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Old 03-13-2007, 01:29 AM   #21
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tancowgirl2000: We all loose some bone over the years. It doesn't seem like an immediate take action situation unless you are experiencing significant pain and abscess bacteria. Pain & bacteria would create an urgent care situation.

I think you have the right idea when you said that you would like to schedule a consultation with both dentist and have them give you an appropriate diagnose. Then you can talk to them about making a payment arrangement for their dental care.

Dentures are a lot different than they were for our grandparents. Usually they are more attractive and always less painful. Your dentist can provide you with a lot of valuable information to ease your concerns about all of this.

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I have read all the post in this thread. I can only relate my experience.
I had suffered years of toothaches, ugly fangs and bad breath. I had a full upper plate installed at the Naval Disperency (sp) on Treasure Island in San Francisco.
The best I can remember, they had pulled all my rear teeth and I only had the front six teeth remaining when I went in for my plate.
After all the fittings and the plate was made they pulled all six teeth and put the plate in at the same time.
This was in 1955.
I have the same plate they made in 1955. I have had one relingment and one tooth csme out and had to be replaced. I don't have to use the "Goop" to eat most any thing, Steaks, corn on the cob, apples are not a problem.

You don't have to continully spend money, suffer tooth aches or make dentist appointments.


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The way he explained it to me (denturist) is that Ill have problems with my lower partial forever cause there is no way for it to get the suction needed as it does on the top partial.

I talked to them yesterday and it seems that I wont be getting this done till atleast August for insurance purposes. All my insurance will cover this year is the extractions. So I guess they can just keep me on drugs till the time comes.....then ill get the extractions at the end of the term and the dentures at the beginning....make sense? This will give me time to save up the money to cover whats not going to be covered. Hopefully though they just have good drugs!

Thanks you to everyone that replied....gives me some prospective anyways.....

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Hungry, What a positive opinion! thanks for sharing. I would not hesitate to have procedure done after reading your post. If only I could have your dentist do it.

tancowgirl2000, I truly hope the dentist you choose will be one you can trust and talk to. Just be thankful you went to the dentist. Don't neglect your teeth. As someone said they are your teeth.

Recently went through root canal. What really bothered me most was the cost. I am hoping it was some sort of investment that won't be ruined.

My dentist tells me to floss everyday. Am going to check on sonic toothbursh.
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Old 03-13-2007, 11:47 AM   #25
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I had ALL my top teeth pulled when I was 32, I wish I had been able to keep them but... If I were you, Take your Ipod have the dentist perscribe something for stress. I had some one in the room that helped me feel safer, and use the gas they offer. It helps alot. If you are getting infections, get them pulled, otherwise keep your teeth.
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Old 03-13-2007, 12:25 PM   #26
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Check out this article www.bajainsider.com/baja-life/health/dental-savings-mexico.htm
You can also search on the net by typing getting dental work in mexico
lots of information
you could check with your insurance people if they can cover the work in mexico and save more money I would think they would jump on it as it would cost them less also
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Here's another good site

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