is the worst. Nightmarish. Black wallpaper with rose/purple flowers. Love wakin' up to that every morning. Oh, well, in time we'll be able to make the changes.

Our kitchen is hilarious. It was added to the house in the '30s. Prior to that cooking was done in the small building a few steps away from the house called the summer kitchen. The kitchen's small. Really small. And has next to no counter space and cabinets. Until we bought a small base cabinet at Lowe's, we only had 1 drawer in the kitchen. I have so much stuff hanging from the ceiling on makeshift racks, it looks like stalactites in a cave. Actually, though, it is quite convenient. Will definitely incorporate some form of my rack system in our new kitchen when we remodel. That's way down the road at this point. I really believe this house will always be a work in progress.

We love our house, warts and all, and wouldn't trade it for anything. Each day is an adventure and I always get a feeling of happiness and safety each time I drive up the hill to the driveway. It really feels like home.

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Old 02-28-2007, 02:28 PM   #23
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I try my best to keep everything in order. My wife on the other hand is a slob, it's all I can do to keep her mess in order. I just unpacked her after moving into our new home over two years ago.
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I share a two-story townhouse (fancy for 'apartment') with a fellow greenskeeper. It's 1,300 square feet and ridiculously expensive. I grew up around boats so there's a heavy nautical theme and any space left over is covered with Ohio State memorabilia and a variety of promotional golf banners left over from the clubhouse. I've kind of taken over the kitchen and half of the space has been converted to a small-scale brewery. Now that I think about it, the apartment screams sports bar/fraternity. And this coming from a guy who's getting on the wagon.
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Originally Posted by americanwit
I just unpacked her after moving into our new home over two years ago.
Wasn't she a bit cramped in that packing box for two years?
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We live in a Spanish/calif.Hacienda style home. Big open rooms - my office and master bedroom are on the second floor. When we bought the house 4 years ago we did some changes to make it our own. First of all they did not have one bookcase in the whole house so we turned the formal living room into a library and we love it - quite often we eat in there on the game table I bought second hand that has drawers for poker chips.

The kitchen is beautiful to look at and has lots of storage and counter space, but a major flaw is the Hood over the island cooktop is too low. Still trying to figure out what to do. Also, it seems all I ever do is walk around the **** island. Am I rambling??
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The decor in my home is early attic. Nothing matches. Dear Hubby and I are very laid back people. When you come to visit us you come to visit us, not what we have. We have many ppl come to see what we are up to all the time. One time we moved all the furniture out of the kitchen and living room and put in orange crates. Gosh did we really have fun.
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Thank you, Uncle Bob - funny thing is that I always admire the homes from the south - maybe that's why you give it your approval.

Katie - your home sounds wonderful!!

Barbara - mine's a spanish style too - and in southern California....and we've always got poker chips around for dh's obsession...erm...I mean hobby. Sounds like we ought to be neighbors!
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I'm very traditional, my favorite colors being beige and chocolate brown, I'm small and blond favor jeans or cords with a chasmere sweater, tennis shoes or loafers..I enjoy quiet so our home is in the country rather a ranch style on eight and a half acres. The house outside is yep you guessed it tan with chocolate brown trim..Inside my kitchen is a coffee with tons of cream walls and white trim, with touches of black. I got all black appliances my windows have wide slat shutters in white, the floor looks like old old old faded terra cotta tiles, but is just a laminate...I do have a touch of whimsy about me and my dinning room reflects that..Victorian lace curtains an old buffet,curio cabnet, gilded mirror over the buffet and no wall paper but a lovely victorian trim around the top of the wall..I'm in the process of looking for a new celing fixture as the one I have is not me, DH could care less so I' m scouting My family room is getting a planked wood floor soon as we now have put in our or I should say my dream, leather sofa,chair,love seat in yes chocolate leather, the legs and parts of the arms are carved dark wood..The coffee table is rather Art Deco 30's wood the center of which is a beautiful marble, marble lamp on side table that matches the coffee table. the room is long and has a slopped beamed celing one wall is old brick from the presidio in San Francisco and goes floor to celing..3 bedrooms that we want to re-do when we have grown grand kids, two and a half baths, back laundry area, large wonderful pantry and a large back yard and pool..I'd say the house reflects me in many ways and in other not at all..Were we to build again, I'd choose a spanish or English style home. But home is home and I'm happy to be here.
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Miss Jkath..

You know I didn't think about it that way...but now that you mention it. It does seem to have a certain Southern Charm to it. Wonder where that came from ...Maybe it's the window treatment or the table...I dunno. Or maybe it just the over-all ambiance

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