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ITK, hunger is good. You should never eat so little that your body goes into starvation mode. The key to losing weight is to consume the right number of calories (from decent food choices) for your age, gender and body type and then to increase your activity. You can eat pretty much anything you want IN MODERATION! That means you can have bacon and eggs for breakfast but maybe only one slice of bacon and one boiled egg. You can have ice cream for dessert, but just one scoop instead of two. You can have Jack In The Box for lunch, but not every day. And you need to keep walking, so your body will use the calories you take in. If your body figures you need those calories, it will use them rather than storing them. If you don't put enough fuel into your body though, it will try to store every tiny calorie that goes in...and then you build up those fat reserves. Does that make sense?

copied this too because it is for me and I want to remember. Having that problem too, 'now what did she say?' If it isn't ONE thing than it is ANOTHER! Oh Alix, I count my blessings. Hear more bad things than good. Must be the universe trying to impress on me that I don't have it so bad. Been thinking about you and glad you are commenting on this thread. Some threads don't have time to read.

What you say makes lot of sense. I find myself getting so hungry and want to deny the food but if it is GOOD food than I must be wrong.

HOpe you and yours doing all okay and thanks Alix for your time and comments. Such priceless words on this site especially for me. Guess they'll send them with me when I go. But for right now, I want to read and reread.

Take care. Tell your man Ken, that is his name? hello from me. Isn't it great to have a good one? So many women I talk to married for more than 50 years. They all look like it too. Real good and happy.


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Originally Posted by Aera View Post
Sorry if I gave the impression that anyone should be inactive, in fact in both responses i stated doing cardio and weight training, that is far from being sedentary. And this must also be done at least 4 days a week in most cases. How much and what you eat is just as important. What I talk about is very specific and much more complicated then I can explain. But all anyone has to do is a google search on the phrases "body fat" or "belly fat" "abs" etc, and what you will find are numerous sites dedicated to true fitness and not just someone losing weight and dropping numbers on a scale where they basically become a smaller version of their fat selves. Meaning, they will weigh less, yes. But they will still be fat and out of shape.
Oh no Aera, I only meant that we were all saying the same thing, but addressing multiple issues. This just illustrates what a complex thing keeping in shape is. If it wasn't, we'd all have washboard abs and no saddle bags or love-handles or flabby arms or all the other stuff that drives us crazy!

Sorry if I gave you the impression I was disagreeing with your observations. You're right, you can have a normal body weight and still have a problem area. And having fat concentrated around the mid-section seems to carry special risk for heart disease so it's definitely an important thing to address if that's the thing you're having trouble with. And, as you said, just losing weight won't necessarily reduce this area.

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