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Old 06-08-2008, 08:27 AM   #11
Assistant Cook
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I have a load of pet peeves:
1. Screaming kids in restaurants
2. Idiots on cell phones in the grocery store line who make everyone wait until they finish their call before paying
3. Tailgaters
4. Co-workers who babble on and on about their personal problems
There are more...

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Old 06-08-2008, 09:25 AM   #12
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neighbors who run the mower early in the morning.

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Old 06-08-2008, 09:34 AM   #13
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People that don't signal because they are busy on their cell phones, people that drive erratic speeds because they are busy on their cell phones. Cell phones, cell phones, ummmmmmmm and cell phones, interrupting life. (restaurants, grocery stores etc)
I don't have a cell phone and don't want one, they are breeding at an alarming rate. If my car breaks down, I don't need one, I'll just use yours.
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Old 06-08-2008, 09:53 AM   #14
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Originally Posted by babetoo View Post
it really ticks me off that people don't send thank you cards anymore.

my son and daughter were raised to do so, but they don't.

none of my grand children do either.

how long really does it take to write a thank you card? mention how u are using gift and saying thanks. not so hard.

and the biggest one of all, not being on time. it says hey you don't matter.

I agree with you totally, babe. Not only do my grandchildren not write thank-you notes, but the ones from our son's previous marriage don't even bother to call and let me know they've received their gifts.
And one of my dearest friends, whom I love to death, is not only always late...she's often as much as two hours late.

Many normally courteous people seem to transform when they get behind the wheel. I can't believe how many rude drivers there are on the road!
We get by with a little help from our friends
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Old 06-08-2008, 10:17 AM   #15
Master Chef
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At the bank, there is a sign that says "Please have all documentation complete and ready to make transactions quicker"
Why do people wait to get to the window before filling out their deposit slips?? I was beside a girl the other day that asked for a deposit slip, then, while on her cell phone, filled it out, then seemed to have dropped the check or whatever and continued to talk on the phone while searching under her feet and beside seat, all the while the line was building behind her!!!
The one time I was out of deposit slips, I got it from them and drove out of line to fill it out and back around to the end of the line. What makes these people think that their transactions are the only ones important and that noone else has anything pressing to do after leaving the bank, like going to work or an appointment!! ARGH!!
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Old 06-08-2008, 11:28 AM   #16
Senior Cook
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blissful I can't agree more, cell phones are the bane of our life, most rudeness is centered on the use of the cell phone.
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Old 06-08-2008, 11:57 AM   #17
Head Chef
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1) We have a co worker who does not speak to anyone when he arrives, unless he wants something. No hello, nuthin. we all feel that it is rude. I have searched and cannot find any information regarding the correct ettiquette for comming into a room with others. We all feel that hello is appropriate. He has been the office, just him and me, for over two hours and not spoken.

2) Screaming kids in a restauraunt - My wife and I were told one day that we are old since letting kids run and scream when they feel like it "Is the way things are done these days."

3) No shirt, no shoes - no service should be revised to no shirt, no shoes and cell phone put away or no service.

4) Thank you cards - Yup they shgould be written. OK - Concession to today an e-Mail. Certainly some type of appreciation.

5) I had an employee resign by e-Mail - I was livid. Have the decency to resign in person.

6) Sending jokes in the e-Mail is NOT keeping in touch. Send me a hi - how are you - things ar OK here - whatever. I had a n acquaintance tell me that they had not heard from me lately. I appologised and noted that I had not heard form then either. They replied, I send you jokes all the time.
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Old 06-08-2008, 12:31 PM   #18
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Some observations for the rude:
Your kids may be the love of your life. Right now that surf and turf, or theater ticket, for which I just paid a hundred bucks, is mine, please treat my love the way you would like me to treat yours.
I got in this express line because I was in a hurry, am paying in cash, and know what I want and need. Very few emergencies can be solved by immediately answering a cell phone that will not wait a few minutes for you to return the call.
Put on your makeup, read the paper, and/or return your calls either before you enter the freeway or after you leave it. I, too am in control l of a ton of metal, and I have enough trouble keeping up with mine without worrying about yours.
If you get in the exact change lane, please have your exact change ready. The time to ask the people in your car for a quarter each for the toll is before you get there. The attendant is not there to take your money after you realize that you do not have exact change.
The entrance to a building is for ingress and egress, not a spot for smoking or carrying on a conversation.
In short, courtesy and politeness are a matter of treating others the way you would expect to be treated. You wouldn't want me to bring a blanket and 6 pack to your kids soccer field and curse loudly at the umpires. I'm guessing that you count the items in my basket if I am going over the limit in the 10 items or less line. If a bunch of us were to light up cigars and block the entrance to your place of business, you would probably say something. And don't get me started on road etiquette.
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Old 06-08-2008, 01:09 PM   #19
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I was at the vet and there is sign posted : " Please turn cell phone off " and of course there is always a dummy who is talking on the cell phone ignoring the sign.
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Old 06-08-2008, 01:38 PM   #20
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Grrrrrrr...cell phones!! I have one, but I don't always have to answer it. I keep it on vibrate because another annoying thing about cell phones is the dang idiotic ringtones!

More about phones: Goons who call you and instead of "Hello" they say, "Who's this?"
My reply: "You tell me. Don't you know who you're calling?"

We have a really nice coffeeshop here with free wi-fi and what's incredibly rude is people who play LOUD games on their laptops with the sound at full blast. No one wants to feel like they're sitting in the middle of a war zone.

People who peer over at your laptop in the coffeeshop to see what you're doing is really rude, too. I figured out how to stop them from doing that, though. I have a really gross video clip of a cat barfing up a hairball (complete with sound effects) and when someone leans over to see my stuff, I pull up the video real quick. What's really funny is when they say, "Oh, that's so nasty!" or something like that, I say, "Well, then, mind your own dang business, willya?"

We had houseguests (read: housepests) a few months back and I came home to find one of them, the wife, going through the drawers in my dresser. Now THAT is rude! I fixed her, though. A few well-placed rat traps and some bruised fingers later, she quit snooping.

People who read at the table when they're dining with others is unbelievably rude. I only do that when I eat by myself.

Housepests who won't help you clean because "they don't know how we like to do it" is really rude. Pick up a broom, stupid!

Someone who is visiting you and they use the bathroom and snoop in your medicine chest is horribly rude. I had a neighbor who did that constantly. I finally got fed up and crammed it full of marbles before she came over one day, and the racket of about 200 marbles hitting a porcelain sink and bouncing to the floor fixed that little problem.

Joyce Who Gets Even With Rude People

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