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?? Fourth of July Special

Did you know...

• The movie, Independence Day, was first titled Independence Day, but due to undisclosed legal problems, was shortened to ID4. Then the legal problems were resolved and the original title was restored.

• The inspirational battle speech given by President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) was filmed on the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, in front of the hangar that once housed the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the bomb.

• One of the sound effects used for the backfiring of the alien energy beam at the end of the movie was soul singer James Brown’s distinctive scream.

Today, our country celebrates it's 230th Birthday...............
note; "DOI" is "Declaration of Independence", in the Questions below- LT

1. We just learned some facts about the movie, "Independence Day".............What year was that movie released?
2. Who was the oldest signer of theDOI ?
3. Name the two future Presidents who signed the DOI.
4. Who among the following did NOT sign the DOI ?

a. James Madison
b. Thomas Paine
c. George Washington
d. Patrick Henry

5. Name the two signers who's sons would become President.
6. What popular mode of celebrating the fourth of July was first employed in Philadelphia in 1777 ?
7. When did Congress first establish the fourth as a holiday ?

a. 1799
b. 1870
c. 1897
d. 1910

8. The official March (music) of the USA was written on Christmas Day, 1896. Name it, and name the person who composed it.

9. one of the signers, one of the answers to number 5, above, also had another of his direct blood-line to be elected President; what was the relationship?

10. How many of the thirteen "Rights" guaranteed under the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments of the Constitution) can you list ??
There was a motion at the original Constitutional Convention to include a Bill of Rights in the original document, but the idea was rejected without debate by the delegates.
1. 1996
2. Benjamin Franklin
3. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
4. None of them did
5. John Adams, father of John Quincy Adams, and Benjamin Harrison, father of William Henry Harrison
6. Fireworks
7. b
8. "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Phillip Sousa
9. Benjamin Harrison's Great-Grandson, also named Benjamin Harrison
10. freedom of religion,
the press
peaceful assembly
to petition.
to form a well-regulated militia
to keep and bear arms
the rights to private property
fair treatment for accused criminals
protection from unreasonable search and seizure
from self-incrimination,
the right to a speedy and impartial jury trial
representation by counsel.

While the totality of the events that occurred at the Constitutional Convention provides a number of fascinating and intriguing historical points, perhaps most interesting is that the idea of a bill of rights was initially put before the Convention only to be rejected without debate. The drafters of the Constitution were not against a bill of rights; however, as they were drafting a document that would allow only certain enumerated rights to the central government, they simply didn’t see the need for guaranteed rights to be set out in the document. However, following the drafting of the Constitution and it being sent to the states for ratification, it became clear that the states held a different opinion on the inclusion of language providing these basic rights. Why? Simply put, the states didn’t trust the government to protect the rights of the people unless the rights were specifically enumerated.

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