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Old 08-25-2005, 11:52 PM   #11
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The Only thing I have against this at all is Kids don't interact very much as it is, What is going to happen 20 years from now when they take over ? We aren't nearly as interactive as we use to be. When I was 8 till my thirtys I was playing ball at the Parks and would still be doing it if I had others my age to play. I would love someone from this area to go fishing with or just to chat with. I mean I love this but I am a hands on kind of person. If any of you ever meet me you will find this to be true. I love People.

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Sorry, but all I have to say is "bull" to the naysayers.

Children have this innate curiosity that will carry them a thousand miles further than it will an adult. Every subject under the sun and then some can be "covered" in an educational way if you let yourself go there with them.

Children who grow in a nurturing environment, where they learn to follow their train of thought to a logical conclusion are bound to be more secure and self-assured than someone who spent their formative years being chastised because they didn't sit still enough in a chair while a teacher was in front of the classroom lecturing.

People romanticize the whole "school friends" stuff, when in reality school is a painful experience for a lot of them. Kids are not nice. Adults are not much better. If your skin is the perfect color, and you are the perfect size, and your questions and answers fit into the perfect lesson plan, things won't be too bad. But if you happen to be even a tish outside of the norm, well, let's just say it's ugly at best.

Do it! Do with pride and do it because you know your children better than anyone. Do it because you choose to be the biggest influence in your child's life instead of some stranger. Do it because in your heart, you already question the necessity of turning that responsibility over to someone else.

There are TONS of home-school resources out there. Way more than you'd imagine. Talk to your local school district (yeah, they'll probably pooh-pooh your idea, after all, your kids = $$!), talk to your local librarian, Google it, talk to your local bookstore (and read some of the incredible information that is available out there).

I'd give anything to have had the guts to have done that for my son. Unfortunately, I listened to all of the logical reasons not to do it. But I know in retrospect that if I had had the guts to do it, we'd both have been much happier.

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Having no children myself, many will immediately not read this. So go past that right now.

On the other hand, I've had many, many, many friends who have debated this question, and many who have done it with extremely varying degrees of success.

Several friends took their kids out of the school system simply because the kids were .... well, what we'd call deliquent in another time. They simply could not get their children to get up in the morning and get to school, or when they did, the kids really didn't go to school, they disappeared. Some of these parents had a hard time getting their HS degrees themselves. In fact, all these kids (a half-dozen) wound up with GEDs eventually. THeir parents were not really prepared to home-school, although their intentions were in the right place.

A few took theirs out for religious reasons. I think you'd be better to send your kids to religious classes in addition to school, but then I'm a product of CCD, and like the little fish with feet. Most of these parents don't want their kids exposed to other religions and beliefs, afraid that they might fall prey to them.

Some parents took their kids out because they didn't think the school system was doing enough for their kids. I really wonder why they didn't think they could take their kids to the museum themselves after school hours? Or volunteer to take a group of kids somewhere.

It takes true dedication to home school kids, and usually parents do it for all the wrong reasons. In truth, I've not known too many who are real success stories. Few parents have the dedication to make sure their children are exposed to different cultures, to get them involved in athletic endeavors, to allow them to fail or succeed on their own merits.

In some cases, my friends' kids probably wouldn't have graduated at all, had their parents not home schooled them and managed a GED. So, they were right.

But the school system only gets worse and worse if you decide that the answer is to take your kid out of it and home school, when you could possibly work towards making your school system better.
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Old 08-26-2005, 03:45 PM   #14
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Im jsut going to leave this for a few days....so m uch to ponder, and so much thats confusing....Ill let you know what I feel when I know for sure.....thank you so much all of you for your inputs....
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Old 08-26-2005, 03:49 PM   #15
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why heck tanis shure is funy that you post dis mah pa dun hom skoold me an i turned out ok
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OMGAWD!!! you kill me!!! Thats NOT the point! hehehe
"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not."
~ Stephen Wright
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*gently correcting The Z*

not "i turned out ok", but "ah turned out ok"
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Old 08-27-2005, 09:26 PM   #18
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Hey, Tanis!

I know of several families that have done the homeschooling thing. Some did a sort of "combination" thing and others did the whole ball of wax. I haven't seen any zombied-out parents or whacked out youth yet.

It is a decision and commitment and any decision that is well thought out and is true to what the decision-maker feels and wants to achieve has a great chance of success. Why? because if it is a real, honest-to-goodness decision you will have already, in your heart, committed to making is a success!

The trick is to do the research in your own area. Some schools (actually, most) offer the books and computers and support as well as physical access to sports, Physical Education and other extracurricular activities such as clubs and teams, shop or woodworking classes and (MY personal favorite) Cooking class. Check with your School Board and they will be more than happy to answer questions, give you really good feedback, help you to "design" a program that you can live with and offer support throughout the program that you choose.

And you know what? If you try it and decide that it is just not what you expected or what you want for you and your children - you can switch at any time.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best for you and your children.

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