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Old 08-19-2006, 05:33 PM   #11
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I'm with the majority here. The price of any non-alcoholic bev, especially with free refills, would not make any difference to me. Plus your current prices strike me as very, very reasonable (and yes, although I now live in a tourist town and have mostly lived in high-cost-of-living areas; I HAVE been to Kansas). I went on the road in the US for three years, five years ago (well I guess that makes it 8-5 years ago) and trust me, those prices are bargains.

BUT ... ask my husband. He agreed with yours! But, of course, he's never ordered tea in a restaurant ever, and never questions the price of any non-alcoholic beverage he's every ordered anywhere, period.

And experimental few days or weekly probably wouldn't break the bank and would keep the peace!

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Old 08-19-2006, 05:40 PM   #12
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Well, it depends what geographical location youre in and what type of customers and food you have also.
I for one dont care or mind if the pop is $1.50 and tea is $1.29. 50 cents more..... or less makes no difference to me.

ALso, pop is pop. Always the same taste per brand.
Now tea isnt always the same. Not even close. I think you should keep the price the same but have a wide variety and VERY good quality teas.

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Old 08-19-2006, 06:01 PM   #13
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Tea, coffee, soda are all inexpensive drinks compared to those with alcohol. However, I for one am not willing to pay more than two dollars for coffee, tea, or soda. Forget starbucks coffee thats just outrageous. It's just water with flavor. I think your prices are very reasonable Kaylinda and I dont think that dropping the price would encourage anymore or less.
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Old 08-19-2006, 06:57 PM   #14
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I agree with Amber, you have your price set, it's reasonable, I'd let it be..I always order ice tea when I eat out..Providing it isn't colored water as licia mentions..I love flavored teas and mango is my favorite..For a flavored tea, I'm willing to pay more.Most places here charge between 1.29 and 1.50 with free refills.The flavored teas of course are about 1.50 to 1.75 with free refills.

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Old 08-27-2006, 07:33 PM   #15
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Thank you all for your opinions....I won....but who's bragging? lol. Have a great day and thanks again!
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Old 08-28-2006, 07:01 AM   #16
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I think your prices are extremely reasonable to begin with, coupled with free refills...? I say don't make any changes. I believe that some people simply don't drink flavoured beverages with meals and little will entice them to change.
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Old 09-08-2006, 02:21 AM   #17
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I will order tea if i want it, even if it is a little up there in price...
i dont feel as amiable, or no, what is the word...i dont feel as much of a patron to those places that charge so high.
for example,
there is this one mexican restaraunt that charges nearly $2 for tea;
i buy it, because i am there for the food and because tea is nice with a meal, but i have a greater sense of patronage and sentiment to the place that doesn't feel the need to charge for tea nearly what i would pay for several packages for it elsewhere, even with the convenience factor included (kinda the same sentiment you have when you pay 9.50 for a little bit of popcorn and soda at the movie theatre. --course your price isn't nearly as inflated....but the same sentiment )

i take tea personally. and there just seems something more, um....down-home and appreciative from a restaurant when tea is more decently priced.

go ahead. call me weird, but hey they/y'all asked!
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Old 09-08-2006, 06:02 AM   #18
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I agree that a customer usually orders what they want, regardless of cost. My sister always wants water, no ice. My mother-in-law wants coffee, several cups. My husband wants iced tea, lots and lots...

Around here, it's pretty standard for the "free refills" cold drinks--whether iced tea or soda--to be priced the same, usually about $2.00. Most of the places we visit offer a choice of regular iced tea or a "house" herbal iced tea (hibiscus mint is a favorite, and pretty common) at that standard price. We have swelteringly hot summers, and folks get very thirsty. They definitely take advantage of the free refills!

I would bet your customers are not going to change their habits for a price drop--unless you know that you are serving a very cost-conscious clientele, like impoverished college students. And even then, I wouldn't bet on it.
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Old 09-08-2006, 12:07 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by GB
I never look nor notice the price of drinks like tea, coffee, or sodas. If I want a soda I am going to get it regardless of the price anyway so it really doesn't matter at all to me. It is not like they are ever prices high enough that it would make me think twice about ordering it, unlike alcoholic drinks.
GB, agreed. Thanks for saving me the keystrokes!
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Old 09-08-2006, 12:13 PM   #20
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usually when we go out I always order tea, I never look at the price in advance however.

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