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Old 02-12-2007, 07:37 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by Toots
I have a laundry obsession, I do a load as soon as I have enough dirty clothes piled up. Its just me and my husband, I think I do 5-7 loads per week.
Me too, Toots. Knowing that there is dirty laundry someplace in the house drives me crazy. I want it all clean.

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When I was single, I did laundry once every two weeks. Now that I'm head-of-household, and there are 5 kids here, just to keep up with laundry, I have to do at least one load a day, sometimes more.

Katie E, how did you cope with all the laundry? I'd like to know, so I can get a handle on our.

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I do about 4-5 loads of laundry per week. Why is it less expensive to use a front loader vs a top loader? I know you mentioned it uses less water and electric, but why?
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Originally Posted by AllenOK
Katie E, how did you cope with all the laundry? I'd like to know, so I can get a handle on our.
Allen, it's a REAL job. First thing we did was to get a laundry basket for each of the children and put it in their room. Usually in the closet. Then, they were informed (insert parental word for "informed") when laundry was going to be done. Once that was established we didn't vary from the designated laundry day. Well, at least unless there was a good reason. But, even then, they were informed and/or allowed some slack.

Night before laundry day all baskets were to be presented in front of the washer. I'd sort and wash all the amassed mess. Once done, it went back into each child's basket. Names were written on baskets.

And, NO, I didn't fold the stuff that went back into the basket. I also didn't pile it in a lump. It was their responsibility to collect their baskets, return them to their rooms and fold and put their duds away.

I also didn't turn anything right side out if it appeared in the basket in that condition and I was also the "owner" of any money that ended up in the washer/dryer.

Trust me, when they (especially the boys) reached the teen years and their special/favorite jeans, shirt, jacket wasn't clean they were, let's say, unhappy. Sometimes they learned. Sometimes they didn't.

This worked very well for us. Maybe it will for you or some variation. I had two aunts who each had 11 children. I can't imagine what their laundry challenges were. Whew!!!!
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goodness, i just accepted the laundry as a bad choice of having so many kids- it is neverending! Between me and the 9 year old girl- "like oh my gawd, that taupe does SOOO not match that honey beige. Are you going to, like wear corduroy with 67% cotton?!?!?!!" ok so I am not that bad- I wear business professional all week, but I swear I am going to boycott hannah montana and hillary duff- S-O-O-N!!! And then, 2 sports-freak boys, plus the 33-year acting 4 year old, or vice versa, they are anything-that-stains-stinks-sticks magnets. When it warms up, I am investing in a good power hose. To heck with laundy- they can shower and launder all at the same time.
~ Shannon

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Old 02-12-2007, 08:25 PM   #16
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i have to much.It became hassel when the girls would ask "are my jeans cleaned you know the ones with the writting on the pocket" OH the ones I used stain remover on and scrubed to get the ink out.... hmmmmmmmm
that is when (and the birth of my now 4 year old) told able body teenagers to do their own...if it shrinks,stains ,melts..not MOM's fault.
I still manage to get at least a load a day...and if i put it off then i have to do a mad catch up,like right now i have a load in the dyer and one sitting in a basket at my feet as i write this waiting for me to turn around and fold...never ending
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I'm single for all intensive purposes, and I haven't done laundry in about a month. I have three pairs of pants and about 3 weeks worth of shirts and the only thing that really needs to be changed daily is socks, guinea tees and my calvin kleins. It helps that at the hospital I have to wear scrubs and when I do go to the office, I have to wear dress clothes, and I have about a week and a half worth of those.

My GF on the other hand has enough clothes for about 3 months (she just threw a bunch out) and does hers every other weekend, when she's off. I dunno how many loads, I'm usually too busy cooking her dinner or playing video games!
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This time of the year I probably do 3-4 loads per week of clothes. In the summer time I do a bit more because working out in the forest is a very dirty job and I usually have 1-2 loads per week of just work clothes. Usually once a week or so there is the other laundry like sheets, towels, etc.
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Well, in Europe pretty much everybody uses front loading washing machines.

There are two of us. DH wears a work shirt atleast five days a week, but I calculate on seven, because there is a spare in is wardrobe at work for "spagetti days" and a chance he has to meet clients on a Saturday...then, he quite often wears a casual shirt in the evening, and then there are weekend clothes etc etc. I change our bedding twice a week...and in our rented flat the furniture is pretty dire, so I covered the sofas etc with white sheets which seem to need washing all the time, lol!

I was at least five times a week, more like 8/10. The problem here is no dryer. I rarerly used the dryer in UK (we have been aware of the environmental and financial impact for yonks over here in Europe) but its useful for emergencies, and its so dank and humid here it is really hard getting stuff to dry, and indeed, having room to have it all hanging out! Still, in summer things will dry quickly again ;)

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