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Old 06-10-2008, 06:23 AM   #1
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Injury stories -

Ok, so I was reading the fond memmories thread and thought of posting a not so fond one.

But then I figured we all have those stories of that time when we ended up in hospital as a kid or broke something. So why not start a thread on those fun childhood accidents.

Here, is mine.

When I was a young little scrapper I used to get up to some mischief. Nothing too serious but enough. Anyway, this one day a mate and me decided to go to the local bridge (which happens to have a nice road going under it) and throw some eggs at the buses that drive under it. Our escape route was either along the bridge or down the steps either side of the bridge to escape.

Anyway, My mate on the other side of the road called me over to egg this bus he could see coming and in my excitement I ran straight out onto the road to the sound of screeching tyres. I turned in time to cop the hit on the top front of my legs which sent me flying backwards like superman in reverse.

Upon landing my face hit the ground front on and my two upper front teeth hit the pavement smashing them up into my gums and splitting one in half. So where my teeth were was justa gap, but my teeth were still in, only just sticking out from the gums now. A quick lift home then off to the hospital only to be told it was a dentist issue. Had to sleep the night like that and off to the dentist the next day to have them both pulled out. Oh, and they were my adult teeth.

Other than that, just scratches, bumps and bruises.

Anyone able to top that?


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I've always been too afraid to do things where I "might" get hurt....

But yesterday my oldest son (8 1/2) decided to attempt an evil kinevel jump out of our ditch by the road. It's pretty steep.

Long story short he went down the one side of the ditch, came back halfway up the other side before the bike flipped back over him, and somehow he landed on top of the end of the handlebar, which is missing all the rubber covering due to thousands of droppings on the driveway. He has a lovely, perfectly circular scrape on his belly with what looks like scrape flames coming of one side..... I call it his "shooting star" tatoo.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.....
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Originally Posted by Pook View Post
I can't! I never got hit by a car but I have one to share with you. Dang, that must have hurt like mad! Ouch! We should rename this "The OUCH Thread" LOL!

I have always been an athlete all my life, from skateboarding to cycling, from ice-skating to tennis, from skiing to hiking, etc., etc. In the winter of my tenth grade in high school, our class went on a ski trip. Here in the mountains, it's perfect for downhill skiing. I hit the slopes, the advanced slope of course, and proceeded to thunder down the mountain at breakneck speed. I made the first run in record time (learned to ski when I was five) and climbed on the skilift to head up again and do it all over. This time, I was determined to go faster.
I did, all right. Then I hit an isolated patch of ice and went flying straight into a tree. When I came to, my left leg wouldn't work real well, and boy was I hurting, so I just decided to lie there until someone came along.
These were the days before cell phones, but luckily the ski patrol was alert and on the slopes, and they found me, packed me on a stretcher-sled, and got me to the local hospital. Turns out I broke my left leg in two places, once above the knee and once below, had a concussion, and four fractured ribs.
My parents had to come get me and I sulked for the rest of the winter. The next year, as soon as ski season opened, I was back!
Some people never learn.
To be honest I think your might have hurt more than mine. I have never broken a bone so can't imagine the pain, but a broken leg, coupled with fractured ribs must hurt.

At least you got some ice on your injuries fast.
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Once on my motorcycle, I started to go thru the traffic since the light was green and an old man ran the light and hit me . Thank God I was not hurt seriously. This was way back in the '70's.
Another time I fell on ice and tore ligament in my knee, ended having to get arthroscopy done . Knee still has not been right even with the arthroscopy. Another time I fell again and tore the other knee.
oh just remembered more : When my son was an infant , I was carrying him and fell backwards on ice , but I did not let go of him , ended up smacking the back of my head on the sidewalk. ugh but held on to my son. He was find but I had such a headache afterwards.
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Originally Posted by knight76 View Post
Anyone able to top that?
Hmmm, might as well forget the broken arm from jumping off swings as a tike, the little nicks and scrapes you get from skiing or skydiving and go right for the gusto... I've been shot. Does that count?

I caught a round of 6 shot from a Remington Nitro mag right in the chest. Knocked me right off my feet and onto a tough little bush that didn't do my back any good, but one of those little pellets hit me right above the collar bone, low on the throat, on exposed skin and collapsed my lung. Up until then I had no idea how high your lungs actually go.
But the worst pain came when I got to the hospital (complete with ambulance ride and IVs in both arms). Apparently they cannot give you any anesthesia when you have a collapsed lung, only a local, so I didn't feel the scalpal cut my skin (only the blood), but when that Dr stuck his fingers inbetween my ribs to make a hole for the chest tube.... I screamed. LOUDLY. Worst pain I ever had in my life.
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I was watching my brother and his friends play football... one of them decided I should be tackled...sprained my wrist. That's it. I hate pain..so that's enough.
Love the life you live!
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When I was about 10, a school was being built near our neighborhood and some friends and I decided to ride our bikes down the giant (or so it seemed) hill of dirt by the construction site. I hit a rock and my bike did a somersault with me on it. I think I had a black eye and some bruises, but that was it.

When I was in high school, I was a gymnast and during practice once, I fell off the balance beam and tore the ligament in my left knee. Wore a cast for 6 weeks, but a year or so later needed surgery to repair it. Being the fashion queen I was, I cut the food off a pair of nylons and taped it to the inside of the cast and hobbled around with crutches and heels

Another time, I was doing a bars routine and hit myself in the eye with my knees while turning around the bar at the waist.

No serious injuries, but lots of bumps and bruises.
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When I was about 8 I was rollerskating with some friend. When I went to turn around I tripped over a pebble and broke both of the bones in my arm above my wrist.

Another time when I was about 15 I was running from my sister and slammed my foot into the baseboard and broke my baby toe on my right foot.

Then when I had my son I had to have an emergency C-Section.
Yeah that wasn't too pleasant either.
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spiral fracture of the right femur, no fun at all....opened my FIRST restaurant sitting on a bar stool, prepping with a full leg cast...

Cut off(hanging by a piece of skin) my left index finger. 9 hours of surgery, 3 months of having my hand in traction with rubber bands attached from my finger tips(through the nails)to my wrist, 10months physical therapy to "fix" it, I have about 50% use out of it...

Last October, got hit by a car on my cycle in Hawai'i...got banged up real good, my knee is still healing.

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OUCH Guys!!! Reading your stories is making me cringe!!!!

Anyhow... here are a few of mine:

As a little kid (about 8 or 9) we were visiting my sister and her husband. They had a German Shepard type tied up outside to a post with some length of rope. (Today I would not stand for this having a dog tied up like that.) I was standing near the dog by the rope. My sister came out and the dog went running, looping the rope around my foot and dragging me for some distance on the dry plantless ground. I had a scrape that went the length of my right outside thigh.

To make it worse... about two weeks later, I got in a fight with a neighborhood boy and he kicked the scab and blood went running down my leg.

Oh, then my horse accident... was riding a horse (about 10 or 11 years old) and I turned him towards home and he knew it. He took of galloping, ran under a tree, I could not duck fast enough and got scalped and a broken arm. Top of my head got scraped and I basically got a protion of my scalped removed. My arm was so messed up that they had to rebreak my arm on two different occasions and wore a cast for 6 months. I had at least 3 casts during that time and by the time I got my third cast, folks were tired of signing it!

I got more... but those I remember well.

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