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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
Beth, a friend loaned me this series of historical novels years ago and they are among the best I've ever read. There are 7 books in the series (I think) and they are so good, you can't wait to finish the book then you are sad it's over.

Amazon.com: The Game of Kings (Lymond Chronicles, 1) (9780679777434): Dorothy Dunnett: Books
Andy, if you liked the Lymond Chronicles (as did I), you should try Dunnett's House of Niccolo series.

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Originally Posted by GB View Post
Does he like Steven King? The Stand is a long book that might fit in with what he enjoys.
Also Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, if they are still in print.

The Pendragon Cycle (merlin/arthur series)

Anne Rice's Vampire series (starts with Interview with the Vampire)

If he is a Star Trek fan there is a series of books that are really good. I can't to them now but if DH might like them let me know and i'll get you the titles.

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I read The Dark Tower series last year, all 7, in one long go. Great stuff but it will wear you out.

And they are in print (again).
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The Burke novels by Andrew Vachss are excellent. There are 16 of them or so.

I heartily second or third the Dragonrider series (and wonder why it hasn't been made
into movies yet....)

The Wheel of Time books are OK; I forget the author.
He might scoff, but the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift books are nice for a change.
So are Doc Savage, come to think of it.

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Originally Posted by GB View Post
Does he like Steven King?
GB, I asked him about Steven King and he shook his head no and said "too scary". He is a pacifist at heart. He sobbed several times during the last Harry Potter book.

His brother and I got him a Kindle for Christmas, to avoid this problem, but he has gotten away from it recently. I think he does not know how to look around to find books he wants to read. I looked into the Tom Swift books and they look like a winner. His first book written seems to be "Tom Swift and his Motor Cycle"... and he can get it free on his Kindle, through the Project Gutenberg.. Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road by Appleton - Project Gutenberg. A lot of the old classics can be downloaded free into Kindle through this project.

He has never seen Star Trek, so he may not be a fan!

I'll look into these other suggestions..thanks!
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Since he has a Kindle (I have one and love it) have him check out this page. There is often a lot of crap on it, but I have found a few gems in here from time to time, some even free.
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Originally Posted by SierraCook View Post
Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series is one of my favorites. I have read them all many times and have not got bored of them. These books are the perfect mixture of fantasy and action. The books identified by TM were written by her son, Todd McCaffrey. JLT stands for Jody Lynn Nye. All those books were just as good as Anne's.
  • Dragonsdawn
  • The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
    • "The Survey: P.E.R.N.c"
    • "The Dolphin's Bell"
    • "The Ford of Red Hanrahan"
    • "The Second Weyr"
    • "Rescue Run"
  • Dragonseye (UK: Red Star Rising)
  • "Ever the Twain"
  • Dragon's Kin (TM)
  • Dragon's Fire (TM)
  • Dragonsblood (TM only)
  • Dragon Harper (TM)
  • Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
  • Nerilka's Story
  • "Beyond Between"
  • The Masterharper of Pern
  • Dragonflight
    • "Weyr Search"
    • "Dragonrider"
  • "Runner of Pern"
  • Dragonquest
  • Dragonsong
  • Dragonsinger
  • Dragondrums
  • "The Impression" (JLN)
  • "The Smallest Dragonboy"
  • The White Dragon
    • A Time When
  • "The Girl Who Heard Dragons"
  • Renegades of Pern
  • All the Weyrs of Pern
  • The Dolphins of Pern
  • The Skies of Pern

Oh gosh, yes! I can't believe I forgot her, and I've got all her books too for the most part. Love her Pern series (which you can get downloaded on the Kindle, except for the Harper Hall trilogy. That hasn't made it out yet.) Also, if he's into fantasy, Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series is good too (and also for the most part can be downloaded onto the Kindle). Those books consist of:

The Black Gryphon
The White Gryphon
The Silver Gryphon
Magic's Pawn
Magic's Promise
Magic's Price
Brightly Burning
Exile's Honor
Exile's Valor
Take A Thief
Arrows of the Queen*
Arrows Flight*
Arrows Fall*
By The Sword
Winds of Fate
Winds of Change
Winds of Fury
Storm Warning
Storm Rising
Storm Breaking

* Not out on Kindle yet

And on another tangent, anything by Jack McDevitt is good. He's a sci-fi writer along the lines of Arthur C. Clarke. He makes you think.
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Originally Posted by Alix View Post
GB, they take place on a planet called Pern. There is a society based around Dragonriders. Dragons are necessary to fight "threads" that fall from the sky and destroy stuff. There are secondary stories about the music makers of Pern. Its a rather intricate and complex society, and you eventually find out they are connected to Earth. Good books.
Thank you, Alix. GB, I love this series of books. I have read them many times over. Here is a Wiki page that might help explain the series more.l\

Pern Wiki
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Thanks SierraCook. I will have to check these out.
You know you can't resist clicking
this link. Your eyes will thank you. VISUAL BLISS
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I heartily recommend the Outlander series by Diana Galbaldon. They are all l-o-n-g books and cover a fairly brief period of history, starting in 1743 Scotland and ending about the time of the American Revolutionary War. The wrinkle is that the main character is an involuntary time-traveler - a British nurse visiting Scotland in 1945, who inadvertently walks through an ancient henge. The books are rich in historic detail, suspense and vivid personalities. I've have seen them categorized as "romance" novels, but they are so much more (I don't generally care for romance novels).
They start and proceed as follows:

1. Outlander (1991)
2. Dragonfly in Amber (1991)
3. Voyager (1993)
4. The Drums of Autumn (1996)
5. The Fiery Cross (2001)
6. A Breath of Snow and Ashes (2005)
7. An Echo in the Bone (September, 2009)


Saludos, Karen
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