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Eating Out

I know its hard to pick a favourite, but what are your top choices when eating out?

I'm lucky to live in a big city with lots of choices and good quality restaurants, but I also am happy too with a bit of pub grub locally. Our local pub does do good food, great steaks.

Going a bit more upmarket I tend to go for Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and Italian. I like the odd Chinese too. Not a huge fan of all you can eat buffets much because I just get stuffed (am a wimp). We also have some nice french restaurants which I tend to favour for girly lunches. (dishy waiters possibly have some influence on that one. Shallow. )

Where do you go when eating out?


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I prefer old destination restaurants that were started by Mrs. Miniver type women, formal yet sort of shabby places that have served the same good food for many decades. I also like the old, out of the way, hot dog stand or fish shack type places that have become legends, by word of mouth. These kinds of places are sort of an adventure, to me!

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Blimey Bea how come I never met a cheap date like you
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Originally Posted by Bolas De Fraile View Post
Blimey Bea how come I never met a cheap date like you
You must have been looking in the wrong places!
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I prefer small locally owned restaurants. We like to go out for breakfast. We are also fortunate to have good quality low budget restaurant across the street from our condo complex - walking distance. They provide pizza, subs, Greek and Italian foods.

We also have a variety of Chinese Indian and Thai restaurants in the vicinity. There are two outlets for top notch pizza nearby that don't deliver but are worth the trip. KFC provides the best fried chicken.
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Wine Guy
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My wife and I are both adventurous eaters. When eating out, we tend to prefer authentic ethnic foods at places that are sometimes far off the beaten path. We're fortunate to live in an area where you can find almost any kind of food, provided you're willing to drive just a little. We also favor cuisines that I don't normally make at home, either because it's simply more convenient/cheaper to get it in a restaurant, or because the ingredients aren't readily available.

One of our favorite recent finds is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint that makes street tacos from things like tongue and ear - animal parts that most other restaurants would skip over. The food is delicious and very authentic. In fact, it's so authentic that the order takers barely speak English, and the people who call your number when the food is ready do so in Spanish. It's the sort of place where I imagine the staff and patrons get nervous whenever the immigration guy comes round.

Another place we like is called Blue Nile, which is an Ethiopian restaruant. They feature stews, served family style, with heaps of injeera flat bread. Oddly, they also have one of the best draft beer selections in the area.

Up until recently, we had a nice little family owned Russian restaurant in our town. The food was good, and unbelievably cheap. DW and I could go in and have a meal for under $15 total. They went out of business, though. Not enough customers and also, I believe, because they sold their food at too low of a cost.

Sushi, Middle Eastern, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai. It's all good to me.
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One of our favorites is Ruby Tuesdays. I know it's a chain but we like their salad bar and appetizers. Rarely get a full meal there. Usually get two appetizers and the salad bar. It's not too hard on the diet or the wallet. Another favorite is Cheeseburger in Paradise. Good burgers!
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Fiesta en Jalisco, a family run Mexican restaurant. Very good food, but I am more likely to get take out than eat in. Shrek does not like to eat out, anymore.
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I love the older places like one we use to go to when I was a kid. Family style Italian on sunday's, first came soup,then an antipasto plate with salami, peppers,stuffed zucchini, foccacia,olives,rolled anchoies,small bites of cheese, then a pasta platter with spaghetti and ravioli in meat sauce, a platter of roast beef and gravy,a big platter of fried chicken garlic bread and salad, next was just a small dish of ice cream neopolitan I also love places in San Francisco,Fior da Talia places on the wharf, Grotto 9, Scoma's I use to love the Steak Diane where my b-i-l liked to take us. I love good food but I can dig a biroldo feed with pesto,soup,salad and bread. Or a trip to Waterford for a walk through the sausage place the have there. What a wonderful choice of sausages. I also love a place we go to in my old home town, there they have a free salad bar and a free anti-pasto table that reminds me of my m-i-l's goodies. We love them all then we pick our choice of pastas and gravey's yum yum
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You can't find bad seafood in Boston. We have several excellent restaruants owned by TV chefs. But if you want to go for ethnic foods, go across the river to Cambridge. Name a country. There is a restaurant there that serves their food.

I prefer seafood. The Union Oyster House is probably my favorite. Very historical. It is where JFK used to sit all day Sunday reading his newspapers. But more than that it is one of the oldest restaurants in the country. It started out as a stable with rooms upstairs for the workers. Some of the stalls are still there with booth type seating. They have an oyster bar and you can standoutside watching the man opening them with speed that blinds you. We do have an Italian restaurant here locally. It is the longest opened and operating restaurant in Eastie. Their food is good. I always order their Eggplant Parm. I never order pasta. I have found that I very rarely like their gravy. Too acidic and not cooked long enough before serving.

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