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Old 10-16-2007, 04:02 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by In the Kitchen View Post
did anyone just see Ellen on Yahoo today? Evidently they have tape of her crying about the dog she got from rescue group and she couldn't keep it so gave it to a family. The rescue group came and took the dog from the family because Ellen signed a paper that said if she couldn't keep it to return it to them. She is so emotional. I am sitting here crying because she is all broken up. The way dogs can affect you. Your position doesn't matter the love they give is so powerful. Anyone see her show today? Wow.
I did and it was very moving to hear a nd see the effect this had on her. I really hope the rescue group rethinks their action in this particular case and return the dog to the girls.

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Old 10-16-2007, 04:25 PM   #22
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Saw Ellen, hopefully the family will get the dog back. I assume she has some influence. I volunteer at the shelter here sometimes and it is so sad, but also so great when one of them gets a home. I have zillions of pets as I've mentioned before, but I would give them all a home if I could. I get my pets spayed/neutered because I can't stand to think about that film you watched. There are alot of older dogs that need a good home and would probabally cheer up your doggie and you too, and it would be a huge service to the homeless dog. Good Luck

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Old 10-16-2007, 05:11 PM   #23
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It's been mentioned that perhaps adopting another senior dog from a shelter. I love that idea. Seeing a senior dog in a shelter especially breaks my heart.
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Old 10-16-2007, 05:11 PM   #24
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what is the point that the rescue group wants the dog back? If someone finds a good home for the dog, why should the rescue group want it? This makes no sense to me other than they may fear the dog will get abused or something. I know there is some kind of application you have to complete and I am sure they interview you to see whether you are capable of being responsibile owner. Of this I am thankful. But wouldn't the group trust this individual to provide for the dog as well as the owner themselves would? To have her break down on her show like that, she couldn't really keep her feelings regarding this trouble she caused. Imagine how the dog must feel? That is what I always wonder. What would he say if he could talk? Always thinking someone will be there forever! Cruel.
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Well, technically, the shelters have a legal contract that you sign when you are interviewed and approved for the ďadoptionĒ. Further, the shelter has a responsibility to any and all charter and support members to uphold their set and written policies.

Our shelter here was incorporated in 1969, has a no kill policy, is non-profit, and funded strictly by donations. They have a very involved interview program, and make absolutely sure the animal goes to a good home. They conduct home visits, environment analysis, and follow-up visits and calls for 3 months or more. They are very thorough and sincere about find a GODD home for the animals they are in charge of. If the family concerned with Ellenís dog wants the dog back, all they need do is apply and get approved for adoption.

Iíve been through the adoption process before, and I can assure you, Ellen was not surprised by this. These shelters have very clear rules and language stating that, if you can not properly care for the animal as you have agreed, then you are to return it to the animal shelter.

The shelter screened Ellen and found here worthy of the adoption process. If that family wants to be considered they need only apply. Ellen has no right to be choked up about this. She should have been more responsible with her decision to just pluck a life from the shelter when someone more qualified and ready to spend time with the dog could have come along and applied. This isnít the pound weíre talking about, but is a private non-profit organization.

Letís be honest, Ellen gave the dog to her hairdresser. For all we know, they are only causal acquaintances that Ellen knows nothing about personally. Ellen has already admitted she didnít read all of the paperwork for the adoption process, and if she knows so little about the contracts she signs, how much can you expect her to know about her hairdresser? If that family is fit for adoption, they should just apply and get approved.

Whatís even worse is the reason Ellen did gave the dog away. She said she got rid of the dog because it had too much energy and was too rambunctious to be around here cats. Please! What did she expect from a dog.....they arenít goldfish after all! This all stinks of a publicity stunt if you ask me. With her sagging career and recent efforts to get back in the lime-light, this may be just what she needs (and possibly even planned).
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Old 10-16-2007, 06:17 PM   #26
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keltin, I didn't know all the details you spoke about. Sagging career, having too much energy, etc. It does sound from the way you express that it is some kind of publicity ploy. I am not familiar with the rescue groups but am truly grateful they are there. As you said, the hairdresser and her family could go apply if they really wanted the dog. You just wonder why they didn't do it right away?
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As always things get a bit overdone. i love animals, don't get me wrong, but we are not talking about adoption af a child here, and that is what it almost sounds like.
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Old 10-16-2007, 06:25 PM   #28
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I can see it from both sides.

First off, the dog was obviously re-placed in a decent home, which should be the firstmost/foremost thing here.

BUT - the fact remains that dear "Ellen" didn't adhere to the rules of the adoption, which were clearly spelled out to her at the time, but which she chose to ignore. And then when she was called on it, all her bringing in the media & sobbing uncontrollably on camera about the situation was rather stomach-turning, & wouldn't have meant squat to anyone if she hadn't been a celebrity.

If she had half a brain in her little celebrity head, she could have called the adoption folks ahead of time, explained the situation, have them check out the new people/home ahead of time, & avoid all this hoopla. Instead she figured she was above the rules.

Don't get me wrong - I think the adoption folks didn't exactly handle this well either, but they also probably did not want it to look like they'll just bend the rules for anyone, & I don't blame them.
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In the Kitchen, there was a piece on the Today Show today about a site called Dogs In Danger, that works with "kill" shelters to adopt out the dogs that are on the euthanize list at the shelters.

I don't know where you live, but at the site, you can plug in your zip code, type of dog you are looking for and a radius you'd be willing to travel to get the dog. You might find a doggie this way.
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ITK, here is a link with some of Ellenís comments on the matter, and they're less than flattering. She admits to not reading the paperwork and gives a reason for giving up the dog as it had too much energy and was too rambunctious.

I hate that the dog is going through this, but this is typicalÖÖ.innocent animals suffer because of human stupidity. As Breezy said, Ellen should have contacted the shelter and made arrangements to transfer the adoption. You can do that. But for some reason Ellen thought she was above the law. Iíve no love for that flippant devil-may-care attitude, but I do regret the dog has to suffer because of it. Still, you can rest assured the dog will be well taken care of and will eventually be adopted by a good and deserving family!

Hereís a short article on Ellen's sagging career and her efforts to get back in the lime-light. Reading that sure does make this sound like a publicity ployÖ.at the expense of the innocent dog.

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