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My stomach is turning inside out during this time period where everyone going on interviews. This is such a insecure feeling to meet someone who is studying every answer and move you make, not to mention if you aren't dressed the part. Having a resume that states you have good work history and capable of doing the job isn't a guarantee that they will even give you chance.

I feel so helpless when my kids leave to apply for job. This 'downsizing' is a real stress zone. Also, why is it that someone gets let go when they are on a vacation or worse, during Christmas season? Is there some kind of doll that they use to see what will affect someone the most? I tell you, not being able to help your child other than tell them they are just as good as others doesn't seem to help much. (Maybe I wore that phrase out by repeating it when growing up)

I am sure sorry to be so negative and cynical but being employed at one place for more than 10 years and then told your job no longer needed makes you question your worth for sure. They have always gotten good 'reviews' on job performance. I have told them, to do their best God will do the rest. I still have faith that nothing happens without His knowledge.


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ITK... interviews are stressful. It is one of the hardest things because you are literllay selling yourself. This year I was laid off after 7 months at a job... I relocated I left a good job I had been in for 5 years and they laid me off so It was terrible... with the exception of after graduations the interviews i went on were always optional I had a job so it was OK... when you NEED the job it is scary... I always try really hard to be honest and be myself because they need to want to hire me for who I am and what I can do.. I am in a creative field so it is sort of personal too. I had one really dissapointing situation where the second interview lasted 5 hours I met EVERYBODY and I was sure I had an offer coming but did not get it. That sucked. There have been a few situations where I really wanted to work somewhere and the interview went well but did not end up in a job that hurts. The ones that are off track from the first minute are fine... you know you dont want it and you know they dont want you so who cares. In the end it worked out because I really like the job I got and I went to that interview with no expectations ... never heard of the firm but I got a great vibe from them it is a great fit so far. I hope they are happy with me. I worry because of the economy and I am still the new guy.

Your kid will be allright... its not about performance right now and any potential employer knows this people are being laid off left and right so that wont reflect badly. Sometimes change happens for the better in the long run. Adversity makes us stronger and makes us appreciate what we have. We are in for a rough road though I think.

It is scary to me because I grew up in a not wealthy but very financially secure environment. I know my parents are scared for all of us right now like you are for your kids. They are pretty set but they certainly dont have the resources to carry all of us.

The key is not getting hung up on dissapointment. While my mom and stepdad were very secure my father was a fairly ranking exec in an industry that tanked a while back. I am so proud of him and see him as a role model for his abilty to re-structure his life a way that suited him. Everything he was counting on was gone (He was a Senior Vice Pres,, he had finally reached easy street where the $$$ stock options and cars were suppoed to roll) It all went to dust. He totally changed his career and life in his 50s. Some of his old work friends have never recovered because their identity was the job. 10 yrs later and its all they can talk about. From need he adapted and has a nice, if not as affluent, life and work that he is interested in. I dont think he understands that I get how hard it was for him to do this. I only hope I have his fortitude when it is necessary.
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