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Old 05-27-2008, 02:42 PM   #11
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I also use those dates as a guideline. The door and vegetable bins of my refridgerators keep many things most wouldn't think to put in, vitamins, batteries, nuts from christmas etc. So I figure I've extended the life a bit.
If it looks like a duck, and smells like a duck...... I'm using duck!
But I only started that since living down here. We lose power so often and it heats up inside really fast and this decreases the life span before the expiration date. So I reversed it.

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We are guideline people here as well - I also have had stuff go off before the stamped date. It's a case of be vigilant. I've also had someone try to chuck something I had got out of the freezer (because it had gone past the date). I had bought before the date and put it straight in the freezer.

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The dates are guides for me the purchaser. I won't purchase dairy about to go past the date as those open coolers in the stores don't keep an even temperature. But assuming I've bought something with some care, my own fridge is excellent and keeps food very cold and well past the buy by date.

The greens ... if they looked ok and smelled ok and weren't all slimy, I'd have cooked and enjoyed. The beef jerky could have been kept for a year unopened probably...it is preserved!

Meds?? a week or so, even a month no prob. Date a year old? I'd probably toss. But a cold pill? you'd know if it was working or not.

What with the economy these days I'm not casually tossing anything I might be able to use!
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I'm one that watches dates too so I can relate to your kids. I'm not as picky with meds because it is just less potent but as far as food, I toss it out. I made some beans and kielbasa and the kielbasa expired yesterday so that was a big step for me, lol. It's fully cooked but said to use by yesterday's date or freeze it.
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Originally Posted by GrillingFool View Post
I use them as a guide too. For food, the only thing I really pay attention
to the expiration date for is MILK. It gets one day... maybe...
past the date. Spoiled milk is just too traumatic!

Everything else is negotiable.

As for meds, I generally give them 6 months at the most.

I also am a big Exp Date checker in stores. I like to pull from the back, and
don't hesitate to "complain" to store employees about expired dates.

Conversely... much of the packaged vegetables, meat and fish I buy is
"close dated" and price reduced. I find the vegetables to usually have at least
5 days left in them, and proteins get frozen.
I was in the supermarket going to buy Campbells Tomato soup until I noticed it had MSG in it. I called them to ask them to pick up the stuff from that market only to find out that while on hold, I saw the MSG and switched my complaint about date to MSG.

All else I agree with most of you in here. My nose works pretty well. If the milk smells, it goes quickly into the sink, the container rinsed and in the trash. Yogurt or cheese or whatever like that, sandwich meat that is slimy etc, gets tossed. I mean these kids...when they come to the house and want to eat something, they check the date and say "Mom, this Campbells cream of shroom soup expired 11 months ago. You need to toss it." Well, in their house they can toss, in mine I find down right annoying. It's almost like "lets pick on mom day".

As for the meds, they do lose their potency, but who cares? If I have a sinus infection and I have 3 or 4 amoxacils left, you bet I'm thrilled they're there so I can get a jump start on getting better. Etc. Just don't know what's gotten into these kids these days. Gad, I'm readying for spanking all of them.
Originally Posted by Robo410 View Post
What with the economy these days I'm not casually tossing anything I might be able to use!
This is where I'd give a resounding B I N G O
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i think we are all cautious about bad food. but my eyes and nose are the judge.

my med are never around to expire, i take them in a timely manner so i don't die. i do keep an eagle eye on insulin. not good for that to expire.

common sense needs to make a come back. my daughter won't keep bacon for more that a week, i think that is really silly.


"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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