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Old 08-19-2005, 09:21 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by mudbug
Oh no. They can grind all the chips they want into the carpet. Spill drinks everywhere. Forget their shoes until next week. At least I know where they are!
I felt and still feel that way mudbug..I swear this home had a revolving door here..Kids coming, going, eating, swimming..They all knew they could come and have fun. But, they all knew there were house rules and for the most part, they followed them...those that didn't were required to apologise and then were on a short probation..When our friends come, I try to always remember things they enjoy eating and drinking and make sure to have them, I want everyone to relax and feel like they are home, not trying to escape from a nightmare Sit and chat, treat them like you would your mom and dad.. As if they are special. Here everyone and anyone is welcome..Come in kick off your shoes and lets eat, drink and chat.

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Old 08-20-2005, 06:18 AM   #22
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Originally Posted by lindatooo
When my son was growing up I would always rather he be home with his friends than elsewhere so I generally had a housefull! One of his friends would even clean the house for me occasionally! What a treat!
Me too! I forever had a house full of kids and I'd not change their noise nor their messes for anything. I admit to being a wench about some house rules though (language, how they talked to / about people, letting someone know where they were, etc.) but I think they liked that kind of stuff because it never was enough to make any of them not come back again.

But as for the original question from Claire, I've been thinking about it all day. =) I guess there are just those special people who have a knack for making you feel totally comfortable and "at home".

It doesn't have anything to do with how big the house is, or how pretty the dishes are you eat from or even what is served on those dishes. But it has everything to do with the love the is served up everytime you walk through the door!


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Old 08-20-2005, 07:45 PM   #23
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When I throw my big parties (about 40 people, one in the summer, one during the holidays), I often am questioned. Because I chose a childless lifestyle, people assume I hate kids. Actually, I'm not fond of a lot of parents I know, but the kids are great! Seriously, my response is that I live on incubator alley, and the kids are always welcome for the big parties.

For more casual get-togethers (as in, let's have a drink and some cheese), everyone wants to be at my house. In previous homes (and I've lived in scores of them) everyone gathered in the kitchen. Here people want to be in my dining room (a room with big, heavy chairs, more or less done up in mission style (the room was that way before we moved in, we just kept the decor going). I've always considered myself to be a rather sloppy housekeeper, but I've learned over the years that it is only if I compare myself to my mother. What would have been sloppy by mom's standards is pretty darned clean by others. I agree ... I may pick up dishes so we can stay at the table, but I don't go into the kitchen and start washing, etc. ONE smoker is allowed to smoke if it is just us. Any more have to go out. In reality, almost no one has taken us up on it, they all go outside, even when it is 95 degrees or -10. More than one person, or if we're in a group, no smoking. I agree with others -- always food, always a beverage. Even if it is saltines and a chunk of cheese. Even sandwich cold cuts can be cut into quarters and brought out with saltines or soda crackers.

I think what surprises me the most is how much younger people like to gather at my house. I don't have kids, my house is what I consider medium clean (Mom would be apalled). There is always food, although you have to let us know you're coming if you want booze ... mostly because we love it, so don't keep a full bar going. My much-younger neighbors love to hang out here, and I'm just wondering what makes 30-somethings want to hang out with 50-somethings. When I was a child and teen, everyone wanted to be at our house. I'm talking more adult stuff.
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Old 08-21-2005, 12:36 AM   #24
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All this talk reminded me of the time my SIL's house was broken into. The Cops said " Wow! they really tossed this place! My BIL said " No, it always looks like this". SIL said "that's one thing they wont put on my tombstone...she kept a neat house"
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Originally Posted by lindatooo
I agree with the not cleaning up part - sometimes I have to staple my MIL into her seat but that is something I like to do alone.
We must have the same MIL, lindatooo! If there are 2 cups and 1 plate, she will have to do the dishes. She does this at her own home about 8 times/day. I just cannot stand it! There is no relaxing with her around, even in my own home.

After 13 years of this psychological battle, I've finally won. It took years of hiding the sink plug and detergent.

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